A bit of paradise

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My kids just returned from a holiday in Tulum, Mexico and are here spending the weekend with me and collecting their cat, who stayed with me while they were gone. We have been looking through the 1000+ photos that they took while they were away and we decided you all might enjoy seeing a few photos of this tropical paradise!

This great tailed Grackle appears to be living the good life!





#Lookingup at the Mayan ruins.

#lookingup at the coconuts

#Lookingup at the full moon


Now back to enjoying the grandkids!

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What a blast to have kids at home! It's nice that they share their memories with you and show you what they were up to there. It looks like they had a great time. Enjoy having them at home :)

Have a lovely Sunday Melinda!

Thanks, luv! I love having them here.

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What cool shots they must have had such an awesome time there

It sure sounds like they did! Lots of beach walking and eating great food!

Sounds like a perfect vacation to me ;)

Doesn't it? A whole lot of relaxing in a beautifully warm, quiet place? Yeah, I would be good with that.

Who wouldn't if the day warms up as they say I may even do a little beach walk here this afternoon, funny how at this time of year 45 seems warm LOL

It is funny how that same temp seems cold in the fall and warm in the spring! It's raining here.

I just looked ahead and next weekend we may even get close to the 60's let the temps keep rising :)

I shouldn't have listened to you. I just went and looked ahead and all I see is rain and snow! Yuck.

Oh, that looks so warm and inviting! The full moon picture is incredible. Pass on my compliments to the photographer!

I will. Both of them were taking photos. I'm not sure who took which ones, but I'm pretty sure the moon photo is one that Ella took with her phone. They loved sitting on their balcony and watching the sunrise and moonrise.

Those are awesome. My nephew and his family are in Cancun currently and we’ve been watching some videos they’ve shared. Beautiful!

Wish we were there, right?

Absolutely! Margarita my dear?

One of the many beverage photos from Tulum..... image

Now we’re talking :-)

would love to go there...need a vacation!!

This looks like a great destination!

I must say that these photos are beautiful. And I'm sure they had a wonderful vacation

They had lots of fun! And took loads of photos!

They are like us... They love the photos

Howdy today Melinda! A thousand photos. lol. I bet there are a few more great ones to share aren't there? These here are wonderful.

I may have to share a few more just because I love all their photos and maybe if I share them I can imagine what it would be like to be there myself!

haha! I assume that they had a wonderful time? lol.

It seems like it was a quiet relaxing vacation for them, with lots of walks on the beach and time spent on the balcony enjoying the ocean views. Oh, and food. Lots of good food! It was just what they were looking for.

It sounds kind of heavenly! lol. Did they choose Mexico because of the prices?

They had considered Hawaii, but after their long travel times when they went to Russia last fall to see Ella's family, they didn't want to spend that much time on a plane. (as it was they were on a Boeing Max to Mexico a few days before they were grounded) The little boutique hotel they stayed in was pretty pricey I thought, and Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live was staying in the next room. The hotel only had 9 units, a great restaurant and a very quiet beach.

Howdy tonight Melinda! All in all though it must have turned out really well right? Did they talk to Leslie Jones or anything?

Just in passing it sounds like. The arrangement of the hotel space was designed to give guests maximum privacy.
They loved every minute of their time there.

This looks like my kind of place. Beautiful beaches in a tropical paradise. Even the blackbird looks exotic ;-)


Doesn't it look like a fantastic vacation spot? Thanks so much for the resteem! I do appreciate this new account of yours!

My pleasure @melinda010100.

I will be featuring your blog in the near future and in particular your #shadowphoto contest which is going from strength to strength.

Your support has always been very welcome.

I will be looking forward to see what you do with it! And someday you'll have to give instructions on how you find the time to manage two accounts! 😃

I am saving for next year vacation!!! Oh my goodness, I don't think I am coming back, lol. These photos are outstanding, wow! 🌴💙🌴

Doesn't it look like a fantastic place to be? I could look at their photos all day long!

Oh yes, I could too!

Hey, @melinda010100.

Those photos bring back memories. Very good memories. :)

I've been to Tulum twice now, once in 1996 with a friend from work and then again with my wife more recently (I think it was 2012, something like that).

We didn't do much more than the ruins and the nearby plaza, but both trips were awesome. I find the ruins of the Mayas, and the others to be quite fascinating. At one point, I would have loved to have set up a tour and brought people down there from the U.S. I don't think that's going to happen now, but never say never.

I'm hoping you'll be posting (or someone will) more photos of the area (since there's thousand-plus photos. :)

I can probably be talked into posting a few more! Lucky you for being there twice, especially in the early days! Cancun never appealed to me, but Tulum just seems much more pristine and rather artsy. At least that is the impression I have of the place. Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to see pictures of?

No, not exactly. I mean, I familiar with the grounds of the ruins and the beach below, but didn't really get around Tulum much (I'm not even sure what there might have been).

If it's as you say, it's probably one of the few places left like that on the Mayan Riviera. When the friend and I were down there in 1996, that described Playa del Carmen. Now, it's built up in a similar fashion as Cancun.

When my wife and I went this last time, we were off the main hotel zone, but still not in the city proper, in a new, very nice hotel. We couldn't do that now, but it was a very nice, quiet place, even though there are other hotels building up on both sides of it.

Cancun itself is kind of like most Mexican towns. You get to see that in the brochure or the travel videos. They just go down to the beaches and the hotel zone pretty much.

So, anything really would be cool. If I were to live anywhere in Mexico, it would be over on that side.

