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One of the features we are working on is to expand filters to browse and discover best content you want with eSteem. As of now you can filter content with following list of filters (see screenshot below) and you can also apply those filters to specific tag.

You can learn more about filters and their usage in this post, also there will be feature set post soon showing more in-depth usage of this feature if you are new eSteem user and still figuring out who certain feature works, checkout latest feature set post and learn more.

What filters do you want to see and use?

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NB: eSteem mobile v1.4.8 update is coming in few days with exciting changes, bug fixes and improvements.

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Great news!

Yes bro

@good-karma man esteem is not uploading gif bro
Otherwise everything is working fine and bro your vp is too low now u should stop your voting trail for atleast 2 days let your vp recover 🖖

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It's the same for me, I can't post from the app, do you have updates or what is hapening ?

Here is what it gives when I try to post

Now its posting

eSteem is fantastic, I use it very often. My wish: I would like to have a quick access to posts of my favorite authors. enter image description here

Hi Peter, thanks for your input! Favorite authors, I think Feed suppose to be list of posts from favorite authors (people you follow). But there was similar request earlier about notifications (get notified when someone makes a post), still in process of reviewing this new feature...

Yes, I would like that to get notified, when one of my favorite makes a post! Great!

A star feature, yes. Also a way to be notified when a specific thread is updated.

esteem is perfect,
I just signed up in steemit please guidance @ good-karma
Would you accept my follow..

that sound good i will try and wanted to know moree

Hi Peter, I consider Good-Karma articles to be of very good quality. I'm following him a couple of days ago.

Hi, yes this is true. Very good posts!


Thanks for Share! like your post and love it!


I love this App, I would love also to see the App less freezing and on filters. It good to see the authors. And sometimes you just want to select sections on what is happening or has been said in a specific nation

I am getting upload error on Esteem. Can you please tell us why this start happening since 2 days?

I request you to please fix it as soon as possible. I am not able to update new story.

~Thank you!

Hello, @good-karma! I like to use eSteem and it would be good to make it faster. As for filters - i want filters, such as

  1. Selected authors
  2. With/or not video
  3. With/or not pics
  4. Long/short posts
  5. Hide posts with some tags

With and without memes and GIFs too.
And REP selection too. I'd click on 70+ REP posts.

I feel that REP selection, not to mention designing it as you personally would use it as stated, would just make it close to imposible for new steemers to build up a solid profile in an acceptable ammount of time. Although I do understand your logic, the usefulness of such a filter being obvious, I would go and suggest ranges of REP thus giving the opportunity to differentiate and explore content from all spectrums, new and fresh as well as reputable and reknown.


I am loving eSteem! I now post, comment and receive notification from @esteemapp mostly and as I use it more and more, I love it more.

There are some lags and bugs (screen gets stuck for example) but a restart would normalize operations. I am talking about android app.

Coming to the subject of this post, @good-karma, I would like to see a filter in which I see posts only from my favorite authors. This would definitely require an option to add authors to my favorites list. If you can get such an option working, I would love you for it and I will love to educate people on how to use the feature appropriately.

PS: Posts and comments done from eSteem app are not receiving automatic upvotes (of encouragement). Has the offer expired or there's another issue?

Love esteem some sub filters would be cool like trending of 1 month or 1 week.

Honestly as a user I just want it to be a little less buggy. It's hard for me to make posts on the app and it hangs and crashes a lot. It's still a great app overall and will continue to use it.

Installed esteem to my iPhone a while ago. But it always hangs. So don't use it very often. When I see this post, updated esteem. So far so good. Will use it more often. It has some features steemit doesn't have.
One question: if I know my friend's id, how can I access his page from esteem? Did not find a place in esteem that allow me to input URL or user

By the way, before today's update of esteem, I did run esteem all the time, though I dont put it to front very often. I use its notification feature. I can know who voted me and who replied me immediately. Further more it shows me who followed me and who unfollowed me. Even steemd cannot show who unfollowed me. That's a great feature.
I used esteem to posted this comment and its parent comment. Looks like esteem cut its tail. Does it has a length limitation? I used to edit this comment and added this line.

I am a newcomer in the apps esteem @good-karma, I feel this app makes it easier to post, view comments, view replies, search, esteem application is also simple, especially with the elegant appearance, I @rerycore like apps esteem, I wait for future updates .

I'm happy to use the app. I can say that it was quite convenient for me to use it during the trip. Now for me it is an indispensable application. Thank you for your efforts!)

