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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to steemiansarena Talk D Talk with @prayzz.

Today's program will be based mainly on three different relationship talk.. The first question is a very simple and interesting question.

1 : As we all know, the man is mostly seen as the head of the family and the one who shoulders the family's responsibilities. In this show we will be talking about why most men don't like it if tables are turned around. That is, the wife is the one shouldering the family's responsibilities. We really want to know your views if you think this is jealousy or insecurity

The second question is an hypothetical one

2 : A lady who is a mother of two whose husband has been a cheat for a long time now happens to cheat on him once. According to her, she was forced to do it as her husband hasn't touched her for two years now. Well she felt guilty and confessed to her husband whom forgave her because he knew it was his fault and then all of a sudden he changed and became a caring husband.

Three months later he took his wife to his village only for her to find out that her husband had reported her to his people. So she was asked to apologise to everyone present there, even to a child that was not up to a month old just as tradition demands.

She did all that but that wasn't the end..her husbands then walked up to her later at night and told her that she had to perform some sacrifice for cleansing or else her husband will die if he even sleeps with her again (the same husband that has been a cheat for years).

She refused saying that her religion wouldn't let her do such and so she was kicked out of her husband house with her kids. She eventually got a good job at another state and travelled only for her husband to come a few months later to take the kids with him.

All efforts to get her kids failed so she quit her job and rented an apartment close to her husbands house. Now she learnt that her husband is about travelling out of the country with the kids and she is devasted. She is contemplating on whether she should go ahead with the sacrifice or not.

Now here is the question. If you were the lady, what would you do and please be polite with your replies as this is a true life story

The third and final question goes thus

3 :Everyone of us or almost everyone of us has been in a relationship, so tell us how did your first ever relationship start. For the ladies did you say yes at the first time he asked? And for the guys what magic did you do to make her accept? Lol.

Well there you have it, don't forget to comment your replies down at the comment box and join us at steemianarena's discord as we answer this questions together.

Will there be giveaways? Well i guess there is only one way to find out... So be there live by 8:30pm(approximately 2hours 7 minutes from now)...come lets have some fun...
STEEMIANS ARENA 20180326_094955.jpg


Am sure this will be one of the best, I can't miss it.

  1. Naturally man has an inclination and ego to be the head and remain top which by tradition makes people gibe nasty comment when ladies top the class.

  2. I won't go ahead with the sacrifice, though not given the opportunity, in my little way will nake the children understand my love for them and whatever goes around comes around, surely husband will be dealth with.. Nemesis will catch up.

3.I am a guy and I have not been in a serious relationship so to say but atimes, some natural attraction makes the body chemistry react in a uniform way such that a bell rings and heart locks in love.

Hmmm. I won't miss this though I have something doing tonight will definitely create time. It seems it's going to be a fun night

Do create time, I might surprise those who join the show.

Sure I won't
Thank you

  1. Left for me, I think it bruises a man's ego when he is being fed by his wife... Women who feed their husbands do not pay loyalty and obedience to them

  2. I can't answer this as I'm not a lady

  3. As for the last question, I will answer that on our server

1... Well, I think, it's an African thing. For example, in the Eastern part of Nigeria, it's kind of a taboo for a woman to be the breadwinner of the family, but personally, I see it as ego. It has nothing to do with jealousy.

2... First of all, how old are the kids? If her religion (I wouldn't do too) wouldn't allow her to perform any of those rituals, then she should officially divorce the man and get custody of her kids if they are underage. She should try as much as possible to let the kids know the truth about how everything went down.

3....Hahahaha! Well, I didn't say yes at first. It took a while maybe 2 months. I can't really remember right

1 It's pure ego aids by tradition.
2 The woman should charge the man to court and divorce him legally. That way she will be able to claim the custody of her children.
3 Well, I can't remember. Lol.

  1. When tables are turned, the man doesn't feel secure that the woman is taking up his role. It makes it difficult for the man to execute his authority as the head because it seems as if the woman tends to have an equal rights with the husband. In some cases, it might get to her head. She gets what she wants using other subtle means in collaboration with the opportunity of having the upper hand in the house.

  2. In such a case, separation is imminent. Infact, they are already separate. If I was the lady I won't take part of the sacrifice and I will fight him in the court of law over the custody of my children

  3. I said yes immediately.

Am here to learn from great mind,from intelligent guys

Is great seeing many Nigerians here especially those on nairaland steemit thread. I need your encouragement guys. I just followed most of your guys. #Tony2much thanks for this opportunity.