Do u believe in LoA?

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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? This is very often spoken about and was made famous in the movie - the Secret. However it does not matter whether you've seen the movie or not.
Some people do not like the movie and some do not like the term Law of Attraction as it seems New Age-y. That doesn't matter as well.


So, what does matter?

Think about any goal(s) you have achieved; scrutinize them - then you will realize that the steps and principles you applied are exactly the same as the steps I will list below.
The only difference is that you did it without knowing that it is a "law". Manifestations occurs whether we like it or not - so you are manifesting consciously and subconsciously.

  • I decided that I would like to think consciously about this "law" and apply it to one of my goals.
  • Will it make a difference? Can I achieve my goals more frequently?

I will start with something small first just to feel confident that I "get the hang" of it. Will you join me?

The steps are summarize below. Whilst reading them keep your achievement(s) in mind. You will most likely recognize from the steps or the emotions that you feel that you have done this before but never really thought about it.

Manifestation is often summarized in these 7 steps:

  1. Vision - have an idea, wish and image of what you want. Be clear about it. See it in your mind’s eye.
  2. Desire - be totally excited and have a strong emotion for what you visualized. E - motion = energy in motion.
  3. Belief - you must believe that what you desire you also deserve to have and will have it. Find and eliminate limiting beliefs. Create new beliefs.
  4. Acceptance - accept your new beliefs as true and believe that they are now in effect.
  5. Intention - be focused on your intention to manifest - it is not enough to only want your desires.
  6. Action - behave like the new reality you want - your desires - already exist. Take rightful action if something comes your way in line with your desires. This will help to move your desire from you minds eye into your reality.
  7. Allowance - Detach yourself from the outcome. This might seem paradoxical as you needed an intense desire but you also need to let go without expectations.

Fun Facts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • For these steps to work - they must be done from your heart not your head. It is really all about you and what is in your heart. Spend some time alone and go within.
  • You can only create from a place of love. Start with self love. When you love yourself - you will love others too. Your aura will be amazing and you will attract wonderful events/people to you.
  • Pay attention to your self talk. Uplift yourself - do not berate yourself. If you have a habit of negative self talk - then this process is made harder. Start by being aware of it and start to change it - one step at a time.
  • Control your mind - control your words. Confirm that you are by saying "I am" instead of "I wish" or "I want". Use "when" instead of "if ".
  • Be in, what is often referred to as, a state of flow - surrender to it. You’ll know it when it happens. You will just feel great and focused on the present. You will enjoy yourself more - you will be happier and more in tuned with your environment.
  • Ensure that your environment supports you. Surround yourself with people and situations which support your current state.
  • Trust and believe that your manifestation will be delivered- do not become impatient. Be in a state of gratitude and stay present.
  • Relax - do not obsess about your the outcome.
    Vondelpark May 2019

Reality check

This might not be easy but you know that you have done this before. Do you remember as a child you would get lost in your daydream(s). Sometimes it still happens as an adult - you become so focused - that your surroundings “disappear”. Well this is what you need to do. Make the desire real by focussing on your outcome and believing that it will be yours. If you start doubting yourself - this will never works. If you start doubting whether that you deserve it - it's over. Yes - I said it might not be easy.

So - who will try this with me?


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