eSteem - Android v1.3.8 released, Multi-currency, Multi-chain, Beautiful comments, language updates

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Announcing major release of eSteem mobile version 1.3.8. Multi-currency and multi-chain support, beautiful comments, language updates.

If you want to translate eSteem app to your native language, or review app and let us know what words/phrases on translations can be improved, please join direct link for translation team: We have also rewarded Russian and German, Polish and Greek, Spanish and Chinese (traditional) contributors with help of community, other language contributors will also receive rewards with next translation update post.

What's new

  • Multi-currency support, you can now see post rewards in any currency you want (BTC, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, KRW, INR, CNY, UAH, SEK, TRY)

  • Multi-chain support, you can now switch eSteem to use it on different chains (Steem and Golos). Expect in future releases to have better integration of multi-chains Steem, Bitshares, Golos.

  • Improved Comments, major redesign of comments and post page, where user avatars and details of post/comment reward is directly visible, also you can see comment voters info (user, reputation, vote weight), payout value in different currency.

  • My Bookmark, My Drafts, My Images are user specific, if you use same user on Steem and Golos. Then you will be able to access those after you login on any chain.

  • Bug fixes, improvements

  • Portuguese (Brazil) language is added, thanks to @charlie777pt

  • Dolan (meme) language is added, thanks to @maxse

  • Chinese (simplified) language is added, thanks to @huangdashuang and @oflyhigh

  • Russian, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese (traditional) languages updated

  • Overall 18 Languages ready and available, more being tested and reviewed, please join here

Thank You to all contributors and translators!


Google Play - Android - v1.3.8 AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.3.7
Get eSteem on Google Play Get eSteem on AppStore

Please let us know if you have any feedback or want to translate eSteem to your native language. Make sure to leave review and feedback on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well.

Check eSteem Feature set posts to learn more about app:

Feature Set #1 (Login, Quick Look)

Feature Set #2 (Filter posts, Post details, Card/Compact view, Search)

Feature Set #3 (Submit posts, Read post, Read comments, Easy access)

Feature Set #4 (Gallery View, Tags Surfing, Payout Types, Transfer Assets)

Feature Set #5 (Bookmarking, Draft, Followers, Market)

Feature Set #6 (Profile Details, Avatar Picture, Cover Picture, Profile Navigations)

Feature Set #7 (Select Image, My Images, Manage My Images, CopyPaste Image)

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Thank you for the great work, the app is awesome. I would be happy to help to translate the application into Italian.

I had already made the translation of Chinese (simplified) language from 10% to 100%.
Very pleased to contribute to this great App.
Please let me know if there' are words/phrases on translations can be improved.

中文: 翻译的有些仓猝,还没有多校验几遍,使用中文版本的朋友如果发现哪个词汇或者句子需要改进,又懒得注册POEDITOR.COM, 可以直接联系我修改,谢啦。

Great work and thank you @oflyhigh... now we have both Chinese versions 😉 Hope community can help to improve it if necessary!

since @oflyhigh contribute much more than @huangdashuang , maybe you can put his name first? just a suggestion ... finally your app can reach the billion user market! :)

Sure, why not... usually they are with order of joining but there is no real difference though, they both doing great work! :)


好啊!! 主編出馬... :) 我一直還沒去download來用,你要是看到繁體有些問題,也歡迎跟我說啦!



Post is mostly used as verb :)

Thanks brother! Multi-currency is really cool, you can see post rewards in BTC and other currencies...let me know how other improvements works out for you. 😉

You're welcome Bro.

Had some difficulty responsing to you reply in the app. So I used site for it. It seems to lock up.

Switching between Golos and Steem works smooth. And when I set it to Euro I suddently had a lot more value in my wallet. 😁 Now I think something goes a bit wild there. 😉

As far as fast that I could check the rest works nicely.

Thank you! Perhaps, when you get time, put details on github that would be very helpful to reproduce and fix on next release?

Will do so when I have the time. 👍

Hi, @good-karma

Is there a way to see language translation strings without having to register with POEditor?

Hi, of course you can check it from source code there is json file with list of phrases in src locales folder

Thank you, Feruz. I was interested in it because in Spanish translation there is a sentence which I didn't undertand in the interface. Looking into the GitHub repository I have learnt that it was the "MIN_READ", which it seems that corresponds to the amount of minutes it should cost to read the post.

Now that I have found it, I believe that I should create an account in POEditor and tell about this, as the translated text means "minimal read" (of course, it is written in Spanish, but the translation wasn't good).

Appreciate taking time and commenting, yes it is an average time to read entire post, hope #es community members will find it and make appropriate changes :)
cc @pgarcgo and @dresden

At the end, I edited the current translation directly and commented so they could see the explanation.

Great, thanks!

Would it not be better: "tiempo mínimo de lectura" -> Minimal Reading Time? That`s also how the germans have translated it. I can not find it in the interface though.

On interface main post list, Under title there is post created time and reading time.

GREAT JOB!!! All for one and one for all! This looks so good and the potency of it is still rising... To the moon as they say! Namaste :)

Thank you Eric! Appreciate the comment ;)

+1000 for the multi currency idea
good job as usual!

Thanks brother! When you can see rewards in any currency you want that should make it more appealing as well 😉

:D Let me know how Dolan meme language works out for you, your own work.... haven't reviewed it much though, feel free to make changes and send

It's a mess :-D But makes everything easier to read!

Thanks for actually adding it!

Haha, I thought so... Dolan seem fun though, catchy in a way :D

I really love that app @good-karma - after the latest update i have some issues when replying to comment - loading is not happening, i need to close and open the app again - sure a small bug only? Keep it up

thank you for reporting this, I will have this tested and fixed in upcoming release.

brilliant, thanks so much

Congratulation @good-karma for all your work in bringing value to the community. You can count on me.

Very good job, i'll install it right away to give you further feedback, congrats!
Upvoted and resteemed!

Did you put Persian in this version? how about rtl ?

Hey @meysam, unfortunately not yet. I have been testing quite extensively on that end, framework is not fully supportive and requiring to rewrite some components. Rest assured, I am working on it, Hebrew, Persian and Arabic languages are all almost ready and support on frontend is being worked on... please bear with me on that ;)

Just wanted to know, take your time and keep up with the good work,
I have an eye on the project in case of new words that need to be translated.
thank you @good-karma :)

Installed this morning, seems to working pretty smoothly.

I think posting-key should be the default one requested.

thanks, depends...App offers quick transfers (QR code), profile picture, cover image changes and in future in-app exchange so that all would require active key. If you are familiar with system you naturally try Advanced mode but people who don't know about crypto at all, it is convenient to use one login.