eSteem feedback loop and reward, incentivization program

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This is small announcement about update on eSteem feedback structure.

For those of you, using eSteem app daily might have already noticed that every time you use app you automatically receive some votes. Idea is to have users use app and formalize some way of receiving feedback.

I hereby, suggest you to post your feedbacks under #esteem-feedback tag and describe issue, provide screenshots and device details if possible, to help us improve and take eSteem step further. I will be monitoring #esteem-feedback posts to follow up with users and improve app, please use it for your suggestions as well.

With that said, there are some filtering and evaluation techniques used to determine voting of posts/comments made through eSteem. Abuse might get you blacklisted :)

eSteem is also running monthly spotlight series to reward its top users by giving away some SBD. Read this post for more info on eSteem Spotlight.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Would you stop voting on this spam bot please?

Edit: Thanks!

Yes, thank you! Blacklisted!

Thank you very much @good-karma. You are indeed karma of the good variety.

Appreciate the compliment! This small experiment taking unexpected turns in terms of last 24 hours there was dozen feedback and issue reports, suggestions. Kinda created extra work for myself :) but I love it, people are giving very constructive criticism about some issues and very good new feature suggestions, etc. And of course, some unavoidable abusers, will be monitoring and improving it.

Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you

Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you

Shall i try this app? Am not sure really.

so you can use this on an iphone?

You discoverd new business model for mobile apps. Congratulation.

Indeed, I remmember my comments were upvoted before (for instance when I replied @good-karma in the v2 desktop post...  But that was it. 

So I suppose I was inadvertedly blacklisted on commets... Since I don't get any upvotes on them... 

Which actually almost discourages me from using the app, since I am still finding it easier to get to new posts from the webbrowser... (Lately googling things gets me to I still havent found a way to paste a link or search for a given post in the app.

I want to know how I can tell if I was blacklisted and if I can learn why, as I don't believe I could have done something abusive.

Hey, You are not blacklisted. Desktop app is outdated and we are working on v2, wouldn't recommend use of v1 anymore. Please use eSteem mobile app, it should work just fine. ;)

I am new on steemit.. so is there any mobile app of steemit for iphone?

eSteem is mobile app for iOS and Android devices using same platform Steem.

Thanks... I have downoaded it..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nope. Just tried on another post from my mobile and nada, zero. I just wonder if I'll get some upvote here...
Nope, zero, again from my mobile.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ok, I was blacklisted and not anymore? Who knows! perhaps it's glitchy.
(this second reply is made from google web browser, so I suspect no votes)

Ok, just to say, that I just commented on another post from the desktop app again, and 0.00 upvote, as usual. I wish I could understand how this works...

hey good-karma! I'm seeing an error when I try to upvote from the app. It reads..


Broad error, try again! First argument needs to be a number, array or string.

This is the post Im trying to upvote in app

Hey @itchykitten, Yes it is known bug and we have fixed it, next release is coming soon with those issues addressed. Thank you for reporting ;)

Ah thankyou =) it's very exciting, I haven't been using Steem on my phone because always going through the browser is a pain.

Image zooming. That's something I would definetly want to see on the app. Due to the down scaling on the images to fit on a mobile screen, certain images contain content (such as graphs) are difficult to see on smaller screens without being able to zoom onto the image.

Hey @pabi, Did you know we have Gallery mode?
When you open any post with images, check on + button there is Gallery where you can only see images and zoom in/out and download image to save them on your device... :) Let me know if you could get it to work...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@good-karma thank you for letting me know about this feature. I hadn't spotted it. However it would be awesome to have the ability to click on the photo to open up the gallery to the selected image. A bit like on the Quora app.

I couldn´t find out how to zoom into on either ..
any ides someone?

Furthermore, having issues on images display. It says image not available on every posts. I would really love to use this app, please fix those issues.
Many people nowadays rely on phones, especially if it's social media.

I love using the app. While it is a little buggy and at times will close on its own, it is still a very convenient method for very quick posts. I mainly use it for comments, voting, and replies.

