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A praying man built with old car parts!

South Africa is said to have the highest un-employment figures in the world. Thousands of university graduates are sitting at home every day bemoaning their lot. Many people with no schooling try to make a living by collecting re-cycable materials from dustbins and selling it to the collectors.
But then you get people like Sam and his uncle that manifest their imaginations into art!
Let's have a look.


What can you do with heaps of old scrap cars?

Well, you take a steel cutter, some tools and a welding machine and you create art like this shown here in this post.


You can build an Owl from old car parts!


Or how about building an Elephant with several clutch plates and other parts?


A Rooster standing proudly on a tree stump!


What about a Scorpion with Vice Grips as claws?


Clutch plates, brake liners and an old engine block resulted in the Scorpion!


The roof is an old spade, 4 car wheel discs, an old Singer sewing machine and the driver is an old shock absorber!


Here's a side view of the praying man!


Sam is the sales man and his uncle is the artist!

They employ another 3 guys to help with the stripping of the old cars and this is called job creation. Now imagine if Sam and his uncle had a factory. A design and marketing team and some sales representatives.
They could even enter other art markets with jewelry and such.


Have a closer look at this horse, old piston heads are the hooves, clutch plates form the hips and the shoulders, the body is constructed from car door plating and the mane and tail was made from construction steel bars.
Now is this innovation or what?

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

NOTE 1.: Only picture number 2 is not my own and it was sourced from:
Note 2.: The names of the car parts are South African and steemians @cars or @motorheads can give you the the names of the parts in your country.

Note 3.: The people @art or @arts might also be interested in this post!

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Those are so cool! People here would stand in line to buy those. They are very well done! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you my friend and they are indeed exquisite pieces of art.


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What an incredible display of talent. Beautiful work! 😁
How was your experience in South Africa? That's a country I'm too scared to visit. 😝

Thank you Sir, they are indeed incredible artists.
We live in South Africa and things are a bit rough here.

Wow what creativity I love this art especially the elephant and the horse
The creative minds of artists like this always amazes me I would never have thought of something like this

I think that there has to be a motorcar mechanic involved here somehow JJ.
Those old clutch plates has certainly taken on a new long lasting life.
These guys are very sharp thinkers.

Yes you could well be right that would make a lot of sense, anything that takes something out of ending up in landfill and turning it into another use is a great thing in my opinion

Agreed JJ and our landfills are groaning under the weight of rubbish. Good news though is that the some companies are researching the possibilities of tapping the gasses to generate electricity.

I remember reading about companies and researchers looking at new ways to generate electricity including with gas from landfills its great to read about new ideas like that

Well we are in a desperate situation in this country JJ.
When the users use too much, the electricity is simply switched off to avoid overloading that will damage all of the transformers.
Two massive new power stations were planned and the building started, but they are not working due to cheap labour mistakes and corruption.
We are in a sordid mess over here.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful art.

It's nice to see it repurposed and they do an excellent job at it as well. You can tell a lot of time and thought is put into each one of these as the pieces seem to be very meticulously placed and used.

Thank you my friend and you are correct, as I also admire their artworks.
It shows a certain love for what they do.
Nothing is ramshackle and every part is perfectly placed to form the whole.

Thanks for sharing Sam's story!

My pleasure Sir and thank you for liking the story.
I am trying to help them by posting their story.

I had submitted your post to C-Squared! I hope that their vote and resteem will assist both you and Sam!

Thank you so much Sir and may you be blessed for your kindness.

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They are wonderful and I applaud the imagination of this artist, they are really innovative things.

Glad that you liked the post my friend.
Amazing what these artists can conjure up to create beautiful images.

They are really artists my respects for them.

Thank you and I also love their work my friend.

I am also very happy that you like it

Thank you and your happiness certainly makes me glad.

What an amazing find. These guys are extremely talented and innovate. What a way t ake lemonade.

I'm nominating this post for the @csquared weekly readers choice. Goodluck.

Thank you and I am glad that you appreciated the post my friend.
Thank you also for the kind nomination, it is sincerely appreciated.

All well deserved!!! Best of luck!

As I said before, all blessings to you my friend.
Thank you once again.

As I said before,
All blessings to you my friend.
Thank you once again.

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Fascinating use of old car parts!

Thank you and totally agreed my friend.
Real inspiring stuff.

Awesome statues! Make me wanna kinda get into it.

Thank you and I certainly hope that you will also get into it my friend.
I would love to see your works.

Really amazind, i love recycled art:) It requires a lot of imagination and skill, also brings a new life to these discarded objects:)

Thank you and so true Sir George.
One would hope that others across the world will start running with the same ideas.

Nicely done, this requires alot of patience 👌

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Thank you and oh yes, it must have taken a very long time.
Blessings! is this possible? This sure requires a lot of imagination and knowledge (or instinct) on the shapes and sizes of the various parts of a car...

I don't know if this counts as innovation, but it's really creative and amazing for sure...

Thank you and as you can see, this is indeed possible my friend.
The word "innovation" means; "To introduce something new" and this is what this guy has done.
A new form of artwork by using scrap motor parts.
At least it is new to my eyes and I am sure that it will be new to many other readers.
Hope you have a good weekend.

I love up-cycling! I would be a customer if I lived anywhere near them!

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Thank you my friend and they are certainly very arty in creating beauty from waste.

These are all amazing! the power of creation infuses these guys. so cool.

Thank you my friend.
Their imaginations certainly work overtime when they put these beauties together.

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That is so incredibly awesome! That's definitely a brilliant idea and a way to make something from nothing but some skills and an idea. Love it!

That is so incredibly awesome! That's definitely a brilliant idea and a way to make something from nothing but some skills and an idea. Love it!

Thank you and it was indeed an amazing visit my friend.
I so appreciate it when people use their talents instead of standing begging at the road sides.
Glad that you liked it!

Oh my gosh sir papilloncharity, these are fantastic!

All of the creations look lovely. Talent wins

Thank you and glad that you liked it.
Talent without action always remain dormant my friend.
It is talent and action that counts.

All what I can say is wow....that is what I call art 🥇

Thank you and glad that you liked it!

That’s really impressive.

Thank you and it only shows what talent and imagination can do!

Gosh, they are so talented.

Thank you and talented indeed my friend!

Oh wow! That is very cool. I truly admire people who can turn trash to art. I especially love that horse 😊

Thank you for the visit Lady Lena and it is indeed a wonder to see their talent. Creating something beautiful out of waste materials that we regard as worthless, convinces me that nothing is worthless in this life.

You are most welcome my Friend and I cannot agree more. Blessings to you too 😊