eSteem is on Product Hunt

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eSteem has been featured on ProductHunt couple month back and I have been meaning to share this with you guys so you can give an upvote and leave some review there but somewhat forgot. Glad to share this now so you guys can vote and leave some review...

The more people find out about eSteem and Steemit, Busy the more people will come onboard Steem.


I have got notified when Chris Kurdziel had listed eSteem in there few months back. I filled up necessary fields and let people to find out about eSteem. Steem Apps are evolving with each new update and quick. And we already have minimal viable products and they are working. In fact, Steem is working far better than most other projects in space, you don't find any other crypto projects which is more user friendly and easier to get started with, only exception is BTC of course because it has biggest network effect.

Hope you will spare couple minutes to upvote ProductHunt listing. There are dozen more sites where eSteem can be listed and marketed. Once we have proper signup process in place, you can expect more listings and alternative app stores marketing.

Thank you users of eSteem and Steem who give valuable feedbacks and use app daily. Every feedback is counted and taken into consideration with each new releases. Feel free to reach me out directly through email: [email protected] or report issues, suggestions to Github. Leave review on Google Play, Apple AppStore and ProductHunt

PS. eSteem website and desktop app updates are in progress.

Steem on!

vote witness good-karma

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I would just like to ask about the rewards for the translation I made on your App.

Hi @themanualbot,
Thank you for your contribution on Filipino language. Translations are voluntary basis and we never promise a pay BUT we do our best by giving translation update post rewards. I will make sure to include you on next update post 😉 which should be out next week.

Hey I have a question for you about we your app. Does the Moga laptop directly to a Daemon or is it going through the API that you build? Once again, top points for making them Swagger API cannot praise is enough. I'm using that anyone actually thought that is satisfying the issue then I posted on GitHub. It doesn't. It would need to be complete for that, you know?

Hi faddat,
eSteemd desktop will have option to connect to local daemon as well as through websocket, but overall it will work through API, yes. About Swagger API, you are right that's very useful even I use it often to do some quick tests, although it is not fully finished. I will finish it when time allows for sure, also thinking to make it stand-alone so you can be just running it locally or host it anywhere you like... :)

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Sure, i will upvote. I use esteem daily now and the last updates make the app very nice to use.

Appreciate the feedback @tarekadam, glad to hear that new update improved your experience. Will do best to keep progressing 😉

Me too. I have upvoted eSteem on producthunt. :). but I could not leaved comment on producthunt..... hmm sadly . anyway Nice ! :)

That's strange..maybe it needs you to verify your account or something, when I signed up I was set as maker of the app so I didn't see any limits.

I have signed up, but if I want to leave comment . There are quaifications that I must fullfil become contributor first and so I can leave comment. It's taking several step to become contributor on producthunt. :)

Oh I see, good to know... thanks! Would be great to build similar project on top of Steem.

SteemHunt 😄

ha..ha.. By the way, I will leave comment on Google Play Store. My username Kawai Sweet Squishi (ha...ha..! I can not change that because my daughter and my ex-wife nephew love that username, even they are using Kawai on their front username) Nice ! :)

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Just discovered eSteem last night -awesome project :) Gave my upvote!

Thanks @sassal! Let me know how it works out for you 😉

So far so good :)

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Upvoted of course, it getting better with every update hope we will see material ui soon :)

Better design that is in works and slowly being improved... material ui is indeed good standard to follow

good-karma great work! :)

Yes, I was thinking someone needs to get on Product Hunt @good-karma . Great job!

Thank you @steemitqa! Give it an upvote there and leave comment if you can 😊

Heading over there now! Can't wait! 😊
edit: Upvoted! I can't leave a comment though, I'm still a N00B! lol


Thank you brother for taking time!

It is my pleasure Bro!