They were supposedly going to build an international airport near there. Do you know if that happened? This was probably 5-7 year ago, give or take, that they were in the process of going through whatever their stages are. It seemed like it had stalled, but I was wondering if maybe they actually got it going.

Oh wow.. those pictures are beautiful . Seems like they had a great time. And now they are spending the weekend with you. Wonderful. Something different for you this weekend. Have a great one!

They will go back to Chicago tomorrow afternoon and then back to work on Monday, but I am lucky that they come fairly frequently to spend the weekend here with me. My d-i-l likes to be here in the woods!

Good to hear that your children visit you frequently. I am sure a weekend break in the woods is good for all - especially the little ones. :-)

Buenas noches amiga @melinda010100 le deseo que se encuentre bien, son muy lindas esas imágenes , tuve la oportunidad en el 2013 de viajar a México exactamente a Cancún y playa del Carmen y de allí hicimos tour a varios lugares expectaculares y fuimos a conocer lo que era un senote , si algún día usted tiene la oportunidad de ir donde fueron ellos y dónde le estoy diciendo usted va a quedar muy encantada de lo lindo que es y de la atención que le brindan al turista. Que tenga una exelente noche amiga.

I've been to Puerto Vallarta and loved it. And to Belize and Bonaire, so I am pretty sure I would love southern Mexico too! It looks so beautiful! Hope you are having a good weekend!

relaxing... nature... beautiful photography 💜

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them!

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Why yes! I'm enjoying these photos very much! :) The way the rock looks and all the plants and water coloris really unique

My only wish is that I had been there taking photos, too!

Me too! That landscape is so different than any i have seen in person before

I'll meet you there!

Wonderful photos of tropical areas. When I look at the pictures, I dream away to warmer areas.Thanks for sharing.😊👍

Thanks, I think I have those same dreams!

It looks like a nice place to relax and right on the ocean. ;-)

I think that's what they did. Lots of relaxing!

Now these are real holidays !! 😃 Oooh...how I can easily dream myself lying in the hammock, lulled by the sound of waves crashing on the shore...!

They said they spent a lot of time relaxing, so I'm sure those hammocks got put to use! That wonkie looks like he is on holiday, too!

Well, BlueWonkies are always in holidays anyway... ;-) 😃

Lucky little blues guys! Oh wait! Except for being in a warm, green place I'm pretty much always on holiday, too!

Great photos from the world heaven owned by Tulum. And it's really fun that you can again hug your beloved grandchildren. Happy family, I hope that happiness continues. Always happy my friend

Thank you! The grandkids are teenagers so one good by hug is all they tolerate these days!

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Seeing Mayan ruins would be a nice expedition. Happy you have your family there to enjoy, Melinda. 💕

It's been a fun weekend! They took a bunch of photos of the ruins and they are quite different than the Mayan temples that I have been to.

Awesome photos! This is a truly wonderful vacation to enjoy such beautiful nature. Now that Your kids are back, there will be so much wonderful time for pleasant memories of this Paradise place :) Thank you, @melinda010100, for sharing these landscapes. I really liked those shots where the waves run to the shore :). It looks very picturesque!

It was the first time my daughter in law had seen the ocean. She said it was very different from the Black Sea in Soshi.

Oh, that's a really big difference. Even the level of rest, service and atmosphere is a cardinal difference :) I imagine how many enthusiastic emotions she feels :)

She loved it and misses hearing the ocean at night.

Oh yeah baby, now that's tropical nature at her finest. :-)

It is, isn't it? Wish I was there!

Awesome moon pic

A great place to watch the moon! You must have dark skies for moon/star watching near you?

Superb photos and wonderful memories @melinda010100 I'm sure you will be making the most of having your grandchildren over to stay. (U & R )

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Oh that is so beautiful Melinda! That fourth picture down is so very much Tulum. It makes it so recognizable. The pictures the kids took our superb and just looking at that makes me miss the place.

Thank you for sharing them with all of us and thank the kids for letting you use them. I hope you have a most wonderful day and you will be sharing or if those with us soon.


They did a great job taking photo. I was told that many of the photos were taken with me in mind. Ella would stop and say wait I have to take this picture because your mom would like this! And she was right, I do like all of the photos that they took! Thanks for the tip!

Oh my gosh! That's too funny! But, I can actually see it happening because I do the exact same thing, except that I stop for me. Sometimes it's so hard to get through 25 ft if there's something really enjoyable just begging you to take a picture of it. I love Tulum and I've been there quite a few times, but each time it gets better and better.

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Wish I could have gotten down there! I had a friend offer to take me with her to Cancun , but I had to be here to teach Spanish. Looks like your children had a good time!

Aww, so nice... so familiar :) Tulum is sweet. We often go the cenotes in and around Tulum.

I had to look up cenotes! I want to do that! There are so many wonderful things in this world to see and do! A lifetime is simply not long enough!
This was something of a honeymoon trip for my son and his wife. She had never been to an ocean before and she does not know how to swim! I can't imagine it. But she loved being by the ocean and on the beach and maybe this will be incentive for her to learn to swim.

Oh yeah, cenotes are awesome! I have recently posted about some (https://steemit.com/travel/@phortun/beauties-of-yucatan-the-beautiful-cenote-of-yax-kin, https://steemit.com/dtube/@phortun/zrtxu9xw). I can imagine even people who cannot swim just fall in love with the sea once they meet it for the first time in their life :) I am glad the "first sea" for her was "our Caribbean" here on the Mayan Riviera :)

That looks really cool and refreshing place i am sure it would of been hard to return to the city after seeing those beautiful oceans.

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