The uniqueness of the beetle

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Hi steemian !!! In this post I will discuss about the beetle. "Beetle" is one type of insect commonly known as a plant-destructive pest. But actually the beetle also has benefits for plants, especially to help the process of pollination plants. Beetles have a very large and varied species, possibly thousands of species.

Then the beetle has a unique body shape and has the ability to fly like any other type of insect. There are some uniqueness of the beetle that was not yet widely known, the following will explain the uniqueness of the beetles that exist around us may be useful for you to know.

  1. Species Beetles are numerous

These insects or beetles can be found all over the world except in the polar regions and in the ocean. Even the number of species of beetles in the world is estimated at 350,000 species. In Indonesia there are several types of beetles that can be found in gardens or forest areas. The uniqueness of beetles can also survive in fresh water or other areas.

  1. Defend yourself

beetles can be seen from the physical form that has a hard wing. The wing is used to fly and protect the body parts of beetles from various weather and enemy attacks. In addition, some types of beetles also protect themselves from the threat of the enemy by turning his body and pulling his legs inside. The way it aims to fool the enemy so that the beetle looks dead so other insects will stay away from it.


3. The Smallest Beetle Species

With many species of beetles, there are various sizes of beetles ranging from the smallest size of 0.25 mm to the largest reaching up to 20 cm long.

  1. Beetle Useful for Plants

The uniqueness of the beetle is also present in its function. Although it is considered a plant-destructive insect, but beetles can be useful in the process of pollination of plants and can be used as food when the beetle is still in the form of larvae. Protein content in beetle larvae is believed to meet the protein and nutrients needed by the body.

  1. The Unique Beetle Life Cycle

The uniqueness of the beetle lies in its life cycle. Beetles undergo complete metamorphoses because their life cycle begins with eggs, becomes larvae, larvae becomes pupae and eventually develops into adult beetles. Before becoming an adult beetle, the beetle undergoes several cycles first. Even at the time of the cycle process, the beetle that lay eggs on the sago tree will form the larva commonly known as sago worm. Sago caterpillars live on sago trees and are usually taken for consumption by the surrounding community.

  1. The Unique Beetle Colors

The uniqueness of the beetle is also found in the body color is diverse. Not only black or brown it turns out the beetle has many colors depending on the type of species. The colors on the beetle will look beautiful and beautiful so it makes many people curious to have it as a decoration. Hornbill beetle is one of a kind of unique beetle even often diperjuabelikan as pets. Its unique shape has a horn to make many people interested and want to make it as a pet.

The colors on the Beetle will look beautiful and beautiful so it makes many people curious to have it as a decoration.

  1. Species of Beetles that play a big role for the balance of ecosystems on Earth

There are types of beetles that can play a major role in the balance of ecosystems on earth because of the beetle's ability to recycle natural nutrients and this activity is usually done by a dung beetle.

  1. How to Eat a Unique Beetle

The uniqueness of the beetle is also found in one type of beetle that is the beetle koksi or commonly referred to as a ladybug. Ladybugs have a unique way of eating because it uses a pair of lower jaws to hold the prey then pierce its prey with a special tube in the mouth. At the time of the injections, the beetle enters the digestive enzyme into the body of its prey to extract the tissue fluid from the body of its prey.

That is the explanation of the fact about the uniqueness of the beetle, with the uniqueness of the beetle has been described above hopefully can add your insight to know more about the beetle and its role in human life and ecosystems on earth.

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