eSteem - image upload fix, notifications and other improvements

in esteem •  11 months ago

Some of you (eSteem users) might have noticed there was few seconds of down time for notifications today due to server maintenance updates.

Image upload

For the last few days there is overwhelming usage of eSteem app and feedbacks, suggestions, which I am quite excited about... And image uploads exceeded its limits causing intermittent issues.

It was time we move uploads to custom server so that it can help us to scale. Image upload issue should be fixed and working with better reliability.

Thank you for those who reported this and many other issues on #esteem-feedback posts. Please keep them coming, even if I don't reply to every suggestion, know that I am putting them down and working on them.

Notifications update

While fixing the image upload issue and setting up custom server, I have also improved notifications. Now, every user automatically gets notification for transfers (out, in).

As of today, eSteem users are receiving notifications on their mobile phone for new Comments, Mentions, Follow, Unfollow, Reblog, Transfers in and out.

New release

Work on new release is continuing and instead of making release this weekend, I think it is wise to postpone new release right after HF19. This will give us time to test changes on hardfork as well as implement new ones.

Thank you

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the users who are using eSteem daily and providing feedback #esteem-feedback.

eSteem over the last few days representing average ~3% of all posts happening on the Steem blockchain! That's an incredible growth and milestone! Couldn't have done it without you and your support!

vote, reblog, follow, vote witness good-karma

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I agree, having witness status AND 3% of the overall content contributed to STEEM? That's crazy. Keep growing dudes. upvoted and followed @good-karma and @kommienezuspadt. Keep it up!


@good-karma it's given me lots of issues seems it's still giving me them I updated the is is to bro ? What should I do on I phone 7 plus


@good-karma, freakin' awesome!
could we please have our own video upload here too?

Thanks for the update and all the hard work you are putting into this. It's really benefiting the whole community!

As always you are doing a great job and it reflects in the updates. As of now maybe esteem is gradually moving ahead of the computer version in terms of the features. Since I don't think we have a notification of follow/unfollow or reblog since we don't get to know who followed/ unfollowed or reblogged. Anyway looking forward to some more great features before I permanently switch to esteem. Conrats for the growth & Wish you all the best. Cheers!

Nice! Great work! the app is going to be a game changer on its way to make Steemit the biggest community out there.

Do every comment made through the app recieve tips from you?
If that is the case you might want to blacklist the tipping system on comments made on various contests or stuff like @steemvoter 's guild nominations.

Yeah I just noticed Wallet notifications..

esteem keeps shining

Great job @good-karma , esteem app is improving by leaps and bounds

eSteem is using iphone or Android tablet as well.
It is a good application necessary for me.

Is this available on iOS?

If not I need to buy myself an android. :-)


It is available for both iOS and Android users. Check out other posts for links or search eSteem mobile on AppStore.


Thanks very much @good-karma! Will get it downloaded :-)

Voted for your witness too.


@futuristgear I think you still should buy yourself a phone that uses Android ;)


HAHA! I have been thinking about it, would be nice to have access to both lots of apps.

never knew there was a steem app will download it right away, thanks !! this app will definitely help me to be an active steemer 24/7 !!! love it !


Replying from the esteem app now! Works flawless. Thought to send my first comment through the app to you! 1000 times thanks for all your great effort!!

Hooray! My problem with downloading pictures is solved.
Now the next question: where can I find notifications about mentions? I get notifications when download the app, but they dissappear so quickly that I don't even have time to read them, I suppose it's less than 1 second.


@good-karma I have noticed this as well, a few notifications here and there disappear quickly, without a trace in the notifications area on Android, if I'm using the app when they show. I'm not entirely certain it is limited to just mentions.


Hmm that's strange, are you sure your device settings aren't limiting notification stack or automatically clearing ? Please let me know details or when you encounter that again in what circumstances...

I hardly wait to install this app! 👍

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)A really good read thank you for sharing

The apps looks good. Need to install. Thanks for sharing.