What a great app !
90 % of my posts are from eSteem !
I promote it all the time ! image
Owr french meetup was steemit... And eSteem

Esteem is app is very easy to use, I love using it. My only problem is if my network is not on 4G I cant use it and it consume a lot of units when using it.

Hey @good-karma is there a @ mention feature? I haven't been able to find it. As for typing in tags, that really doesn't bother me. I'll be on the lookout for the new features though. Thanks!

I've been using your application since I joined steemit, Its kinda buggy but it has many features that makes the user enjoy your applicatiob.. I hope you will update you application always. Great job for you @good-karma

Very good application, I am also a user of eSteem application but I have not 100% mastered the features that exist in this application,
@good-karma I want a little light how the tricks that exist in this application let my post look good seen by others who users of steemit accounts.
Thank you for the information and make this eSteem application @good-karma
My greetings @ihsan19

@good-karma esteem splendid facility for android users as i am using it very often. I have to travel a lot and unable to carry my laptop. So I use it on my android cell phone GALAXY NOTE 4... thanks...

More simplicity will be added feature..


Great idea and thank you for sharing. I have up-voted and here is what I would like to see. I would like to see easy access to posts that have earned certain amounts of money, i.e. posts above $100, $500, $1,000 ect. Tiers for this may be easy to sort posts that have lower amounts

We don't need any more filters. We need a better way to navigate through tags. There needs to be a simple list of popular tags that you can find/click/navigate to. Typing in a tagname is a really bad user experience and not intuitive for likely most of the app user base.

When you open search you see list of tags, don't you? Open Search menu from top right corner and give it a sec to load up popular tags, you can search for tags from there as well. You can also click on any tag in any post which will show posts with that tag and filter (hot, trending, new, active, etc.) There is currently 2 ways to get tag specific posts, 1. open any post and bottom you can see list of tags, click on them and you will see posts with that tag. 2. by search.

Hmm interesting... I've never even opened search in the app. I equated "Search" in the app with the idea of search here on Steemit, which isn't that great. In my opinion, getting to the list of popular tags should be more readily visible and intuitive - how about a tag icon on any feed/list view in the upper right?

I've seen that you can click the tag icon in a post, but that's not handy if you're trying to go to a specific tag quickly, say photography. Navigating tags in the app should be as easy as navigating tags on a new/hot/trending page here on Steemit.

As always, outside improvements built upon the Steemit platform to improve user friendliness are always welcome and only serve to add value the network. This improvement to eSteem is greatly anticipated and appreciated.

Here's a quote from the author @good-karma:

One of the features we are working on is to expand filters to browse and discover best content you want with eSteem.

Great content and work, keep it up and the community supports your efforts.

I post regularly about Steemit, Bitcoin and other crypto related material, check out my Steemit page; follow and VOTE UP for the FASTEST active news you can run with! :D

Thank you,

Jeffrey Anderson
Editor in Chief
The Anderson Report
@cryptoNEWScoins on Twitter


Nice, keep up good work :)

  1. I want an ability to subscribe to many tags in one filter so that it works like multireddit in

  2. I need filter with content only from people with low reputation, aka newbies.

  3. I need an ability to exclude posts which contain chosen tags.

i like u already can u follow back? im a newbie @everythink

I want a resteem only feed. And a high REP feed.
I want a mentions feed. I want a by location feed.
I want a by gender feed. I want a by religion feed.
I want a by occupation feed. I want a by political view feed.

Many tags in one filter! Yes indeedy!

That's so inspirational to me.
@everything can you follow @zahabu please?

eSteem app notifications not working. Also cannot add photos to posts, comments. showing error.

as long as you can set the filters yourself its all good - then its helpful otherwise its just censorship

We need smart tags. We need the system to create its own tags based on the content of the post. A biggest issues on here is that so many people inaccurately tag their posts. I looked at the #introduceyourself tag the other day and only like 50% of those posts really belonged there. If we had some sort of algorithm that accurately tagged posts, then these filters would be more useful.


Yes, that's tricky one and require a lot of research and analysis of the data. I would like to see some initiative though which can work on this and machine learning and perhaps provide API for other apps to use. It would be quite useful project...

This would be an incredible part of Steem and I 'd love to check it out... however I am swamped with stuff right now and don't see any time in the foreseeable future to do something like this.

I think that we need curation of tags. And some of the curation rewards should go to tag curators.

