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Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can't help but smile. It's the opposite of sadness.

Basically, that's ME when im too ecstatic, my happiness reached beyond and over the moon. Oh! you have guessed it right, the other girl is my twinny sissy @twodorks.. haha..

Happiness takes in many forms. It may be little or big or grand! Our happiness comes in different reasons. Each day it may change because our emotions and wants changes too. It varies as we shift from one feelings to the other.

When I stumbled at @princessmewmew post, I wanted to jump in the fun of listing the 10 Things that makes you Happy. Do check this out for the contest details, click WEDNESDAY


So, let us run down the countdown.

#01 My Mini Boys

These boys are my daily dose of Vitamin H... H for Happiness!
The day I became a MOM with my first, that was the happiest day of my life. And it doubled the happiness wihen we were blessed by our second. Truly, motherhood had changed me! And I wouldn't trade that for anything in this world.

#02 My Cup of Choco Drink

giphy (1).gif
I want mine hot and chocolatey.. and it becomes special if the Ex-boyfie prepares it for me in the morning.

Why chocolate and not coffee eh?? If I aint breastfeeding, I would gladly take the coffee. It had been a year already that I have not got any. I missed coffee sometimes!.. but...but.. I have to increase my milk production, and chocolate drink gives me that. So, for now my daily cupchocolate drink is a must.

#03 FOOD is LIFE

Oh yeah! Did you know that I am on a SEEFOOD DIET?! Whenever I SEE FOOD, I basically EAT... whatt???!!! I breastfed you know and I'm always hungry! And look at that, can you really say NO? Pass?... I cant waste to watch good food. I dont mind the extra pounds, I may be FAT but I know I am SEXY (in some angle).. lols..


giphy (3).gif
Here at home, they call me Miss Pansit aka the Noodle Girl. Noodle and its family and cousins are my favorite and comfort food in the whole wide world. I have been into it since I was a kid up to now. I can eat NOODLES everyday anytime and I wont complain. Every time I see the table with noodle in it, my face suddenly lits up with happiness.. Just ask my sissy @twodorks she knows me too well.. hahaha

#05 Chocolate Cake

What????!!! I'm a FOOD Person.. hahahaha..Im so easy to please. They say, the way to a Girl's heart is through her curvalicious booody.. So feed me and Im happy! Im not really a cakey person, but I have a super bended weakness when in comes to Moist Chocolate Cakes. That spoonful of cake where it literally melts in your mouth. That's the one!!! Sorry Miss @dreemsteem its not gluten-free.. it is sinfully delicious, yummylicios and dreemilicious! hahaha

#06 Family Travel

giphy (4).gif
We love love love travelling. We made it a point to set a travel each year with the kids. I promised Kuya Maque that we will go to Ocean Park on his 7th birthday, I hope this time it will push through because I made the same promise on his 6th. Sadly I was pregnant at that time.


Who wouldn't want to be at the beach???.. The view, the waters, the open sky... You have it all there in one setting. Nature has its way of keeping families together. If only we could live near the beach, that woud have been so much fun. Not to mention all the sunburns you'll get.. hehe

08 Pumped Milk38744664_697688933899923_576586444521340928_n.jpg

That is a bottle of happiness!!!! BF Moms would understand this. I seriously cry over spilled milk. Every drops counts! So if I am able to filled this bottled in my every pumping session, that is SUCCESS right there. It means I am still on point of my breastfeeding journey. I will not stop until I run out, until I run dry.

#09 Baking some Goodies

I love baking a lot! And I seldomly do it these days because of my busy schedule at work. But when I bake, I feel a sense of happiness and contentment. Its one of my de-stressing activity. My passion for it never dies no matter how many times I failed. I try to continue to learn new ways to master each recipe. My son would always request that we make cookies.
He helps me bake, but mostly he keeps everything messy.. haha.. thats what makes it fun.


Logo - full - The Welcome Wagon.png
Steeming had become part of my daily routine. I cant let the day pass by if Im not able to make a post, replies to comments and talk to strangers.
And I have my WW FAmily who keeps my sanity in tact.. I feel I belong here. I feel like im home. Plus, I could freely write whatever it is on my mind. Just like now.


