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The roar of a B blood fat are unable to report
B blood and a little angry if shaking lens than scary
B blood I'm naturally phone song ... ok if the room flooded Peter sleeping
B blood, which had fresh gestures
Anger is very large
ရှုးရှုး shield shields
From anger to end ငါပြောတာ
B blood is too often
Sync with pity, let alone make them feel
Back toward the charismatic vulnerability တင်းတယ်
Even though you seem to talk
Children really knows what people
They do not have many friends friends setback
Friends on Sacrifice
B blood I want to love
Four children to take care of them so happy
Hopefully B blood could seldom
They left Japan must ရူံး floor
I hope they understand that an increasing number of ways even cruel toward them as forgiving love
Their disappointment when no matter how friendly, and I love people who never knew him, they wasted too careful
B often help often sympathized with the blood
Attitude beautiful
They enjoy a small imaginary thoughts often
The clerk usually take the leap from hobby
Mostly I like to go on a beach
And you will bake your Spanish does not think
They say they're having in mind
Momma envy anybody nor anybody do not compete and they calmly wait.
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