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Howdy Miss Lena! Hey okra is a favorite down here in Texas but it's always Fried Okra. Fried in bad oil. lol. that's the only way I've ever had okra. But this is a wonderful alternative and I really like the looks of that dip, that Aioli stuff. I bet that's delicious!
So I'm sure they already told you but this is another perfect recipe and post!


Isn't this quite a surprise? Finally I made something you know, lol. And I made it super healthy, because not only it 's oil free, but it's also breaded in spelt. In addition you have an option to make it gluten free if you like. Oh yeah and I highly recommend the Aioli. Thank you so much Janton for your lovely comment; I am happy okra is so popular down in Texas 😊

Howdy today Miss Lena! yes it's super healthy and made with a superfood Spelt!
I'll make that Aioli sometime and try that.
The okra is eaten alot down here but since it's fried in bad oil wouldn't that offset the
healthiness of the plant?

Well the kind you have there yes, but my recipe is oven baked.