That's it! ❤

I hope I made this in time. I hope this will be counted in..


What a great 10 list! I have to learn how to cook that pansit. I have tasted it with lemon, and it is different from all the noodles I have tasted... like very thin noodles. BTW, what is that food to the left of the shrimps in #03?Anyway.... I loved knowing more about you from the list of 10 things you have posted in your article! Have a terrific day.

@silversaver888 Your presence here is appreciated a lot😍😊.. thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

Ohh! You know very well that pansit goes well with a squeezed lemon!! You bet it is different from all the noodles out there..but its soooo much delectable in our mouth.. the flavors are bursting!

Those are shells! I forgot the name hahahaha.. They just grilled it and topped with cheese, onions and little garlic..

You too, may you have a boombastic day! 🌻

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Oh and I loooveee that movie! So cute your sis and you are like them 😍

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Hi there @vincy!.. hahaha we are truly like that.. and despicable is always in our movie list every week!!

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Omg that’s just too adorable 😍😍

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Hehe blame the kids.. they love to keep repeating the movie.. a lot as in!

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some lovely points here!your boys are so cute! and your cookies look delectable!

Thank you!!! I had fun doing this..

The cookies were yumny indeed!

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hahahahahaha this was AWESOME!!!!!!!

what? how do you KNOW that wasn't gluten free? It looks gluten free to me! I think it is. I say it is. I'm eating it! LOLOLOOL

those chocolate cookies look gluten free too!! hahahahahaha

and oh my gosh - the noodle girl had me laughing so hard!!!!!!!!! why??? because i love noodles too!!!!!!!!! LOLOL (gluten free - but i used to love gluten FILLED so much - especially delicious ramen!!! not the stuff for 10 cents hahahah the noodles with the broth that takes 3 days to make mmmmmmm)

yes - curvalicious booties. lets just to on an eating spree shall we?

and you are beautiful from every single angle. I love you just the way you are!!!!! (when i come visit you - i'll bring your sister - and we will eat until we're sick - ok???) hahahahahaha

Ohh! I have one of the best times doing this.. hehe i kept giggling each post.. 😄

I like your spirit in looking on all the food as gluten-free! Hahaha.. yes they can be, everybody happy! Especially the choco chips cookies they are sooooo gluten-free!!

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
😰😰😰.. we're both noodle gals!! Oooomeeeeegeeeeed! That is freakingly twinninous! Haha is there such a word.. yesss I totally agree with the ramen. You can never go wrong with days old broth, thats the secret of good ramen... im drooooling!

Oh yess! Who else wants to join our little food trip? Our travel dream gets excitinh each time.. haha..

My sister @twodorks is a foodie addict too. She already gave a very long long list to cook bake and eat when she comes home! It would be so much fun having you around.. i could just imagine how loud we can all be.. and the laughters.. hahaha oh my!

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Oh wow do you all know each other in real life!??

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Who?? @dreemsteem??... we haven't meet yet! But I do want to meet her and the WW Family @welcomewagon someday!! Its a steemit dream!

Are we that loud??? Hahahaha forgive us.. we do talk to each other like this.. 😄😉

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Hahaha I love it! It brings so much vibrancy and enthusiasm in the steemit comments and posts !!! 😍😍😍

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Yes it does! And we are girls... hahaha we gush and giggle too much! And somehow we let it show even in our everyday comments..

It brings more interest to keep talking eh.. hahaha 😄😆

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post - fun

comments - super duper laughing forever fun LOLOLOL

yessss the laughter just never runs dry..hahaha

everyone in Welcome Wagon are insane when it comes to comments :) we love to giggle and laugh and love on one another - so when we see each other on other posts... we talk and talk and talk LOL

comments are the best!!!! so much fun to get lost in the comment section hehehehehehe

you're more than welcome to join us in the giggles whenever you see us @vincy!!!! :)

You girls are infectious 😍❤️

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oh my!!!! are you becoming loud already????

