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buyers of school uniform shopping by @rinaokay

A number of people in Lhokseumawe Town crowded a clothing store selling school uniforms at the traditional Pusong market, the local town. Uniform demand is increasing by buyers ahead of the first day of schooling of the new school year on July 16, 2018 tomorrow.

Clothing stores that sell school uniforms in the Pusong market are crowded by buyers, both men and women, to purchase their children's schooling needs, including elementary, junior high, and senior high school.

buyers of school uniform shopping by @rinaokay

One of the school uniform merchants, Marzuki said, demand for school uniforms began bustling since one last week, ahead of the first day into the new school year. Almost every day his shop located at Jalan Gudang, Lhokseumawe City was invaded by the buyer.

"It's been a busy last week, on average they bought uniforms for new school freshmen," he said on Sunday (15/7).

buyers of school uniform shopping by @rinaokay

He added, the type of clothing sold from the level of elementary education, junior high and high school. While the price in this year increased by about Rp 15 thousand from the previous year. While the buyers themselves also increased more this year.

"The price we sell ranges from Rp 80 thousand to Rp 165 thousand depending on the type and size of the clothing itself," he said.

Meanwhile, the uniform is sold in the form of pants, skirts, hats, ties, socks, waist straps and a number of other school uniform purposes.

buyers of school uniform shopping by @rinaokay


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How are you brother, good post on school uniform, your school going kids guardians are very busy with buying new uniform, however vote for you ,see you again

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