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In the country of the Zombies its inhabitants walk the streets stumbling among themselves distressed to collect the waste offered by the merchants

Circulating money has long since disappeared and now they can only buy "hopefully" using their fingerprint.

It is not possible to exchange its value since the fingerprint is not transferable.

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Now at birth they mark you with an indelible mark that you cannot alter or sell.

In the street many eat when the garbage truck passes to collect the waste.

Schools for children only teach to read indecipherable hieroglyphs with which the elders do not understand.

Mathematics only entangles the value of things and the music that sounds is just trumpet chords.

With their army of hired minions they threaten the rebel to reinforce the mandate of the leaders who observe their dominated territory through the streets.

Only the powerful do not have to suffer these calamities in their armored cars wander which kings living in the land of fantasy.

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If you want to know that country you just have to check their website where all the information is.

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Me dio miedito, los zombis ni en las sombras me gustan, ja, ja. Muy bien contado @felixgarciap

Dear @sacra97, And just thinking that we are living more scary gives.

Querida @sacra97, Y de solo pensar que lo estamos viviendo mas miedo da.

Yes, the zombies look normal.

Oh, and the name is @rycharde (with a "y") as otherwise people will be very confused ;-)

Happy day friend @rycharde, thank you very much for clarifying it, I have already corrected it. Greetings.

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