Pomegranate in the snow

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I cleaned out the fruit drawer in the refrigerator before I got my new grocery order this week, and tucked behind the bag of apples was a pomegranate that had been forgotten and had turned brown and rather squishy on one side. I had no idea whether any of my forest creatures would be excited about a pomegranate but I threw it out towards the edge of the woods to see if it might make a good treat for someone on this cold winter day!

The first visitor to come past saw it laying there and did a quick inspection, but was not at all impressed and continued on her way.


It was soon being looked at again, only this time it was declared worthy!


And tasty!


A rare treat in the frozen Wisconsin woods in February!

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That is too funny and it could of been a great post for FAVM, LOL. But it's okay, I got it anyway 🍊😍🍊

I almost added it to FAVM, but was afraid it was pushing the limits! I'm glad you liked it.

Yay, my little friend is having a snack! How cute! They both were happy to have something extra to eat. Nice!

I meant to tag you on this post, but am happy you saw it! Eating pomegranates must be rather like going out to a exotic restaurant for these guys!

I'm a bit behind with socializing here, have been busy with other projects but I hope to catch up soon. Yes, it looks like they like your exotic treat 🙂

I have noticed that you have been quiet. I miss you when you are not around!

Aww, how sweet and I'm sorry, I'll try to be more active. I've been busy translating eSteem Surfer and eSteem Mobile into Hungarian, then I've translated eSteem Surfer into Romanian and now I'm working on eSteem Mobile Romanian. I want to finish it so they can upload it with the next update.
Plus I've been testing the new mobile version and have been reporting bugs so they can fix it. It takes a lot of time and we also have our other duties 🙂
But I'll make it up to you soon 😉

I have been unable to fullfill the 'other' duties in days. I can never seem to find a time when the hogs are not there first. They even beat my autovoter! That is great that you are doing all the other work! You do make this a better place to be!

That's going to change soon and I'm happy to contribute 😃

I hope you are right about change, and I also hope you are being well rewarded for your efforts!

Ohhh..now i know why you have been quite and not so active that is a hell of a job to be doing and it's all got to be precise i am sure the people will really be appreciating this extensive work :)

Many people don't know and they think I'm neglecting them but as you said, it's a hell of a job, needs to be done without mistakes. It takes up a lot of time but I'll be back soon, I promise :)

I know it's not easy i use to do a lot of English to Italian translation a while back well good luck with it all and hope to see you back in full swing real soon :)

Glad to see someone appreciated it and it didn't go to waste

Very little goes to waste around here! Someone always appreciates it, or else it enriches the soil!

Thats true about going to the soil I didnt think about that :)

I can't do a real compost pile because it just attracts all the critters to come dig through it and eat all the stuff that I put out there to decompose anyway. So I've learned that it just makes more sense to toss them out in the woods and that way they get to eat what they want and what they don't decomposes and enriches the soil for the trees! It's not like I have that much but needs to be composted anymore since cooking for one doesn't generate much waste!

I remember my dad gave up the compost when us kids all left home they just didnt generate enough to make it worthwhile, so dropping it out in the forest makes a lot of sense

It's better than attracting the raccoons and possums and mice up close to the house!

Ohhh yes thats for sure

Nice job and photography. I likes this little animal on this cold weather.

Thank you! It is snowing again here tonight. I hope all the animals have a warm place to sleep!

Good to see someone appreciate your fruit. It could be the only decent food they had all day. Looks like there is plenty of life in your surrounding. Wonderful if they are all friendly creatures.

They are all friendly, or at least there are not any that will bother you unless they are cornered or trapped. Most of the creatures out there will try to avoid you. Except the squirrels and my daughter has them so tame that they really expect everyone to have a hand out for them. A squirrel snack!

All in all, a nice environment then, except for the weather.

I love where I live! Even the weather. When Jim was alive we would take a midwinter trip to somewhere warm and that would help break up the long winter months. But I really do love watching winter out the window as long as I don't have to go out and shovel snow and drive it, I'm fine! It is beautiful to watch!

It's important that you love where you live - even the weather. Otherwise, you will be feeling miserable in the cold winter months.

Winter months are the perfect time for undisturbed reading and Steemin'!

Yes, that would keep you occupied. :-)

Name is written on every grain who will eat that.😀


Howdy tonight Melinda! Oh that is so cool! I love this post. I'm resteeming this.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

the deer must be well fed this winter... how rude lol

Haha! I'm betting they have never come across a pomegranate in the forest before! It was definitely a foreign object and needed to be treated with suspicion.

The squirrel looks like he couldn’t believe his good luck. Great shots of your wildlife. 😊

Thanks! He found it before it froze, so it was probably still juicy!

Looks cold... I love watching the squirrels especially like this.

I had 7 of them under my bird feeder yesterday. We are getting so much snow today that it will be interesting to see how they navigate their way through the deep piles!

That is so nice at least it didn't go to waste see you made some cute animal happy :)

They know they can find the occasional treats in my backyard, and I get the pleasure of being able to watch them through my windows!

Well you certainly got a great window show of animals happening there just beautiful :)

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