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A real useful lifehack that can decide many problems!

Friends, to tell you the truth, I even couldn't imagine that people use this method so often, but they do!

I was in the market open air yesterday. The weather is very hot now!
+30 degree Celsius or even more!

But sellers need to sell their products in any weather.

I saw some people who had fruits and vegetables in a very strange construction - in 2 pots!

One small pot with fruits stood in a bigger pot, and there was sand between them!

I was so interested that I decided to ask what it was.

And the seller explained mt that it was their handmade fridge!!

I touched fruits and they were really cool!!!

When I came home I googled and found out an amazing fact!

This method was created by Nigerian teacher Mohammed Bach Abbah, and he got 100,000$ premium of Rolex Award for it!!

A small pot is placed inside of a large pot, the space between them is filled with moist sand, the entire structure is covered with a wet cloth.

The water gradually evaporates, taking away the heat from the contents of the inner pot, cooling it! The efficiency of such a refrigerator is quite high - the temperature decreases relative to the surrounding 15-20 degrees Celsius

So simple and so brilliant!

And so cheap! No electricity! No devices, just pots and sand!

Have you heard about it?

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thank you!!

You are welcome.

This is such a great idea! You could use the Global Homestead Collective tag #ghsc. You can join the discord channel here:

A little about them:

Welcome to the Global Homestead Collective! We are here to Unite, Educate and Encourage anyone who seeks to live a sustainable life on a global front. We wanted to create a place where people can come from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience while learning from others. If you have ever found yourself in the position of wanting to be more self-sustaining, maybe you garden, have a farm, hunt and fish, or homeschool then this is the place for you!

Hope to see you there!

oh, thank you so much!!
it's intersting!
discord channel isn't available now:(

I will be going to their chat room in about an hour. Perhaps I will see you then. My discord is working fine this morning...

no, I mean invitation doesn't work, I can't enter

I'll ask about that now for you...

Thank you @cecicastor for spreading the word! When I saw these comments I put together what you needed this morning...feel like I dropped the ball! Sorry! ~Stacie D

No problem! Is her problem fixed now?

We will see! I sent her a new discord link, so I'm hoping!

Hi there @taliakerch! I just created a new link for the discord, I hope it works!

Let us know if you have anymore problems! this life hack day? lol

I just did one on making bread without a regular oven ! lol

ahaha:)) really funny:)
so cool idea!

Wow this will be great to know if the power goes out.

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Congratulations mam , i think you very proudfully , so next target you will easyly achived

Very cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. :)

Thats amazing!