Have a Blessed Day

in #esteemlast year

Hi everyone, it's a wonderful day here and I hope its the same on your side of the world as well. Have been away for exams, job and other assignments for a few days, thought I should make a quick visit before getting to bed.

Here are some delicious, good looking pieces of ice cream to celebrate the day that it was.


Will be back soon hopefully, with a massive post, till then its @hananali signing off from this beautiful platform that it is.
Have a blessed day everyone.


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Okay, What flavor? LOL!


hahaha one is a local favorite qulfa with milk cream nuts and all, the other one is all fruits and biscuit added special ice cream :D

Send both, LOL!


Haha come ove, I had that again today Lol

I had a 12 oz steak, with a baked sweet potatoes, a salad, raspberry ice tea, and a bowl of chips with queso blanco and guacamole. Light lunch, LOL!


Wow that actually is light, that must not be enough for a big guy like you :D Did you eat again for the rest of the day? lol

It was a good feed, I was almost full, ROFLOL!


almost full? I thought you would have been completely full with that loads of food :D

Howdy hananali! those are wonderful photos! lol..the only thing wrong is that they sizes look like little girl sizes! sorry for the small vote, running out of power tonight.

No problem, I am not going anywhere with this account anyway, at least for another couple of years with the speed I am on Lol

what's wrong with the sizes lol, you like little girls more I guess, time to put you behind bars, where is Mrs J

lol! I like giant sizes, Mrs. J is too busy with real criminals. lol.
Well I know steemit is super slow right now, what about weku?

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