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Hello my Dearest Foodies,

Raise your hand if you like pizza!!! I am sure it would be lots of hands up, because I never met anyone who doesn't, lol. The only problem is, most of the pizza sold here in North America is very unhealthy. Luckily, there are many ways how to make healthy pizza, although I am not sure if the kids would like it, lol.

This is not my first healthy pizza recipe attempt and the first one I actually made was for our boys. They were very young at that time and more flexible compare to now, so they were wiling to try. Sadly, they were not crazy about it, so now I am wondering how they would feel about this one. Well, I really liked it hence I will be making it again for sure. If they won't like it I will eat it myself, lol.

By the way, the original recipe for the CRUST is from this WEBSITE


Thin Crust Spelt Pizza with Homemade Tomato Sauce, Tempeh Bacon & Cashew Garlic Dip
Vegan – Cholesterol Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living

• Whole grain spelt 1 1/3 cup
• Baking Powder 1tsp
• Himalayan pink salt 1 tsp
• Olive oil 2tbs
• Water 6tbs

• Blend all the dry ingredients then add the oil.
• Gradually keep adding water, while kneeling the dough for about 1 minute, until is nice and smooth.
• Cover the dough with towel in the bowl and let it sit for 15min.
• Preheat the oven to 400 °F/200 °C.
• Flour your working surface and roll the dough to your desired sized and thickness. I like my thin, so I did it all the way to 14inch diameter.
• Transfer it to the baking sheet lined with parchment paper and prick the surface with fork or toothpick few times to prevent from bubbling.
• Bake for 12min.
• When ready, apply the tomato sauce and your favorite toppings. Bake for another 15 to 20minutes.
• Serve with smoked Tempeh Bacon and cashew Garlick Dip.


• Sundried tomatoes ½ cup (oil free, soaked for 15min)
• Water ½ cup
• Garlic powder to taste
• Himalayan pink salt to taste
Blend all in the blender until smooth.

• Tempeh 125gr (diced)
• Low sodium tamari 1tbs
• Garlic powder to taste
• Smoke liquid
• Grape seed oil ¼ cup

• On hot oil, sauté the tempeh bits until golden.
• Add tamari, smoke liquid and garlic and sauté for few more seconds.

• Cashew 1 /2 cup (soaked for 4 hours)
• Juice form 1 lemon
• Garlic powder to taste
• Himalayan pink salt to taste
• Water ½ cup
Blend all in the blender until smooth.







Great for the next pizza Friday next week - this looks fantastic indeed

Thank you so much Michel 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

Well, that really does look heavenly, my amazing friend. To be honest, all of your recipe posts look amazing. This one is no exception.

I wish I had a slice of that pizza right now in front of me. I have not been sharing my recipes lately and I really need to get back to it.

Thank you for sharing your recipe with us, my amazing friend. Have a blessed day. :)

Hello Durko! I am so happy to see you! Thank you so much for stopping by and i hope we will see some of your delicious recipes soon 🥑😍🍓

This looks awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

I am happy you like it............thank you so much for stopping by 😊

I'll trade you a bowl of mine for a slice. 😉 It's definitely about time for some more pizza around here, too. Though maybe I can put Dave on duty again....

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I think it would be quite the feast if we put our meals together. As I said many times, I wish I could beam myself to your house, lol.

Feel like want to eat pizza now..Dear Lena, your photo make me hungry.

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I wish I could send you some Dear Cherry..........thank you so much for stopping by 😍


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Dear this pizza look so perfect and good🤤🤤🤤🍕

Thank you so much my Dear Denisse 😍

Howdy Miss Lena! Wow, a healthy pizza. I love this idea! And there is that cashew dip again, that stuff is versatile. I know I would love this pizza.

So if you don't want to make pizza the recipe for the crust is the same as if you just want to make Spelt bread? Because that would be super bread wouldn't it?

Howdy Janton! I am again so behind!!! And yes, this dough could be used for bread, but to make a really good bread in also needs sourdough starter or at least yeast. I will learn how to do that when I ma in Slovakia with my sister. Her husband is an expert! Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it 😊

Howdy tonight Miss Lena! oh that sounds wonderful. So maybe you can post some bread recipes from Slovakia. When do you go there?

Howdy Janton! I will for sure!

I would definitely like a slice! I had deep dish spinach and garlic Chicago pizza last weekend and although it was probably not as healthy as yours it was so delicious that I didn't even think about the ingredients!

Well, most people doesn't, lol. Thank you so much Melinda, I am glad you like this one too 😊

Doesn't it just seem silly that 'food' is even prepared that isn't made with healthy ingredients?

I know, it is very sad actually, but that's the society we are live in. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel 😊

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