Results Keep the Link Contest #7

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Results Keep the Link Contest #7

First Things First

Thank you all for participating and spreading the word. This time we had 9 participants. All entries were valid, some entries did not follow the assignment.

The Initial Picture

The initial picture showed a mobile phone, customer card, coin. The idea was to replace these articles with one object that has a link with all the original objects. And you did very well, the links were very creative, going from sort of the same to completely different things but still related. Great thinking!


You can take a look at the entries here and here.


The reward for those who did not win will be an equal share of 1 SBD.
1 SBD/8 is 0.125 SBD each.
@ashikstd, @minnowhale, @twodorks, @saun, @improv, @saulos, @poyim, @depot69.

The Winner of 1 SBI

The winner is @izaid
I picked this one, because it was most different to the objects given.

Next contest

The image for the next contest will be online later today. I promise it will be a good one. And again, thank you all for participating. Hope to see you all at contest #8.

twcv2ybhl8.png cv4vuo7j2f.png k1yae65nrk.png
sujz10trkz.png 31gt2yw58u.png

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