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Good to be back after quite a while,I have been stuffed with work and other stuff. I hope everyone's doing fine. Here's a chocolate monster that I thought steemit needed :D

Life without desserts is just as same as life of steemians without steemit, it just gets better with it and stays incomplete without it. Hoping for more regular posts, that's it for now.

More to follow


OMG, turn away! Don't look!

haha okay sweetheart, all yours , I will ship you a dozen lol

You don't realise how dangerous chocolate can be around me.

haha well, I will want to know that ;)

You sure know what most people need. Chocolate can't go wrong. =)

chocolates sure can't go wrong, waiting for that one post that goes right boosting account though :D

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haha! howdy sir hananali! what a luscious photo, mouth-watering! lol. Well done. I suppose you ate that whole thing by yourself?

haha howdy sir janton ? I didn't eat that at all, I am trying to eat healthy and on top of it I am fasting these days so yeah I may finally be losing some kgs lol

How is it going sir?

Howdy hananali! well I guess losing weight is usually a good thing but I doubt if you had much to lose. I say all things in moderation. But that doesn't work for someone who gets addicted easily like with alcohol because then they can't control their consumption. Kind of like me and cake. lol.
Well, I was going to say if you can resist that cake then you have will power and self control to spare. But if you are fasting then it wasn't even a consideration.

howdy sir janton, fasting is good, I have been fasting for a long time now, started when I was 11 or 12 I guess. It surely increases your will power, I can easily avoid carbonated beverages or outside food now. Let's keep improving together and lose some weight. Let's try and get our weight come below 100kgs :D

haha! is that 100kgs together or each of us? lol. If it's each of us that will be easy to be below! If it's both of us together that's too skinny!

hahaha of course its each of us, for me, it's about 85 now and I want it to be around 75 kgs. You, I know are above 100 and I am not sure what your actual ideal weight should be, but let say below 100 is good for all

well at least our weight can be estimated, they don't have big enough scales or charts for smithlabs!

hahaha yeah, @smithlabs is from another planet, on a whole new level lol

He keeps talking about you on weku and you talk about him here, I am not sure why yo guys don't stay at both places

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