Ridge gourd plants

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Hi everyone, its another good day. I was passing by the village when I saw this unique way of growing ridged gourd, it may not be unique or new for developed places but seeing it at a developing place like this was a pleasant surprise. The logic behind this is to get more production from a smaller land. This way, plants are safer from insects as well.




I have seen the old age way of growing it where they have to leave a wide area open after each plant for it to have enough space for vegetables once it grows. That obviously resides lesser plants hence less production. Here, this way will provide more production and safety with lesser effort and on lesser land. If the plant bail is all on ground it will need extra protection from insects meaning more chemical sprays. Here, if only they can save the bottom of the plant then there are lesser chances of insects damaging the plant hence lesser chemicals and better quality production.

Not an expert in the field, these are all mu personal views, correct me if I am wrong or mistaken at any point. Thats its for now

More to follow
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You are WRONG SIR! lol...no I'm just teasing hananali, it looks like a very efficient and improved method of raising them and I think you pointed out the advantages of the new method very well! Maybe school made you smarter!

Haha you scared me of initially Lol
A guy over weku did the same and called it wrong upon which @willymac iinterrupted and explained how it's not wrong at all.

It might be a late attempt for people to make but this surely will help them gain more with less effort and resources

I agree hananali! It is so much more efficient and not that hard to implement...so I think it's brilliant. You and willymac are right!

Yeah,brilliant for a place like that and good for the farmer or the investor

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