eSteem - encouragement and feedback loop updates

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More than a month now, we are running eSteem encouragement and feedback loop program. If you are eSteem user you are enjoying little boost on your posts and comments. In this post, I will share some stats and updates, progress.

Daily 1200+ votes are being cast from @good-karma, @esteemapp and other supporters of the project. You can join trail on streemian to help us spread the love. Every user will receive max 3-4 votes per day which means we have at least 400 unique users daily receiving boost votes for their post and comments. If you want to delegate some SP, please do to @esteemapp which will be used for helping all active users...

Most users are newbies and every small votes helps them to grow and find their place in community.

There are counter measures in place to fight abuses and thank you to number of users who is reporting abuse cases. If someone spams the network they are added to ignore list without any notice. And by now I can say that we have quite decent filters.

#esteem-feedback posts are coming in daily helping us coordinate upcoming changes and bug fixes, implement improvements. Please continue to post your suggestions and bug reports, we have people constantly monitoring those posts and helping you out if issue you experience is already known and has solution. You can also check some of the common issues in this post.

We are working on few exciting new features like activity and achievement pages... Stay tuned!!!

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Google Play - Android - v1.4.6 AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.7
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Contact us to say hello or share your experience with eSteem...

[email protected]WebsiteSteemit.chatTelegramGithub

Thank you for your continuous support and feedbacks!

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really good work so far @good-karma !

I like your app and the additional features it offers to us.

For anyone who wants to use esteem app on his windows machine can have a look at my short howto:

If there's something unclear just post it in the comments and I will help you.

Greetings from
Djangos story @juicypop

I have been using esteem on/off, and just recently when I was using the app to post I noticed the upvotes that i get which I do not get when I use the browser! 😉

Henceforth I use the app to comment and last night I tried posting an article through the app for the first time. ..

All in all, the experience is good but just noticed that there were syntax errors on my html not seen on the app. Hyperlinks formatting seemed fine on app but while on browser i found out they were not linked at all.😅

I am right now phone blogging and using data. I have not been able to track data usage but I presume it is less on the app than browser?

I am using android v 1.4.5

Yes markdown parsing has slightly different implementation. Next release should improve synergy between different platforms 😉

Great, thanks for all the efforts. I really love how I can see all the notifs without me opening the browser so it's really cool. "Unfollow" notifs break my heart but it is still great to knwo. 😅😉

Yeah, that's why it has 🤔 icon in front to learn something from it or to help us improve our engagement... 😁

Ooh nice to point this out @arrliinn


If you can incorporate in the app the ability to up load our own videos from the phone or computer to steemit without using YouTube or any other external methods. That would be super awesoooooome 🔥🔥🔥

I believe that would require a lot of storage capacity on the server which cost a lot of money!

I understand but it has to be done in order to truely compete as an social media site and to be accepted by the masses and achieve growth quicker. Steemit needs to have the familiar basic functionality and ease of use for quicker growth or else the masses will not bother and/or have the patience to try steemit out.

I'm Also Use IOS (Iphone 5)

![image]() Really Outstanding App #eSteem Progress. I'm @sallsteem Originating #Aceh, Indonesia Sir @good-karma. Map Point Map That You Show That Is #Aceh (Towards A Country). Exciting Progress For Us Steemians Lovers. Thanks to Your Application We Found How to Get Reward Here. Thank You To #witnees Sir @good-karma I always follow you

Hello my friend, the picture with the apple watch and the esteem logo is very successful. You already have an app for the watch in planning. That would be really awesome. I am still missing Greetings and steem on

Hi, eSteem already runs on iWatch. I believe there are few users using it on iWatch for notifications, although I believe layout is not fully flexible... :)

thanks my friend... I can not find the app unfortunately in the store! Or is it the same as for the iphone?

Yes it is same. Note though, we have moved support to iOS 9.x and up. If your iWatch has below iOS 9.x it won't show up on AppStore...

Yes I have already 10.3.2. Then it has to wait a little longer. Many thanks for your response.