I second that. We want tag curation awards.
And we want by join date feeds.

would be great if you implement by-tag search. say, i want to read article that includes "story, funny, job" tags. and generally, search engine needs improvement :)

As I've been saying. I hope we get the new desktop version soon. Don't get me wrong, as I am grateful for having at least a Birth version, and the development of android/iOS is ok. 

I've been having isses using the Schedules function. I can't tell the reason, I suppose it might be caused by my mobile autodisconnecting (just the way it does with whatsapp).
If you should have any other ideas/software to schedule posts, I would highly appreciate your intel.

If I were to tell you what I miss in the desktop version:

1. Scheduling (please add this, as I want to believe this will work always)
(html comment removed: EndFragment)2. Autovote.
3. Markdown language - I've been sending the text (evernote) or file (google drive) to mi mobile to post it.  
4. Fix html posting, to post the text as is, witout ading the <p> tags (or any other tags)  - From time to time, I use html, but if I copy my text from other sources, i get a line jump in < b > <em> tags. But it is a mess if I want to modify my text, and sometimes it is impossible when there are pictures (I haveve to delete the <a> tags), so I just copy again the full text in steemit and change the things I want to change.  

5.  Several users. -  currently I just log in and out constantly, so i manage.
6.  Reply on replies - you can only reply on the post/comment you have opened. If I want to comment o a comment, I need to go to my profile, then comments or replies and open the one i want to reply.
7.  $ Amounts are displayed as $0.00  always. I don't need this to work, but it is worth mentioning

These fetures would be very usefull! Thank you for your energy to improve our steemit experiance!!


hi good karma, I voted you as my witness, just wanted to let you know

Hi, @good-karma. Please, I would like to know when the desktop version of eSteem app will be in operation. Thanks.

I am definitely going to tryout the app. Accessing on a computer is not very convenient

I want to see the post sorted by the number of words, some posts are too lengthy and in the end, we arrive at no conclusion point.

And we want to filter by how many or how big the photos are per post.
We want filters for feeds, as in sections, as in folders, apart from tags.
Tags are chosen by the post authors but filters can be a 2nd thing.
We should have feed and tag mixers and customizers too.
We should be able to add and remove tags, feeds, search criteria options.
We should be able to customize the feeds and tags and every and save them.
We want it to be more like how MySpace was.

eSteem is very useful app. I'd like to have a Replies filter.
The current Comments filter shows post with the biggest number of comments first. How about creating one that shows only my comments.
Thank you.

Eather than filteea. Id love the ability to 'bookmark' tags/topics. Id also like to filter out some tags that are of no interest to me

Thank you for the hard work you do. Those of us that use the app and are addicted to steem appreciate all the enhancements.

Good postings and interesting @good-karma ... esteem application is extraordinary ... especially with the addition of new filters that make steemian easier in using it ... keep on doing changes and renewals to perfection of the application.

new filter for :

  • the post of the user that I followed.
  • post of newbies, kinda warm welcome for them.
  • would be nice to have a new feature where I can see posts that I am interested in to, based on what I usually read / search.

A filter by time so we can see older post

Very good application, I am also a user of eSteem application but I have not 100% mastered the features that exist in this application,
@good-karma I want a little light how the tricks that exist in this application let my post look good seen by others who users of steemit accounts.
Thank you for the information and make this eSteem application @good-karma
My greetings @frankeisten

Very good application, I am also a user of eSteem application but I have not 100% mastered the features that exist in this application,
@good-karma I want a little light how the tricks that exist in this application let my post look good seen by others who users of steemit accounts.
Thank you for the information and make this eSteem application @good-karma
My greetings @frankeisten

I have esteem on my mobile but it is very slow here in my country! Can't understand why this happen!

Are you using mobile internet or wifi connection? What device are you on?

I am actually using wifi connection at home which is quite high speed @good-karma! And I am on both Iphone 5 and 6, it is like freezing and take long to open someone's post.
Really appreciate your reply.

Improvements are coming soon, stay tuned! ;)

Thanks a lot @good-karma, really appreciate everything you are doing for the community!
You are awesome!

Big support on your efforts for a kick ass Android app for Steemit @good-karma!

I've had huge issues with uploading images, scheduling and general lag overall in the earlier releases and I had to constantly restart the app because it would freeze the moment a feed pops up.


Scheduling is working perfectly! Image uploads went through gracefully.

Thanks for this!


I really need to use this app. big time.

This is great! Just downloaded the app. Is this an official mobile app for this site?

@good-karma, Another very valuable post! Keep updating the community and you will keep earning upvotes and resteems. Personally, I don't feel comfortable writing from the app but still I will download it just because people keep asking me about steemit. Thank You! Great job!