Thank you, these post is encourage more users and we are getting dozen feedbacks on parts that can be improved. Hopefully with next release we will address as many as possible.

Just getting back into steemit, I'm excited to see there's a mobile app even if it is a little buggy. Keep up the good work!

Great stuff! Please keep developing the app! There are still some quirks, but overall I'm just super grateful that it's available at all and that I can browse on the go! Thank you, good karma coming your way :-D

I love the app so much <3 but it only works on my galaxy phone. I have an ipad 2 that I rather use it on and it doesn't boot up on it.

Hey @vangelov,
What iOS version do you have on that iPad 2 ?

Its an older ver, because they don't support the 10.
Its 9.3.5

Thanks for details, I will test out and see what can be done ;)

It keeps on crashing for a while when I start using the app. Need to improve on navigations too.
I love the whole idea of this social network, you guys should have strong and effective app too.

Thank you! It looks like you made comment from eSteem app :)
Could you elaborate on crash issues, what device you are on and when it happens?

I'm using the app on iPhone 6s, when I click on the app it goes blank and I need to close the app and restart it several times to make it work.
While checking the new posts scrolling is not efficient, it opens every post with a gentle scroll.
It's a bit harsh on performance. Need to wait few seconds on loading pages.
Hope that will help to improve. 😀

One other question is: Do you get votes for any kind of posting, be it comments or articles, because i usually post articles from the PC, due to using editors?

If posted from eSteem yes, but there are some filters used to determine voting and detect not 100% guaranteed votes ;)

Can you please give me a couple examples of abusing the voting system? I want to be sure that I never do something that will get me blacklisted. Thanks

Amazing work:)
You just made my rainy day a happy one ^^
Cheers on the outstanding work.

So far the app feels very good to use
But there are few annoying things that bothers me.

  1. When Im typing a comment and then accidentally pressed the back button, the comment doesn't get automatically saved. The situation is similar for submitting a story.
  2. There is no way (at least i dont know) to refresh a page.
  3. I ownes a relatively high performance phone but it is very laggy to scroll down even at slow speed.

Thx @good-karma for developing the app again. Hope that these issues can be fixed soon :)

Oh just caught one more issue.
When I was posting the comment above, it stuck like this for ~2 or so and then fininally something like baordcast error arises.

Here ia my screenshot
PS I'm using an android phone


Thanks so much for the help. Last night I was getting the upvotes for comments and post. Sadly it suddenly stopped as it has started. 😂

But I've decided to join to a translation team and at least help that way with the improvement on the app.

Cheers from Mexico.

I'm trying to determine if I like the fact that when I post a story, the previous story is still visible in the form or would I prefer to start with a new slate. Pros and Cons? Is this my design or a glitch?

Thanks for developing such a good apps! I wonder will there be a desktop version released soon? I just downloaded the v1 but it is not functioning. Maybe it is obsolete already? I am really looking forward to the desktop or webpage version of esteem :)

There IS a desktop version.... And a v2 is to be released...

To make v1 work, read @goog-karma reply on my question in v2..

I still had to use web browser to find the posts and even to reply this post (there is no reply button for comments, at least in this post)

Thanks man you save my day!!!!

This a great apps. I used it daily.

I have been noticing these votes confused and not knowing what's going on. But I appreciate it. For some feedback I'd love to see more response if you've scrolled far down the feed. Seems to lag a little bit 😢 but otherwise I love the app.

Thank you! Yes, working on improving responsiveness when scrolled far down on feed. Expect some improvements with upcoming release ;)


Thank you for the good work. Practical interface, I like the app! Just to give a feedback for improvement: it crashed often on my iphone.

The first thing I did when I discovered Steem was checking the playstore if their was a App available. And there was! Very gratefull to use this app. It works perfectly fine for me ;)

Not used esteem yet, should you be using your posting code to log in?

When logging in you can use your main password or enable Advanced mode to login with posting and active private key.

amazing!! i need to download the app actually, at the moment i only use computer and i find it easier to type, but i think it will be much easier to use the app for other things! i will report if there are any issues :) thanks for putting this together!