Can't wait! There will have to be some award for the first user to get all the achievements :)

Thank you esteem very qualified applications ,, we are not afraid anymore will my work stolen by strangers ... i am a beginner in this steemit .., esteem in my opinion is a good application ,, i wait for the latest update of this esteem application. ., @ Good-karma respectful greetings.., i @muhammadikbal like your post

When I first joined in steemit, I was confused how to upload photos into posts. After struggling (need a long process) to upload your own photos and almost a fustration there is a friend suggested me to use esteem, this is where my problem finally resolved (photo upload issue). The point is a very recommended esteem for beginners is very helpful for them to develop and because I am also a beginner of many benefits and a lot of knowledge that I can get here in esteem. Thank you for @good-karma and team for your hard work, my suggestion would be great if you can directly upload video from mobile to esteem.

@good-karma i see everyday you are keeping in account the @esteem users and you are bringing updates each day. And i appreciate the work you are doing. As i also use @esteem to update ,comment and upvote on @steemit.
Thank you have a nice day @naseerbhat

I love the Esteem app! Its so nice to have good notifications about upvotes, followers, unfollowers, comments, ... Besides that, I like the fact you have a votingpower-slider and you got bookmarks in the app, this make it easy to read posts later on!

nah now i know why some of my post got your upvote while some doesn't. thank you so much for always giving me support.

anyway, can you tell the how can i open a link like from facebook group so that i can open it in esteem app?

Thank you for the boosts! I noticed it on quite a few of my posts and it really is appreciated. I have been reinvesting it into steempower and all of my other mining income has been going towards steempower. I'll see if I can delegate some to the project. It does make a difference for us minnows. :)

I really appreciate the latest program of esteem, as I read about this you write, I have not understood the sound of speech to the postings and comments are unique, I mean what is unique..? Previously I am sorry, because I am still too green in this steemit, I have to learn more, and I wait for a Good Karma bos can explain to me.Thank you

I had to stop using esteem recently because it wouldn't show pics in feed. I checked the settings and reinstalled the app. Fetch pictures in settings was activated but pics in feed wouldnt show. I have to open a post to see anything. Any suggestions?

I'm having this same problem my feed is just text which looks pretty boring :/ fetch images is on as well for me, if you have found a way to fix this please. Let me know!

@jumowa and @juliakponsford

I had this issue too. I just logged out of my account and relogged in advanced mode (with posting key) and it did the trick!

Let me know if it worked for you too.

Kind regards
Djangos story @juicypop

I didn't know you could log in with the posting key in advanced mode I'll try this, thanks for the info I look at a lot of art categories pictures are essential!

@good-karma thanks for your good work. I used you and your esteem project in my latest post of why people should invest in steem -pls feel free to see it. Thanks for your good work here.

Patiently waiting for the eSteem desktop app.

Thanks for that, we know many people are waiting, you won't regret it 😊

Thanks for the info, I will definitely check it out. Cheers

thanks allways for your info . karma is not allways bad . i vote you on Witness

Download and started using the esteem app before I even found this post! I feel like trendsetter. Lol. Anyways, the app is legit.

i thought it was just ran by some anonymous users, . now i am downloading it. Thanks for posting ! ♥

I have been using the app recently and I liked it. The only complaint I have is that I keep alternating between the browser and the app, so when I have a draft on the app and I don't find the same in the browser it forces me to go back to the app. If there was a simple way to address this I am all for esteem. May the mid path would be to have a basic website app like

I think this could be a great value add and this will definitely shoot the adoption for this app. @good-karma please consider this as a suggestion.

Hey gokulnk, yes few people requesting desktop and web app because of some unique features we have. We are working to bring them to the alpha/beta release stage so users can enjoy new experience across different devices... ;)

Thank you for all you do! ❤️

i have been using Esteem app and it is very user friendly. You can easily create new stories and post it without any hassles. All the features are very user friendly. Is there any chance of integrating esteem chat within the app #steemdev, #steem, #esteem-feedback, #esteem-support, #esteem . i think there will be many supporter who wants this feature to be integrated in the app itself. Thanks for sharing.

