eSteem University Indonesia Organizational Structure

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So far eSteem University Indonesia has been growing and in demand by many eSteemian, especially in Indonesia. Among them are a few big people like regional heads, owners of private companies and so on. But they know steemit, so their curiosity to recognize steem blockchain deepens is huge.

eSteem University Indonesia - This week has made agreements and deliberations to improve the management and teaching systems that are taking place. The agreement is summarized related to the method of teaching, the task of educators, and the structure of the latest eSteem University.

Previously about teaching procedures and educator assignments at EU-ID have been explained in the @foways (Advisory, Managers) post -> eSteem University Indonesia | Updates | - Educator discussion, material and teaching process

And the following is a view of the eSteem University Indonesia Organizational Structure that has been agreed upon by the EU-ID Team and a joint agreement of the Educators.


About eSteem University

eSteem University is a school or university forsteemit users, especially eSteemian. Those students will study there in accordance with their fields /fasion, this means like a real university in general, which has all departments or faculties that will be chosen by prospective students.

The main goal of eSteem University is to start the education community. Everyone has the knowledge to share with others and we all want to learn and teach, grow together with our viewers.


If you have the knowledge and experience about Blockchain, bloggers, and Educators then you can contact us through Discord, and that is if you are interested in becoming an Educator for eSteem University Indonesia.

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nice to see the improvement of this university.

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