Will this version also fix Broadcast error with permlink character? Thank for working in it. Good job!


Yes, it will. Permlink character issue is most likely because you put # in tags/category field, consider using just tags without hashtag when submitting a post. In upcoming release, eSteem will strip out unnecessary characters from those fields.

good to see #esteem & #steemdev teams working hard to enhance user experience on steemit platform...hope you keep growing strong and achieve more milestones and make steemit the best social network platform.

esteem is really a great app, I'm using it exclusively already for everything I post, read or upvote 😊 I just love it and am happy that you keep improving it that much. The custom server will definitely improve the user experience even more and the notifications are as well a good feature. Thank you very much @good-karma

Thanks i would like to express everyway i can that esteem help me to start my steemit in a quick and efficient way. I am steemiting everywhere, work, toliet, when i am eating and you name it. It wont be possible with your effort in developing esteem.


Woah thanks for posting this I didnt really know that this exists x.X you helped me much . Upvoted thank you

Thanks for this! Yes the past few days, i noticed that too. Thanks for fixing it!

Excellent, thanks again for all the hard work in developing and improving

I just installed it on my phone. Let's see how it is.

Excellent Post. Thanks @good-karma. Keep up the good work.


@good-karma, You are doing a fantastic job for the community !!! Thank you for your support! Have a good day!

@good-karma im having serious issues on iphone7 plus with esteem will this update fix that


Hey @jimjam1210! If you have reported the issue, I will make sure to check it before upcoming release, if you haven't please let me know the details of issue/bugs so we can work out what is causing it for your device... thanks!

Awesome post :D gdlck for next time :)

Awesome! looking forward for more from you. You can check mine @myhealth

Interesting, what exactly is eSteem? I understand it's an app you created but your blog didn't go into details exactly what it is...


Please read What's eSteem part from this post or if you prefer you can go down on a list of blog posts and learn more about it. You can visit eSteem homepage here


Thanks for the info

I looks like a great up, I'll get it for Mobile and give it a go. Thanks for working so hard on it, user-accessibility is something Steem could really improve!

Thanks....@good-karma for mention my name in this photo.... Steem is the worldwide place for curious writings....

Good morning,

I've been using esteem app all the time since I first joined steemit in May and the app is great. I rarely go to the internet only when the app acts up. I use the app on HTC 10 smartphone and I have a few suggestions.

*The app dramatically slows down when scrolling down feeds.

*When in app and I receive notification, the nonfication dissappear and I don't know what the notification was about. It doesn't happen when not in the app.

*The profile background pic is off centered (half on) when profile pic is selected from documents but if selected through url https, it's centered. I select mine through document.

*When there is alot a comments in a comment (replies). The replies get buried and it's very hard to find and/or reply.

*The steemit web site and esteem app seems to be major memory hog, causing major slow down on both platforms.

*With that said, I greatly appreciate the app and your efforts. It's very nice and convenient. Much, Peace, Love and Blessings. (((3j)))


Good day, Appreciate the taking time to write up your suggestions. Some improvements are coming with new release and I took note of other suggestions, will be looking into improving those areas 😉🙏 Thank you!

GREAT WORK! i want to say thanks to you for the best 1 of the est android app for steam. I started using it recently and i was impressed. Please continue to update. We more steemers like you

Awesome sauce mate! I am quite new to the eSteem app but so far no real issues to report. Is it ok if I mention you and the app in a post im working on about notifications? Think it will benefit a lot of users and might get Steemit a few more eSteem users! Great job mate! I love this app!

