New Pizza in town

in #esteemlast year (edited)

Hi there, its another wonderful day and I hope same is the case with everyone here as well.

A new pizza outlet opened recently, being close to my office it deserved a visit :D


The restaurant had nice interiors



And, plenty of different deals to choose from


Loved the presentation as well, simple but classy.

Loved their garlic butter too much that I brought one of it home :D

This is how I spent my evening after work, meeting my friend from school. How about you ?

More to follow

Resharing from weku @hananali


That looks like one good piece of Pizza.
I'm getting hungry just by looking at it, haha :)

haha sure it is,the place and the pizza, it was a good overall package. So good that a pizza for two was not enough for us two Lol

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Howdy hananali! dog gonnit I missed the voting time on a couple posts, I thought you were too busy to post so often! lol. I'll start checking everyday and that pizza looks wonderful! wow. The restaurant looks great too, I'd have to make it a regular stop!

Hey are you getting any Palcoins? If you didn't get any in the airdrop they will give you some if you ask them in discord. Then use the tag and you earn along with sp.

Howdy sir janton ? All good here, job is keeping me busy, how about you? I hardly get time to post or do stuff. It I try to post whenever I get time, same like I just posted here and on weku both. Pizza surely was too good, same was the place and I invite you to be my guest there :D You will like it am sure

Anything to earn SP lol, I will try the thing surely. Thank you for the update

Howdy there Hananali! The job is keeping you busy but is it enjoyable and one that you think you want to stay with? I think you are doing well in posting for as little time as you have! That pizza looks wonderful, all it needs is a glass of chilled red wine with it!