#Wednsday Walk

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Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay, The idea is to get out for a short walk, and get some shots of what you can see within a short distance of your home office or wherever you start.


All walking is discovery. On foot we take the time to see things whole. - Hal Borland

After being away for ten weeks, it is time to settle back into my exercise routine back home. And that is to take a daily walk - weather permitting.

These are some of the flowers that I see on my walks. Most of their names are a mystery to me.










This flower, I know. The humble Hibiscus flower.

And the double petals Hibiscus flower.


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Such beautiful flowers and I love that quit

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

My pleasure @tattoodjay. I am pleased to hear that you like the quote. I shall remember to put one on every walk I participate. 😊

I may even steal it and use it on one of my walks :)

Please feel free to do so. I would be honoured. 😊

thanks ::)

Those are great photos.

I need to get back to my exercise routine, too. It’s been very hot here and I’ve just been staying inside.

Have a !BEER

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Thank you @saboin. Slap on some suntan lotion and go take a walk - any length of time. Even half an hour is good. Your body will be thankful, and you will not regret it. 😊

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Thank you @beerlover.

Those are beautiful flower shots! You must be glad to be home after such a long time away. I figured I wouldn't know any of your flowers but I actually recognized a few of them! The pink one that looks like a brush is the flower of a mimosa tree, I believe. The one below that looks like honeysuckle. The white one looks like a camellia, and the tree with the yellow flowers is a golden chain tree. I don't know the rest of them.

I look forward to reading more quotes now that you're back!

Hello @goat-girlz. Yes, it is nice to be home again. Nothing like home. Still settling back into my routine. It gets more difficult each year.

You sure know your flowers. I looked up all the names on google, and I think you are spot on. Well done!

You are the first one to mention my quotes. I was wondering if people are getting bored with them. 😊


Wow! I can't believe I got those. I wish I had recognized all of them.

I really enjoy the quotes. I've always been a fan. So bring them on!

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👏 👏 👏 👍

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Howdy sir Vincent! "all walking is discovery?" boy is that guy wrong. But the photos are great, is suppose you took them?

Go for a walk Jonboy. And you will know that 'All working id discovery" is right.😊

Yes, nowadays, I usually take my mobile phone with me while I walk, so that I can take pictures and post them on here. 😊

How about those so called friends from the U.S. sir Vincent, will they be going on walks with you? How far do you walk? I suppose you're getting on actifit like everyone else?

No, I don't get up early enough for what they planned to do. Anyway, my walk is in my area out of town and they are in town. My walk is about 5 to 6 km.
I don't have data plan on my mobile. So, can't afford to get actifit. I did try it once, and found the actifit app too difficult to use. You have to post from the post and I am not good tying on the little device.

Oh me too sir Vincent, that would drive me crazy tyoing on a phone.
Your walk is out of town??

I live on the outside of town, not in town.

oh. I thought you were a city-slicker through and through sir Vincent. Now I have to reassess my image of you.