Thanks for sharing. Vote witness done ;)

Thank you @dimitrya123 for support 👍

Upvoted!! struggled to comment in producthunt But can't. Nice work in the updated esteem

Thanks @iamsgr! Appreciate that, glad you like improvements 😉

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I have problems in accessing the login page in the in my desktop ..its very slow. However my internet speed is good and i have tried it in different browsers still result is the same..can you give me a solution, @good-karma ?

Hi, you are having issue with accessing website? Do you have any screenshots or error message details?

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I have problems in accessing only the login page in my desktop.. It keeps on loading.... I have screenshots.. And videos too

Help him, he needs some bitcoins

muted I don't have bitcoins :|

Great post!!!
Of course... Upvoted and Tweeted!


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eSteem is on Product Hunt — Steemit… /

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Damn, thanks this will give me something to do while I build my instagram. I usually just lay in bed and watch videos but now I can be productive.

Awesome! I feel bad in such moments when I don't have twitter or facebook :( I hope people will recognize worth when it is right in their face.


the display is a great application that you created

I will upvote! I love Steemit!

Good article, useful information for users! I voted for you!

Good-karma,,, help me with your vote....

on it I will register in the morning, good luck with the app I'm still thinking on a post of improvements, but I can see most of the concepts already covered with busy and your app :)

What's esteem?

Hi @naturallin,
eSteem is mobile and desktop application for Steem platform. Just like offers you web access to Steem platform, eSteem offers you access through mobile and desktop app.

Hey @good-karma - Is there anyway we can stop this spammer @freshkidsamie here on steemit - it gets annoying spamming tons of posts with begging!

Is there a general way on steemit to flag these people without using the flag :-)?

I think you will have to mute or downvote...

I just did it's easy later you can unmute people in your settings page :)

thanks bud, am just not someone to flag, down vote anyone

yeah I know how that feels, I too was like that, but the flag wars got to me I think I have made 1-2 flags :| it's fun tho, it would be nice to nuke posts :D I'm too lenient to the rebels :D (fan of @lordvader) :D don't worry flags are meaningless it seems, I wish they were only used in some last case scenarios, not for experiments, buuut whatever

still did not flag anyone here - in this case muting

yeah I think I got emotional, I actually have removed my flags, 2 of them one was for ats-david when we were arguing flag wars, bernie vs krnel :D and the other was for the bernie meme, since I was seeing his previous one making 30$ so I was like: well my flag is worth nothing, who cares anyway, let's make a statement, but yeah I agree there should be conversation, fags are meaningless I mean flags :D

I'm agreeing with myself(since you didn't list your reasons for not flagging ), but I hope that you agree too so I'm agreeing with you too :)

yup mute is flawless, you will never see a post again, comment, or a whisper :D

done that too now

I'm using the app on my iPhone. The only criticism I could say is that the upvotes and dollar amounts don't show on it for me. Other than that I love it. I'm away from my computer a lot so this helps immensely!

Hi @notoriousdjp, Thank you for your comment! Would you mind sharing screenshot perhaps? v1.4.1 release for iOS should be available within 24 hours, I will make release post soon...

It seems to be fixed now but I am running into another issue. While typing a submission out of nowhere when I type a letter or hit backspace or any type of input into the body the keypad goes away. Not sure what's going on. I even try closing & resetting the app but doesn't work. I had to cut my last submission short because I couldn't finish it. 😖

I figured it out. It messes up once I paste a YouTube video link. Not sure why that happens.

Good work! Upvoted.

Just wondering if anyone else is auto logged out when using eSteem? It is an absolute pain to retype in your password every time you use the app, so I have refrained from logging in. Just curious.

Someone mentioned that earlier though it shouldn't have happened...Unless your device has less storage. For iOS devices, when device runs out of storage it automatically clears app data, but Android doesn't do that. There were 2 builds rolled out at the same time, I am thinking maybe that caused it...Once you logged in app should stay logged in and once you log out your data will be cleared.

Makes sense. I am running iOS and have low storage available.

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