Goodbye Benalmadena

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All too soon, my holidays have come to an end. I have been here in Benalmadena for 10 weeks.

This will be my last post from Benalmadena for this trip. I have kept my promise to post all that was happening here, and also to not use any of the photos from last year, or the years before. I hope you are not too bored by the posts. If you have followed all my posts on Benalmadena, you will now know as much about Benalmadena as I do.

This picture was taken from my balcony. It was about nine pm in the evening. The sun was setting behind the local hill and swifts were out hunting for food.

Another photo taken from my balcony in another direction. You will notice there is another hill in the background. Such is the scene that greets you everywhere you go in Benalmadena. Always a hill somewhere in the background.

Here is another view in another direction. You can see the pool of the apartment and on a clear day, you can see the sea in the distance.

Goodbye Benalmadena. Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasant ten weeks. See you next time.


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Thank you, quotes-haven. You will surely miss benalmadena. But you will surely be happy to come back home :) Hopefully everything goes well. Don't forget anything. Have a nice trip :)

@suntree. You were spot on. I do miss Benalmadena, but I am also happy to be back home. Yep, all went well. Thank you!

Thanks for letting us be part of your wonderful holiday! Safe travels home!

Thank you @Melinda. Now back home and back to reality.

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Wow! Time flies. Thanks for taking us on vacation with you again. Have a safe trip home, my friend.

Thank you Jon. Yes time flies does, doesn't it? Especially when you are having fun.

It's my pleasure to share my vacation. I hope it didn't bore you to tears. As you can see, I am not the most active person, nor adventurous person. ☺️

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am glad that you're home safe.

I am pleased to hear that Jon. Now, to get over this jet lag. ☺️

Howdy sir Vincent! then weeks is not enough time?? Nobody gets to take a ten week vacation! I've never even been on a vacation. Holy cow, how much time to you want?