I'm proud of this app. I love the notifications too. Very excellent work the developers have done

I am using esteem with iphone6 and ran into freezes many time especially when u move to different sections say from trending to hot or new.tried again today and was able to type this comment but when tried to submit it said error"first argument should be a number"..


using esteem version 1.4.5 and error was broadcast erro first argument shall be number,array or string


Thank you for reporting, yes few users reported these issues, upcoming release should fix this.. stay tuned! ;)

Great to be a part of this. Finally a friend has gotten Steem fever too. I notice an irregularity on the wallet page. Sometimes the account value will be a very obviously wrong amount off by over a hundred dollars or more. The first time it happened I panicked. After a little while it corrected to the right amount. But this happens quite often. It's not just reflecting volatility in the market. It's just way, way off. Anyone else experience this?


Steem fever... :)
Do you mean estimated value? On eSteem different than on Steemit?


esteem , Yeah. I thought that was a good one.. Steemfever... I wonder if it happening to anyone else. Or maybe just something in my account.



Average value of Steem always changes and I think there is also caching factor on browsers which sometimes can cause jump on values. But on eSteem it shouldn't happen because caching is limited on wallet page.


Since it corrects itself after a little while, 10 mins? I don't panic anymore. If ever it doesn't correct I'll be back with this :>)

.. thanks... yes caching makes sense..

niice apk ..This is where I know steemit..
with this apk is my beginning to join the steemian ..
thank for you..☺👍
Hopefully this apk is more stable and fun..

Useful tool, great to see that you are working so hard on it!

Have you considered offering further views to interact with steemit? e.g. one in collaboration with chainbb?

you really help a lot of people with this app.
Thank you so much.
please add notification tab in the future. so we wont miss any of it.

I shall seize this opportunity to say that I think those icons/emoji you added to the notifications give it that extra level of cute XD

I ´d just download and install the app, it is really good! Thanks @good-karma!

Thanks for all the work you are putting into the app.

Very interesting to read .... thanks. This is a very useful post ...

@good-karma I have a very interesting fact to share with you about eSteem that I can't share in public as I don't know how would it affect others if possible let me know where can I contact and explain you.


email: or pm

I only just joined and was searching through the archives for something like, cheers!

Well, I must say that I love this update. You are doing a great job here and I like the notifications so much. However, I always experience crash of the app when I viewed posts with a large number of comments, and I hope you will have time to work on that in the next few updates. Thank you for your work!!

Great job....thanks for sharing the information with us..: I will update the app and give you feedback:)) upvoted

thank you @good-karma and esteem team!! I hope it can useful for steemians.

Hai Sir @Good-Karma .. Introduce me is someone still very new to join in this steemit community .. I really hope to learn a lot from Sir @Good-Karma .. therefore I strongly beg of the Sir to provide input and suggestions for Our progress in this steemit community ... successful greeting always make you Sir @Good-Karma .. @syahhiran acehsteemitcommunity

thanks for all your hard work~good-karma!

looking forward to seeing more features on eSteem.

wow that is really great work keep posting stuff like that :)
I have followed and upvoted you do the same thing for me to help each other.
thanks :)

Previously I thank you @good-karma because your application is very useful. Full support. But lately I have problems while posting, voting, resteem and comments. There is often broadcast gangguang, not even at all. Sometimes I have to get out of the app and log in again, even have to restart the smartphone. Why did that happen? Is it due to weak network or my smartphone is weak. Thank you @good-karma!

Hi @good-karma Thanks for the update and the success of steemit. As a new commerce in it I really struggling to have be like you to help my family financially. Thanks again

Am I the only one who can't see the new implementations? It can be maybe because I am using Android?? If someone knows anything that can help, please tell me
Thanks guys ;)

Thank you for useful information @good-karma. Im goin to make review video bout esteem application (using Signal 4G and Wifi). A couple days ago i got the trouble uploading picts and i solve it with imgur's help. Go ahead dude. Always support u for developing the Apk.

I'm actually posting this from the app! I gotta say, it looks pretty nifty. The night mode is nice too. The color pallette seems a bit weird but that's more of a personal opinion. Great up!

