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Hello steemians!

This evening I want to share how easy and quick you can use esteem mobile app on your windows desktop or laptop/tablet.


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what is esteem?

It's a mobile steem app for your android or iphone device and it has a lot to offer.
Just to mention two astonishing features which steemit lacks at the moment are scheduled posts and saving drafts right in the app

You better check @good-karma , @esteemapp and of course their homepage https://www.esteem.ws

why should I want to use it on my desktop or laptop?

Trust me, once you get comfortable with it's features you won't miss it again.
Even when sitting in front of your desktop esteem might be your first choice for browsing the steem network.

how to acomplish it runing on windows?

You need an android emulator 😉
Here's a step by step:

  • visit https://www.andyroid.net and download latest the version of andy emulator
  • once your download is complete install it
  • andy should start automatically right after succesfull install
  • open the play store, it's this icon if you're new to android image
  • type in the search field "esteem" and you should find the esteem app with it's recognizable logo image
  • install this app and you're ready to go

  • now you just need to open the app
  • slide over the advanced option
  • go to your steemit.com wallet - permissions
  • click behind POSTING the SHOW PRIVATE KEY button and copy the key over to your esteem login screen
  • same goes for your ACTIVE key

You just managed it to roam through the steem network on your windows device using the amazing esteem app.

My big thanks go out to @good-karma for this app.
Keep up the good work!

If you have any questions or something is unclear, let me know in the comments and I help you.

Kind regards
Djangos story @juicypop

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very interesting -- should i move over to esteem - will i still keep my money on steem?

Yes you will still keep your money on steem.

I just noticed recently that when you post with esteem 5% of your rewards go to @esteemapp but thats totaly okay with me to support them! Because you will get ocasionaly on your posts and blogs about 10-20 upvotes from esteem suppoters which are in most cases about 0.5 - 1 $ worth.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask me 😉

good to know and i appreciate your advice - i am now following you in support

Thank you very much

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Thank you for the detailed description, very usefull, Thanks @juicypop