#50-Word Flashfiction Challenge:A Teenager's Dilemma

in esteem •  10 months ago

Hello fellow Steemians!!!

Here is my entry for the #fiftyword story challenge courtesy of @jayna.

You, too, can participate in the challenge.Just click this link to read her post regarding the tips and tools you need to participate:


The prompt this week is "run".

Here goes my #fiftyword story:

Title:Teenager's Dilemma: An Educational Malpractice:A* Agony


Depression crept in; a practiced thief indeed. 

Sneaking in through the cracks of inkling dark, it kept her running round in circles before cornering her.

Still oblivious, she stumbled, bound by the murky night.

Unawareness was grave.Crumbling amongst the jigsaw of realization and despair, the rat-race stole her life.

Thank you for reading!!!

#freewriting #prompt #fiftywords #writing #life #depression #pressure

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Excellent execution of the prompt.


Thank you @papacrusher. It means a lot coming from you😁

You did a great job with the prompt. Absolutely amazing and perfect!


Thank you so much for the feedback @lightoj!

Well done, the imagery is very evocative. :o)

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You paint a good picture of what it feels like too be in in that dark place and it's something people should know and remember, especially with teens. Sad story, but beautiful.


Thank you so much @anikekirsten.These days our education system puts more pressure on the brain than improve our intellect.

You've amazed me with your personification of depression...

A practiced thief, indeed! Sneaking in... the darkness, the rat race...

Beautifully done! Congratulations!




Thank you so much...as a teenager myself, I feel strongly about this.


I hope you won't let depression overcome you!

You have a gift for writing, and the world needs to hear your voice. :D


Thanx again @creatr..this means ALOT coming from you☺

Great work pretty
It's really great and great use of the prompt


Wow, @khadija14, this little story really blows me away. You've used such beautiful words to describe a condition and state of mind that is so painful.

I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. I am attempting to recover my @jayna account. For now I will be posting as @jaynas-minime. I wrote a post about it, and you can read it here. I hope to be back soon with my restored account.


Thanx for coming along @jaynas-minime .I sure will read your post.Hope you recover your account soon.Best of luck!!