Thanks for working so hard @good-karma the notifications are great for keeping on top of my posts. Esteem's getting pretty glossy =]

thanks very much. it's nice post and very benefit. I am interesting that

Thanks good karma for the amazing app and the benefits it gives us.. We owe you more than mear feedback.
Ive been in love with the app synce it came out..
Much love from me and much appreciation 💖💗😍❤︎💕💘

great work!! I love using esteem and cant wait to see it keep getting better! Thanks for all the work u did for this app. Its amazing

Great to see that this app is still improving. Keep up the good work!

I am in shopping and using your famous app eSteem, thank you for this great app 🙋

Thank you for all the improvements! eSteem it is for sure the best app to use on the go ❤🖒

Thanks for the update and the efforts.

Would like to say that few times a week I notice that it is not possible to scroll down in all sections of the Esteem app on my iPhone, although I perform all my app updates. Maybe this comment might help to further improve the mobile app futher

Wow @good-karma thanks SO much for your effort ! Haha I just told you the problems I encountered few days ago and you've fixed it! :) you are so efficient! Congrats for the growth of no. of users of this amazing app:p and hope it becomes better and better in the future ! Cheers :)

Thank you for your sharing on how to use steemit properly such as image upload and some improvements on steemit's function such as notification. As I am one of the user of steemit, I would like steemit could improve their function to make it more user-friendly and more and more users will use steemit. That is what I hope in the future.

Oh. Thank you for your effort! You have done very well on your app! I am using your apps everyday and it is very great! Keep it up! This app is become greater and greater. If there are any problem appearing on the app, we will sill report it asap! Let's make it to be the best steemit app!

Hi @good-karma

Are you planning to continue to support eSteem users with your votes after Hardfork19?


After hardfork weight will be adjusted, but yes. Support continues ;)

Great Job! You know what? I am quite a new joinner of steemit and i have use esteem since the first day which I join here! It is just so nice that you have a update on it. I love this app and your project! Thanks! 

P.S. waiting for your update for the esteem desktop on mac. I want the copy and paste function so bad XD!

Great for bulk photo uploaders. I couldn't upload any photo in last 2 days on eSteem app. Doing great job, thanks!


Is it working better now? Let me know ;) Other changes/fixes will come with new release


Confirmed. New upload is faster and instant. Thanks.


Thanks for confirming 😉

you're good. going to go vote you as witness.

Thank you @good-karma for creating such an excellent app. I love. Ring able to use steemit on my phone. I think this app will be absolutely essential the success of steemit as a platform. Also I very much like the notifications feature. Helps to keep consistent diolauge when posting. Keep up the continued motivation and great work! Thank you👍

The application is more than just amazing but has a little problen tho.
I dont know if its just mine or what because it freezes most of the times after i upvote a post but other than that , it is very great

Hey @good-karma. You have created such a nice app. I just started using it and loving it.
I am using it on android. I have posted few comments from the app but didn't get any automatic upvotes. Is the auto vptes not supported in android app?


Hey @good-karma, sorry to bother you. It's working fully fine. Irony! In the comment I complained received the votes :D

By the way, the app hangs when I try to load this steem and load all the comments. May be bacause number of comments are very high on this. #esteem-feedback.

Hi! A few days ago i sometimes had to do several attempts to add images directly from my phone. Now today when i have an upright pic it will always put it horizontally. Here a screenshot

Ha this png screenshot works of course but you can see my result. It stays the same after new install, everything. Cheers

Great work with esteem as always - keep it up!
Please check your, I've sent you a private message

This post received a 42% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @good-karma! For more information, click here!

Handy information. Got to love @steem !

I was wondering. I'm no longer wondering. Thanks!!

Congratulations @good-karma!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 2 with 997 upvotes
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You're doing great work with esteem @good-karma! Thanks for the update and congratulations on the growth!

good one! I am using esteem too ;)

thank you for good posting ~

Great steem i am also follow this things.