GREATTTTTT!!!!! Welcome to the club.. hahahaha

yessssssssssss we are so loud! hehehehehe and nonstop laughter LOLOLOL

its not a steemit dream!!!!

come on now - its a steemit DREEEEEEEM. ;)

okay okay....


hahahahahha oh my godness... im laughing alone again!

hehehehe @maquemali and @twodorks are sisters in real life :)

I'm just their fake sister. hehehehe we know each other from Welcome Wagon AND ONE DAYYYYYYYYY we will meet!!!!! :)

ohhh yes! waiting for the day.. its not impossible.. especially if we become WHALESSSSSSSSSS!

hahahahahahaha yessssss food trip!!!! from one restaurant and one kitchen to another! we will gain 50 pounds on the trip and never ever look at the scale. why? we'll just pretend that we're all pregnant again hahahahaaaha

ok - i'm totally gonna bring her back home to you and she can cook for us while we are talking and hiding from horror movies LOLOLOLOL

and i'll tell you a secret. when I come visit you - i'm gonna just get sick on all the gluten that I can eat. hahahahha

I'll just have to bring really strong drugs for my migraines LOLOLOL

maybe the gluten noodles will be bad - but the 3 day broth will restore me????? we can hope! hahahahaha

I could just imagine hopping from one kitchen to the other.. hahaha we are such a mess! but mess fun fun kind of way.. dont you worry ill help in the cooking and baking.. and @twodorks will take care of the dishes!! hahahahhaha

I agree!! Throw out the scale machine, forget that it was ever invented! What is that thing anyway??? hahahahahaha

RAMEEEEEENNNNNN!!! why do you have this effect on us! did you just dust us with your temptation spell and that we'd be craving for you more and more....

oh my gosh and i DID find gluten free ramen - and it's not bad!!!!

then I know how to make a good 3 day broth too!!!! yesssssssssss i do :)
AND i have a new little contraption that makes good soft boiled eggs for the ramen hahahahaha

we are ready!!!!!!! :)

Really??! Where did you find it?? Gluten free or not, RAMEN IS RAMEN! hahahahah i dont care at all!

Ahhhh... we might live in your house if you said you make a great ramen broth!!!..... ohhhhh my! You have this thing too for soft eggs?? My hubs doesnt like it, he want well done! Hahahaha but not me..

Okay! Im going start packing!!! Haha

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ok- your room is ready! we are waiting for you ;)

Hahaha!! Sissy @maquemali and @dreemsteem I don’t even know where to comment anymore!

And yes you are truly our fake sister!!! So yeah sissy we’re no longer twins! we’re now triplets!! 👯‍♂️🧚‍♂️ look at dreem with wings!!! Haha cause she’s the adopted sister hahaha but hey I want wings too!!! 🧚‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️

@vincy are you still there? Hahahaa I promise to give you wings too!!

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LOLOLOL yayyyyyyyyyyy there are my wings!!!!

@vincy too???? are we quadruplets now?!?!?! hehehehehe

great! when is this family reunion? we need to eat a lot. ok? LOLOL

Hahahaha we really are infectious! Is it airborn viral?? I love it that @vincy got infected though! Sorry.. but not that sorry..🤣😂

Hmmmm.. we better set a date for that reunion eh.. yes! Food is important, we shouldn't let our tummy to go on hunger strike!

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❤️❤️❤️nice list!!

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Thank you.. it was hard to take down the list hahaha!

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Another good post sissy! I thought you said your on travel, so no resting on Steemit eh? Hahaha and tell in the photo where you tagged me, which one are you? I bet the small one haha you know I'm taller & plus your the mean one hahaha

I was but then we were sent home early, we only had halfday.. kaya ngmadali umuwi para makahimo 1 post 🤣...

You know better im the CUTEST! hahaha..and goofier and loud.. and always a kid at heart! 😋...

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Hmmm I’m not so sure about...🤔 you being the cutest? Haha but goofier and loud? ha! no doubt!!

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Hahahaha dont deny it.. 🤣😂

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Haha come on sister a lot of people here said your noisy haha

I didnt deny that im loud hahaha.. im just saying im way cuter! 😊😉😀😄

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This is really awesome article..
you work hard for this article..

Thanks.. It did took me almost an hour to finish it..

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