Thank you Alla! App on mobile is handy for some quick interactions, indeed. You also get notifications for new Vote, Follow, Comment, Reblog, Mentions so you can interact with others quickly. We are working on some improvements with new release, but current version should just fine! Looking forward to hear your experience with it :)

Ok brilliant, i am downloading it today!! thanks so much! i will keep you posted! it makes sense for updates and stuff and when I'm on the go to answer comments that would be really helpful ;)


I like the app.. I'm a littler concerned about the data consuming.

Hey @jezequiel, Since last release we have Fetching images feature which helps you to save bandwidth and traffic on you mobile. Go to Settings page in app and disable Fetching images and app will start to disable auto image downloads and you manually tap on each image if you want to load them... let me know if it works ;)

I will keep an aye on that .. So far is working pretty good.

Just would like to say tanks for your effort of the development of the app. I love to using it. I know it is still under development process and looking forward to the future update. I hope it could more fouce on the stablilty, as I used to experience the crash of the app. Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Thank you Victorier! Yes performance improvements are underway, hope next release gives you better experience ;)

Hey @good-karma I didn't know if I had to crate a new post for this so I just replied on this post.

I noticed that some of my posts containing Headers are showing with the actual symbols ## (I mix html and markdown so that could be the cause). However on the mobile site on Android (chrome) it shows ok, a proper heather (bigger text and stuff) as well as the full site on my pc but on the eSteem app the heather shows as this

##/ This is a text

Here's an attachment

I was wondering why do I get so much upvotes. It has helped me and motivated me more to engage into eSteem app and the community. I've already posted an article on why should you try the eSteem app.

I admire your work! You do a lot for us! I wish you success!)))


i am having an issue on the app. it is always crash since the day i instaall. it shows "broadcast error" .
I am using an android phone "Xiomi Mi 5".
hope you could have a look at that error.

ps: i dont know how to put thw screen shot in the comment.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Or I can simply leave a little comment here? The app is super, love it! HOWEVER, there is a mojor issue which almost makes it impossible for me to use it: Performance! Maybe it's because I use it on an iPhone 6 Plus, which only has 1 GB of RAM. The app is constantly crashing. After a few minutes using it, crash, gone. Also it's a bit tricky to open sites, sub-sites, comments, go back, navigating in general. It seems responding to finger tips is not optimal yet. This includes confusions the app seems to have. For example, several times when I clicked on "wallet" in my profile it displayed my last blog post in the content field. Please keep on improving, I'd really love to use the app more.

What you're writing above about the receival of votes, I'm not really sure what you mean, could you elaborate a bit how that works? Who is voting?

Thank you for your feedback! Next version will address some of these issues and release is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Haven't used it yet but will try it out now :)

What's the login situation? Not trying to be a skeptic. I applaud the app creation, but can you speak more on the security of the login with the app?

You are right to be cautious about your credentials, I made few post talking about private keys on Steem, here and here and mentioned on my posts how eSteem handles security very seriously... At Login, all your credentials are stored on your device, nothing gets out. Every transaction is signed locally and only transaction hex is broadcasted through websocket address you choose (Settings page). We have also added extra security measures by introducing PIN code system, where you can keep app data secure. With that said, I am working on FAQ and will have it on as well point users.

That's really great information. Thank you very much for passing it along. So awesome to see good development being done.

Auto voting for using eSteem App.. Great!... i'll start using it now...

It is not exactly auto voting, but it is combination and as I mentioned there are some filters... :)

suggestion: it's good if you can post the links to the app store in your post. easier for a lazy user like me (and many other) @good-karma - :D

Thanks, will edit post now! ;)

I can install esteem on my iphone 4S but never goes past of its first screen. I installed lasted available esteem version. An my friend runs it smoothly on iphone 6.

Thank you for your feedback @prameshtyagi!
It is really helpful, I will look into this and with next release hopefully you will be able to use it...

Started using it few days ago, it felt a bit slow at start, but now its ok. Great work thank you! If there will be any issue I will report it.

