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Happy birthday, anniversary, birthing day! I'm so grateful to be included in your circle of friends Natalia, and it's no surprise to me that Linda has influenced you so, she gives us all courage to speak our truths, and changes many Steemians' lives!

I still can't believe English is your second language, you speak it so fluently and convey your sense of humour across perfectly.

Thank you for being here! I'm so glad I found you!!

PS: I love that shirt!!!!!!! Especially the writing on the back xoxo!!


of course, you're in the circle, and you're an important part of it!;) though we know each other so little, but as I've said to you already, if aperson is Yours, time doesn't matter;)

Yes, Linda is like an angel, and not only for @familyprotection, but for the whole platform! She supports and motivates so many people. In this world there are so few of SUCH people...

Oh, no, you praise my English too much, I know it could be much better, I've eyes to see my fails in writing;) but as a rule, I'm writing and concentrate on the plot and sense and miss mistakes. The next day or some time later I reread and...facepalm! my Lord, WHAT has I written?!! But it's too late... My shame was read by my readers;(

But I try to be better;) your posts help me much because you use informal language, many slang expressions and often I can hardly understand what you mean;) but I see "alive" language, and it's important too. I was taught only a classical one, and it was many years ago, and I supposed I would feel lack of slang knowledge in communication, and here it is;)

Yes, the shirt is fine;)) and the writing too - I adore it;)
I hope our common trust will lead us to the top!;)

Thank you for sweet words!!

Aww, hey anytime you want a translation on any slang I am using, I would be HONOURED to explain what the saying meant! <3 <3 I'm glad you can still feel the humour, the aliveness in my writing even though some may be lost in translation.

I hope our common trust will lead us to the top!;)

I believe it will!

oh, are you sure you propose it?)) I can ask many questions, and you'll think "God, what's the hell this girl is talking about:)))

ok, the 1st question:)
what does <3 <3 mean?)
it's a smile?)

and one more - you get upvotes from the account friendsofgondor
what is it?
I asked there a question in the comments, but no reply..

and are you ok???
you don't post..
I hope you're fine just busy or lazy;)

It's my pleasure:

<3 is a heart

@friendsofgondor is a program which gives upvotes to people who were "Stewards of Gondor". A group of about 50 people who last year @fulltimegeek had delegated all of his steem power to.

I will be posting again soon, just needed to regroup after some stress.

Ask me more, anytime, I never grow tired of chatting with you Natalia!

aah a heart! yes, it's a heart, now I see;) cute)

aha... so I can't donate there and be a part of this project?

Some stress?:( oh.. I hope it's ok now!

and thank you for your kindness, SiSTAR:)
I remembered how you write it;)

btw, I've a strange connection with Canada;)
In Steemit world I've 3 friends from Canada (you, Linda and one young man), I don't have so many friends even from Russia here;))

I've a cousin, living in Canada for many years with her family, but I've never seen her, and we've never chatted even, I just know she exists;) I don't know why it happened so, just events in the life of my family..

maybe life compensate me this loss of my sister by giving me other great people from Canada?)

Oooh wow about your cousin, do you know where in Canada she lives?

And for friendsofgondor, no they don't add members unfortunately :(

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