Attractions of Benalmadena

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Benalmadena is a wonderful, and interesting place. It is a place many Europeans, especially the British retire to. The weather is warmer here, than in most parts of Europe. There are Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Africans living here. Therefore, it is very multi-national. It is also a holiday town, situated on the Costa del Sol. For about six months of the year, beach lovers from all over come to soak in the sun.

It is a town of holiday makers and retirees. So, it is very laid-back. No one is in a hurry. The locals are friendly, the place is safe. For me. it is an ideal holiday destination. It is a quiet, slow-paced and relaxing place to have a break – to get away from the strife for a while. Throughout the day you hear ring-neck doves go coo-coo coo... coo-coo coo... and sometimes seagulls calling in the night breaking the sound of silence. Life is simple, and very affordable.

In the summer months, Banalmadena is very colourful. Trees bear fruits, and flowers bloom flooding the town with a host of colours. Very nice indeed.

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So, apart from that, what attractions are there in Benalmadena? What is there to do when in Benalmadena? There is the...

The Costa del Sol - Coast of the Sun

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The Parque la Paloma - Park of the Doves

Click Here to read about the Park with a difference.

Tivoli World - Benalmadena amusement and entertainment park.

Click Here to look at their website.

There’s the cable car to take you to the top of the local hill, where you can have a view of the town below and out to sea.
W 9.jpg

The Wednesday market - a second hand market, for treasure hunters.
P 2a.jpg

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And the Friday Market - selling basic necessities from shoes, clothes, hats, spectacles to fruits, vegetables, potted plants spices to potteries...

Click Here to read about the Friday Market.

Or, you can just relax and go with the flow. Try out the numerous international cafes and restaurants in Benalmadena, where there are all sorts of cuisines – from Asian food to Mediterranean food, local cuisines to Burger Kings. You can find it all here.

All in all, there is plenty to see and do – for the whole family. Never a dull moment.

Some images of Benalmadena.

Hills 1.jpg






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Hi ! We are neighbors, I live in one of the hills of Torrox, east of Malaga Airport and next to Nerja... Nice communities and lovely 9 kilometers of beaches... I´ve been once there in Benalkmadena, nice town indeed!

Thank you @mers for stopping by and for your comment. Indeed. I find Benalmadena a wonderfully nice place and Mijas too. I like it very much. I have never been to Nerja, or Torrox. I am sure they are very nice too. But I am only visiting, on holidays. I go back tomorrow.

Hope you have enjoyed what you see in these beautiful towns...Good luck!

@mers. Thank you very much indeed. I have enjoyed 10 weeks of vacation here in Benalmadena. Going home today. 😊

You two could do a meet up? It is great to share ideas with fellow steemians.

This is the first time I've seen this region. I've never been to the Costa but it looks lovely and sunny.

Thanks for showing us the town and country.

Hi! The meet up is impossible because I am in Austria at the moment... But come winter we´ll be in Spain again... Thanks.

😂 It was just a suggestion. Don't panic! 👍😂

Hehehe... I know! But hey, if you haven´t been to Southern Spain, come when it´s not too hot anymore, say around Sept -Dec.where the temps are around 25°C

Not this time. I am leaving for home today. And you should bear in mind that I am probably depriving a village of an idiot. Ideas for Steem? Really? I can't even think for myself. 😊

The Costa del Sol is worth a visit. There are many British here in Benalmadena.

Yep you don't want to deprive your village 😂👍

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Howdy sir Vincent! That looks like a great place to retire. But that doesn't work for you because you don't like the weather?

Not only that. I am also not a EU Citizen. And I have my obligations back home. But you wouldn't understand the meaning of obligations would you? 😎

No, I don't know what you mean by obligations, that's a foreign concept to me. Probably being pushed by foreigners. lol. What kind of obligations?

It's okay. Long story, and you might not necessary understand it all.😎

You're probablly right sir Vincent! Maybe someday over a few drinks!