Thank you, looking forward to it. Note that update is coming within few days that should improve performance.

A truly wonderful application, it perfectly helps me out when I'm not at home and away from the computer. There is only one remark, it consumes a lot of traffic. I spent my monthly traffic limit for a week:-(

Hey @erikaflynn, Have you checked last release notes? We have Fetching images feature where you can disable auto image downloads, it save up a lot of traffic. Once you disable it from Settings page, post images won't load automatically when you open post and you can manually tap on image to load/download it as you wish... Let me know how this works out for you :)

eSteem is really helphul. And this auto voting is like a reward just by using eSteem. 👍👍👍
But its only few percent of voting power. 😁

Thanks for the info. I will spread the word.

Just downloaded the app. So far, the app is great for me. Would give you feedback if any.

I'm a user. It's good. I get a lot of broadcast errors, but it's a life saver on the commute. Thanks for making it!

Thank you! Broadcast errors probably result of connection, but with next release I am working to handle it better ;)

Want me to make a post about it? Esteem? I use it very frequently so I'd be happy to.

Please, feel free to share your suggestions and bug reports via post by using #esteem-feedback. It will help to track errors and suggestions so we grow and improve together ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Download the app so hopefully one day it will be in the top 50 of most popular apps! Didn't know there was an app so great post!

Good work @good-karma, keep it up!

And this explains everything! I would not have been so confused/freaked out earlier if I had actually been following you like I thought I was XD

Eureeka...! I found good article lately. Good posting, @good-karma. Thanks a lot.

This app has to be developed perfectly. End of story. My mum will use it, my dad will use it, my friends are USING IT! My work colleagues are just jealous of me using it! In conclusion, I need to use it! =) I need this... if I had more time, I would help programing/fixing it. But time is mad at me... so I just keep helping as I can.

great, thank you for sharing the info!

It seems a very good and convenient app for me to use. Will upload and use this one. Thanks for sharing! Upvoted!

Will the user of the esteem application automatically receive a ransom automatically?

It is feedback loop to improve app, get suggestions and bug reports. Users would just use app as they do everyday and rewarding is part of appreciation of their time and effort to make beta tests. Reward is not guaranteed or shouldn't be main motivation...

This is a very good motivation, until when such an event applies?

There is no deadline and let's see how this works out! :) If abused a lot, we will discontinue it...

I have a bit of a problem making a post if I enter through the esteem application whether this will jeopardize my account, I am very afraid,

We don't have access to you credentials and everything is done on your device and never leaves you devices, so it is safe, you can also enable PIN code security for extra safety 😉

i will try

Hello @good-karma There is a glitch in the latest update, someone voted me once but notified me thrice. I really hope it will be resolve as soon as possible because I really like the app. TIA

Hey @janreyqm1, I will check notifications settings... Thank you for reporting that!


Just downloaded the app and started to use it right away. It's looking good to me so far 😊 Thank you

Finally a Steemit app!! Look forward to using this and trying this out since I'm always on the go.

awesome app!!!
It deserves much more upvotes than this!
Thank you @good-karma!

How bout noisy ? Need further information bout hacking issues. I trust all developer can solve it.

It is education matter and everyone doing their part so that new users don't use their password and private keys carelessly

Dear my friend. Point No. 2, i think that homework for us.

Great stuff! Please keep developing the app! :)

As we're already here, let me ask you another question @good-karma. I found some code in my wallet and in other peoples wallet as well. Could you enlighten me what that means? I could guess, but it has a zero value, so... not sure.

{ "type": "comment_benefactor_reward", "benefactor": "esteemapp", "author": "dinoo", "permlink": "re-joseph-2017530t222122752z", "reward": "0.000000 VESTS" }

This is beneficiary feature and related transactions which saying benefactor for that post/comment with its reward. Unfortunately still doesn't show them properly with values and meaningful way.

I really like having an app for Steemit so thanx for developing. Although sometimes the app freezes on my iPhone I keep using it!

Congratulations @good-karma!
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