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Hello my Dearest Friends,

Isn't he juts adorable? He thought I wouldn't find him, but his loud sonata gave him up, lol.

It was actually a really funny experience, because I was photographing butterflies when I heard very loud cricket sound coming from roses and Angel trumpet flowers. My neighbor just plant these Black Currant Swirls this year and by the end of summer they were already huge.

Anyway, Mr. Cricket had a very cozy spot there, hidden behind big leaves. Nevertheless, I found him and start taking photos as best as I could, although it wasn't the easiest thing to do, because branches and leaves were in the way. Besides, he was trying to hide from me. I even had to move him with my finger so he would come out. lol. I know I was risking that he will jump away, but luckily he did not. To my surprise, he was still there couple of days later when I came back. At this time, he was on top of a big leaf and it seemed he was munching on it. I photographed him again, as you can see on the fourth photo.

This is my entry for #insectpub & #butterflyday hosted by lovely @whatisnew. For more information please read HERE.






I approve of this entomological posts.
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Oh wow, thank you 😊

How i miss the wonders of summer...

You are reading my mind.............thank you so much for visiting 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

So nice to see you're well enough to post and here you are with a real beaut Lena! Mr Cricket looks like he's posing just for you;) Stunning Trumpet flower!

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Yes I am happy I can post, although I can't make new recipes! Luckily I have enough photos from the summer I can share with you here. Thank you so much my Dear Lizelle, I am happy you like my Mr. Cricket and flowers 😍

What a handsome Mr. Cricket and he looks like he is hiking through your garden with a backpack. LOL! I have never seen those flowers before and I love them. I also love your photos! Thanks for using #insectpub tag. : )

I am so happy you like him and the flowers my Dear @whatisnew, is a quite the character, isn't he, lol. And you are right, he looks like he is hiking 😂

Thank you so much and it's my pleasure using this fun tag 🦋🐞🦋

Wonderful photos of the cricket, and the flower is beautiful, too!

Awwwwwwwww, thank you so much Melinda! That is a big tipu upvote!!! 😍

But I have no idea why! I haven't even figured out how to see when it is OK for me to vote again!

As I said, it's a hit or miss, lol. We just have to keep trying 😊

You must have a really good camera.
Your photos are really fabulous !!

My camera is pretty good, but I could use a better macro lens, lol. Hopefully someday soon. Thank you so much my Dear Inreen 😍

Brilliant click

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Thank you so much 😊

Ooh your shots are fantastic my dear Lady Lena !! this cricket had his 1/4 hour of fame with you beautifully captured him ..😉 And the trumpet flowers, they are gorgeous, if I was nearby I would also like to sing loud and celebrate their beauty indeed ! 😊

Hello my Dear Luigi, so good to see you..............I bet you and Mr. Cricket would make a wonderful duet! Thank you so much for visiting 🌸😍🌸

Awesome work i had giggle with photo no-3 you can actually see Jimmy Cricket has his eye on you probably thinking who's this human stalking

Oh yes, you are absolutely right, lol. Thank you so much Angelo, I am glad you like it 🌸😊🌸

I did enjoy it , it certainly made my day looking at Jimmy Crickets :)

Jimmy Cricket? Sorry I had to Google that the name, because I didn't know him, lol. funny now you know 🤣 🤣

Es muy bonito el saltamontes. Su ojito está mirando directo. saludos

Dear Lena, surprise that your appearance didnt scare Mr Cricket. It stayed with you with your photography. Again great photos, great works!

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I guess I was lucky, lol. Thank you so much Dear Cherry, I am glad you like it 😍

Howdy Miss Lena! Great job on getting those shots. I love those guys, we kill them all the time here. Well, Jack loves to eat them so if we see any he scarfs them down. lol.

So you love them but you kill them? And Jack eats them, lol. Well I remember my cats used to play with all kinds of bugs and mice until they died, the poor things. Anyway, thank you so much for visiting! I will catch up with yours posts in next couple of days. I am little bit behind again, lol.

Howdy tonight Miss Lena! I guess that sounds a little strange. I should just say that Jack loves to eat them! And I like to watch him chase them down and eat them. No problem, you have more important things to do and you also have to type with one hand and two fingers. lol.

For cats that's normal, they like to play, lol. And I am fine, don't worry 😊