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I want a filter to get the posts which is trending but posted half an hour back, so that I can curate them after half an hour. Is it possible today ?

I often open steemit via mozilla, but now I have used esTeem application, even easier with the application. But the next upgrade in IOS can not, whether it has not provided upgrades or not at all.

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Thanks for sharing ...
Upvoted and followed .

pealse help me !

Keep up the good work with your posts!! :)

I try using it, can make a easy
Please follow me and vote/resteem please

A must-have app on my device .. thanks for you @good-karma

I will be checking Esteem out, thank you!

Proud to be eSteem proofreader

Application of esteem is very helpful, but in the application of esteem is still a lot of shortcomings, maybe this is still in the first stage and will continue to increase, hopefully I hope you @goodkarma fore more successful, so the application of esteem continues to increase and achieve perfection. Regards esteem

Success @goodkarma from @safwaninisan

Love it. Is nice

It's a good idea... Nice work
Thanks to all developers

Thank you for update. I am thinking if it is possible or meaningful to have a eSteem lite. Only work for posting key's functions.

Esteem is quite awesome!
Is there any new updates available??

Folllowed and upvoted

Thanks for sharing, just upvoted and followed!

Love it, keep the improvement @eSteem

very informative info................I upvote u and u follow me.......thats the way it works

Thanks for the info

upvoted and follow ....... if you like check my photos here i am new here so i need some support, thank you

thank u for sharing

A very good application, and very helpful for steemit users because it's easier to succeed. Do not forget to follow back and upvote my post @vikar

Maybe make a system whenre you can search by any tag and search buy user (not the google one kind of like facebook where it shows as you type the letters)
just a thought

We have that on eSteem, check Search page from top right menu.

@good-karma, sorry about that miss understood the article


I had created the eSteem FAQ in galician.
Also is created the eSteem's galician page in
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Thank you very much for your work.

o.not bad for trying

Great to see

It seems like you have all the filters you need.
I can't think of anything else that would be useful.
Keep up the great work @good-karma

The app is almost more awesome then the website haha :D keep it up!

A filter what maybe would be nice is a trending for new steemians. Like a filter where it would show the trending post of steemians with an account that is smaller then an x amount of followers or rating points.

It's an App is very easy to use and I like to use it.
When I'm not at home, I use it on my phone.
I am very pleased with this application.
Upvote, Follow and Resteemed
Steem on @good-karma

I love eSteem! It is very easy to use! But there are some problems regarding uploading the photos. At least, there are 2 failed upload a day with eSteem.

Can it be because of internet connection on your end? Because this is first time someone reporting this, could you also share screenshot of error message if you get one? Thanks!

Wow..nice info..thank :)

This is a great grandfather *** Please follow us please and thank you ***

Number of views, posts with the most number of views would be a good filter, atleast for me :) Not sure if it's possible!
And already gave my witness vote to @good-karma

Be able to filter posts by reputation score and/or upvote totals. When exploring different tags, this can help filter to the best content.

Wow very nice @good-karma

Respect for you @good-karma

Very nice post for new steemit users. @naz722

Follow me please


hello, nice post and upvote

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

A very useful and easy to use app. Once I download this app, I can post as often as possible.

Thanks @good-karma

Visit my post


@good-karma Sir Please Think Something For Windows Phone users. Ther are also on the earth. Why every developer forget windows phone users?


I usually use all thr filters one by one
And if I choose a specific tag I go with all filters too.

Its pretty helpful and make ur access faster to whatever u want to read about .

Same here. Would like to be able to find my favorites right away. Thanks for adding new options. 🐓🐓

It will be good to have eSteem show me who has seen my post. It will also be great if it can show the geographical placement of those that read my blog.

More of an analytics of the post, interesting... will be exploring this

Thank you for this info @ good-karma because eSteem is expanding filters to search and find the best content you want eSteem community. @fahrullah

eSteem app is user friendly, thanks for the great work you do @good-karma

Thanks for the helpful links.
This helps newcomers to understand.
Useful links should be updated periodically. After all, sometimes it's hard to find something useful, and if the post was a very long time

great job,...please kindly upvote ,comment or even resteem my post or any other one in my profile please..i appreciate your good work.

Would be nice to have a feature for adding CUSTOM TAGS
... thanks for your work!

thanks for sharing . love poetry

Steem is awesome site. I use it regular. My wish: I would like to have a quick access to posts of my favorite authors. thank you all