We have chat in our todo list, it won't be long before we will have this feature within app... ;)

It should be made more clear that eSteem takes 5% of post reward. I don't remember having seen any disclaimer.

Yes, proper FAQ is in works and will be incorporated in future release. It was mentioned in release notes though it can be overlooked by many, so FAQ should help

3 month ago, trial of 30 days with 1%, post link

Beneficiaries, from this version eSteem mobile has esteemapp account as a beneficiary for every comment/post made through it. As a trial run for next 30 days, 1% of the reward is shared with esteemapp and used for further development of the project. I hope Steemit will also introduce beneficiaries to bootstrap competition among different Steem apps.

2 month ago, after trial period to 5%, post link

Beneficiary reward changed from 1 to 5% after initial 30 days period.

I just posted with eSteem for the first time ever. When I tried last week, the app kept crashing (^_^)

Hi, I enjoy to use your app! Great job! Thanks!

I have one question. What means the arrow displayed in the profile view?

nice one @good-karma. i really love your work. i upvote, follow and have voted you for witness also

Hay @good-karma Nice Post Voted & Followed
I always follow your journey whether it is Travel or Other !!
I Wish You Would Also Follow and Upvote My Post @funnystuff
Really I Liked What You Do Every Day
And Always Join - Upvote - Comment and Reesteem
I wish the same
Thank You Sweet

Thanks @good-karma !)

Thank you @good-karma, this is very helpful for ios user!

Is it possible to use the owner key to login?

You can use your master/main password OR you can use your private posting and active key with Advanced login option. There is QR scanning to easily login, check this post:

Thanks, I'm in, again!

Thank you @good-karma and friend.
Your aplication really help and useful for steemians
I always use Esteem for sharing every moment i got in my dayli activity.

Respect for you @good-karma i'll be wait your next articel
I always use Esteem for sharing every moment i got in my dayli activity.

Respect for you @good-karma i'll be wait your next articel

great app, i'm gonna be downloading this soon

Thank you for all your help. Cheers mate

Amazing n user friendly tools

Did not know about esteem still dont know how but will ask my daughter to explain, it looks like a really nice idea.

You do so much for the community that is crazy. Thabk you so much for all the support 😙

Wow.great post.I like and voted.upvote me sir.thanks.

I'm trying to join he trail
If I do, what will unlocking my account do @good-karma?
Thank you for all your great work

Thanks @good-karma

hey thanks for the update! :)

Thanks @good-karma. I will do a good post and quality that can and useful for many people. This is a good start with esteem and other features.

@good-karma, never received an upvote using eSteem to post and comment... Am I unlucky ? :D :D

There are some filters and short comments not often gets vote...

I want to thank all the support you have given me, I am waiting for a great reward to support the cause @Good-karma

follow me and i will follow you back. please give me followers . thug life

Hello @good-karma Is there a trick to get more views on steemit? Sorry I'm new here a just saw how well you made this blog work and wanted to know would using the promote button help? Thanks Jake

Hey Jake, Welcome to Steem! Yes promoting post helps, so does engaging and building followers, ultimately you want to promote your work and share what you are passionate about, we have very diverse community and you will quickly find common ground with others on different areas... Steem on!

Thanks :) Sorry about the delay in getting back, I was just doing a new blog. I will try the pomote at some point and do my best to build up some followers and keep active. Jake

First when I had the app a week ago it didn't worked good. I couldn't login so I deleted it.
After seeing this post I wantend to try again.
For some reason it's very very slow. Do more people have this?

What is your device? We can work on slowness and improve performance for your device with future updates

I've a iPhone 6 but a friend of mine has also iPhone 6 and with him it's working normal.
My phone is not long ago set as a new iPhone and I don't have many apps on it, also not many photo's.

excellent info thanx for sharing....

Keep up the good work. Loving the changes to the app.

