To France under the exchange program. Plein air

in esteem •  9 months ago  (edited)

Our program of stay was so intense that I had no time to paint at all.
Only once in the evening I grabbed paint with paper and resolutely set off to look for scenery.

In order not to waste time, I decided to sit on the main square of our small town


There are a lot of benches on the square. Therefore, I had no problems with choosing a place where I could sit.


I chose a very simple scenery


Then I drew very, very quickly with a pencil.


There was no time to correct something


Where is my paint box? Quickly, quickly!


At this stage, I realized that I did not have time ... Evening came into its own.


It got dark


Sometimes I think whether to finish this picture or not?

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I think you should definitely finish it, @mister-omortson ! It is looking so nice so far!!!

I can't find this sketch ; )