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Hello my Dearest Foodies,

Can you believe this is the first time I am experimenting with okra? I've been planning to do that for quite some time, however, I have so many ideas with many things going on that it took a while before I got to it. Plus, other things in my life got in a way too, lol.

Anyway, I finally did it and of course I wanted to make it healthiest as possible, so I used spelt flour and breadcrumbs as well. However, if you must have gluten free, you can use brown rice flour and panko. Both ways are very crispy and delicious without deep frying. Although, you can drizzle with little bit of oil if yo wish for the last 10 minutes to get the deep fry illusion. It really is a delicious and healthy finger food for any occasion. Just make sure you make the Aioli as well 😉


Oven baked Okra Breaded in Spelt with Aioli
Vegan – Oil Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living

• Okra 2lb (1kg)
• Plant based milk 1cup
• Whole spelt flour ½ cup
• Spelt bread crumbs 1 ½ cup
• Pink Himalayan salt to taste
• Garlic powder to taste
• Black pepper to taste

• Wash okra and trim off the stems.
• In a bowl, mix flour with milk, salt and pepper until smooth.
• Prepare a sperate bowl with the bread crumbs, right next to the first bowl.
• Preheat the oven to 450F and line your baking sheet with parchment paper.
• By using a fork, dip each okra into the batter first, until fully covered.
• Let the excess butter drip for a second or two and quickly transfer to the breadcrumbs.
• Cover each side by using a fork until totally covered and gently transfer to your baking sheet.
• Bake for 20min.
• When ready, set the oven on broil and bake for another 10min.
• Serve with Aioli


• Cashews ½ cup
• Water ½ cup
• Lemon juice 1tbs
• Organic yellow mustard 1tbs
• Garlic powder 1tsp
• Himalayan pink slat to taste
• Black pepper to taste
• Chives 2 tbs minced







I must say that I've tried okras only once in my life and I swore that I won't try them every again :) I really didn't like them. They were grilled and all soft, kind of bleh :D But this looks quite good I must admit. It would probably still take me some time to brave myself and try them BUT if I would ever try okras again then it would be based on your recipe :)

Thank you dear Lena for sharing! Have a lovely start of the week!

Oh really? Lol!!! I never ate okra before, so I can't tell, lol. Thank you so much Dear Martina, these were really crispy. I think you would like it 😍

This okra looks amazing - like a real treat for food lovers like myself

I ma glad to hear that Michel and thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much 😉

Genius! I have only made okra once in a gumbo, but didn't like the texture. I think this is a much better way to give it a try! It is so common down here in the South, so I can usually find it at the farmers market very soon.

Awwwwwwwwwwww, thank you so much Katie! I am sure the okra from the farmers will be nice and fresh. Much better than the one I had 😍

I was once try to cook the okra😊 but I failed to reduce the sap or what is the right word for its juicy mucus 😊.. did that mucus dissapeared after you bake it @lenasveganliving?

I guess it did, because I didn't taste it too slimy. How did you cook it?

Sautee 😊 because I wonder how it taste, I clean the slimy a bit soaking it in salt water for few minutes

They were not that slimy. All I had to do is wash them.

Looks delicious. I wish I could get okra here. Next time you come down pack some in your suitcase and we’ll have an okra dipping party on the beach 😉.

Okay my lovely Pura, you got a deal, lol...............thank you so much Sweetie 🌴😍🌴

This is a lovely idea... we have so much okra available at the market but never know what to do with it. This looks so good. Have a great day.

I am so glad to hear that Amy, Thank you so much Sweetie and I hope you are going to try. Have a wonderful day too 🌴😍🌴

I am totally thrilled to see you finally whipped up some breaded okra, Lena! There's nothing quite as tasty! Your accompanying aioli sauce looks quite dippable too! 👏💯🍽

Awwww, what a lovely surprise my Dear Nina! I know, it took me forever, but I finally did it, lol. I never forgot yours that I was inspired by. Thank you so much Sweetie 😍

Your delicious okra photograph post on Facebook lured me to your Steemit kitchen, Lena! And you are very welcome!💓

I am happy they did Sweetie 😍

Howdy Miss Lena! Hey okra is a favorite down here in Texas but it's always Fried Okra. Fried in bad oil. lol. that's the only way I've ever had okra. But this is a wonderful alternative and I really like the looks of that dip, that Aioli stuff. I bet that's delicious!
So I'm sure they already told you but this is another perfect recipe and post!

Isn't this quite a surprise? Finally I made something you know, lol. And I made it super healthy, because not only it 's oil free, but it's also breaded in spelt. In addition you have an option to make it gluten free if you like. Oh yeah and I highly recommend the Aioli. Thank you so much Janton for your lovely comment; I am happy okra is so popular down in Texas 😊

Howdy today Miss Lena! yes it's super healthy and made with a superfood Spelt!
I'll make that Aioli sometime and try that.
The okra is eaten alot down here but since it's fried in bad oil wouldn't that offset the
healthiness of the plant?

Well the kind you have there yes, but my recipe is oven baked.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had okra, I can’t remember if I have. Your aioli, too, your recipes are always so inviting you make them all look like something I’ve never have.

Thanks for tagging #artzone, Lena!

Maybe because I am experimenting with recipes that I also never had myself, lol. Not always, but often. Thank yo so much my Friend, I really appreciate your cheerful comment 😊