I used esteem daily and find it very useful. In my recent post, I even name esteem as one of my 5 top tools.

Nice foto, i like your post,
And follow me

Thank you so much for your information. I was unknown about it. I will quickly use steemitapp from now on wards. Thats great!

Nice post @good-karma, thanks for sharing to all of us, very helpful

Good Work!! Plis Follow me I follow bacn

All your posts are very good in the eyes of the public I want to succeed like you support me


Thank you. Downloading now. :)

I hope that I can get to benefit @good-karma I love your support for the community. God bless you.

Thanks for sharing..

Nice info

Long time no see bro 😃

Does reporting for abuse cases helps? One crazy whale from the dark side can just flag the hell from someone he doesn't like. And ruin his blog.

I thought the only counter to that is another huge account with a lot of steem power to vote.

eSteem works fine on my iPhone 5 iOS 9.3 and my iPad 4th iOS 10.3.
Thanks a lot, @good-karma!

@good-karma i notice that you are keeping the account updated every single day @esteem great job are being done by you and the users to keep it running. I fully support what you are doing and appreciate the good work behind it. As i also use @esteem to update ,comment and upvote on @steemit.

I downloaded it a few days ago , I enjoy it ! Just a little slow in making comments or clicks. And I'm not sure why there's a problem with notifications. @good-karma

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Thanks for posting ! :)

Hi Good Karma, i really appreciate your effort to do such nice activity...

i am also new user and i use esteem application also...

i found that website as well as app is too good..

thank you so much for thinking about new people like me.

Nic post,@good-karma

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i love essteem, due to make me always connect with my account. i have to manage my account as long as time and reply any comment into my post. thanks to make its easy and enjoy. best regards from Indonesia

I always follow every post you. I am interested because your post is so interesting. Hopefully you always give the best yamg for your followers all. including me. And I beg your support from my friends to give me the support of playing steemit for the better. thanks you.

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Great post just followed you follow back

I saw you upvote some of the comments in my post. Very encouraging to minnows!

Does anyone have a list of available escrow agents?

While the application provides an interface to Steemit's native escrow service, which is a wonderful advancement, presently searching for an agent is arduous at best...

Good postings are also useful

I also like to be friends with you, help me develop steemit thank you also before

Thank u very much @good-karma for ur support and this app.. i love esteem, and very happy with it... Thanks a lot...


very good
Please support for me
thank you

@good-karma please reply to this post accusing you of something.

i a few months i try have this app

thank you for the update

I love the esteem app. It makes my steeming experience wonderful.
If speeling suggestions could be added to the app, it will be a great improvement...

Great job!
Any date for a working desktop v2 ?

I always appreciate the support. Both in my content and within the app itself.
Love it.

Congratulations @good-karma!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 3 with 498 upvotes

good post
plise followback...

Thank you for the interesting post!

@good-karma est que tu peux faire un tour sur mon blog merci . Ton article est très bien fait.

@good-karma thanks sharing this, let me download and install it ASAP

I enjoy using eSteem app very much! Thanks for the good work!

I have to try ! :)

Pls @good karma i want to knw why my earning on post are been deducted minute by minute

Nice post. I will join the trail. Thanks.

Hey @good-karma !!
awesome post .........nice to see this.keep it up.
i'v posted may very first blog.........plzz check

@good-karma est que tu peux faire un tour sur mon blog merci . Ton article est très bien fait.

Hello sir @good-karma We are loyal user of esteem apps. Everything happend as error and other we dont care about it. I am sure you tired and you always strive to develop esteém apps. Dont worry sir esteem is our love apps in steemit platform. Thanks for your kindness in developing this one. Good luck sir. Many blessing for you. I dont ask you to visit my blog. But I just ask you one thing. That is Never leave us in esteem and steemit. Respect to you sir.

Thank you very much for sharing this information, I have several times to use esteem, automatically, can vote a number of 0.40 or 0.39. And after about three postings that day, no more automatic vote, the next day there again, so too. Have a good fight. Thank you.