Contest: Please support our cummunities to win 20 K Delegation

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Hello everyone of my friend on steem platform.

As some of you may have noticed that I am a member of few communities and part of some projects, and two of my community are on the list of the top 20 to receive the 20 K steem power delegation from @theycallmedan.

The way that you support one of these @steemitbloggers and/or @homesteadercoop is by giving your vote on the list. Visit this link :

By clicking the link you will see this page:


Scoll it down and you can find the top 20 of the steem projects on the list, please log onto the site using steem connect to cast the vote. And then you can find the name of the project on the list, please see the @steemitbloggers and/or @homesteadercoop and give your vote by clicking into the circle on the left side of the mentioned name, and then click vote at the bottom of the list. You are only able to give one single vote.

You will see this page when you scroll it down

Source of the image

Your support is expected to bring one of these communities to win the prize. The objective of winning this contest is to get that 20 K delegation for one year (1 year), and with that 20K steem power I expect that the community will grow bigger and able to support more steem user in the future. I am sure that not only these two communities have the supporter but I knew this community because I am part of them both. Additionally, these two community is supporting steem with different way as they have different objectives, but eventually both of them are supporting steem community to stand and able to be the best across the cryptocurrency as we all want to be.


Click here to learn more about steemitbloggers

Steemitbloggers is a community that works to increase the quality of the blog on the steem platform and it members should have good quality blog and consistence to interact with other steem user. This community works really hard to bring this steem platform to have the best content of blog on the blockchain. Not only supporting the content of the blogs of it members, but also support the real life of the members to help them out where necessary as long as it is possible to do inform of upvote, donate and transfer the steem/SBD to the member who need helps. It was initiated by @jaynie and @zord. I believe that some of you have already known about @steemitbloggers community and currently it has been transformed to @powerhousecreatives.

@homesteaderscoop Click here to learn more about homesteaderscoop

Homesteaderscoop is the home for steem user who has passionate about homesteading and natural sustainability of the nature, as a part of homesteader on earth I have a willingness to be in this community. This community was initiated by @sagescrub. Actually, this community objective is to provide a free market for all steem member to interact each other in the form of trading or bartering the homesteading product among the steem user. This is the positive way to improve and stimulate the growth of this steem platform to be more realistic in the real world. The users are able to trade and barter the good with steem, and eventually it will be the largest international market place for all homesteader, especially the steem user.

Well. My friends, if you consider what these steemit communities are doing is the best for this platform (steem) please give your support by giving your vote on the link provided above. I really appreciate your help to support one of that community projects.

With my best regard


Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

5whcwh2cf5.pngPlease joint us on discord channel at

Mari bergabung dengan kami di discord channel :

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_round.png


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Thanks for the campaign @el-nailul😊 I'll cast my vote to pifc, because a 1k is more useful for pifc now

unfortunately our PIFC is not on the list kak @cicisaja, that is different contest, isn't it?

Dunno.. I think beside the 20K for the first on the list, there will be another 1k each for all finalits too

Thank you so much @el-nailul for letting people know about the contest and most especially for sharing the qualities of Homestaders Co-op. I really appreciate it!!

Homesteaders Co-op

A community marketplace of ethical, handmade and sustainable products available for STEEM, SBD (and USD):

follow: @homesteaderscoop

you are most welcome my friend, I am working on some natural powder, let see if I could do something later on.

Oh nice! Is it moringa powder?

yes that is moringa powder and other white turmeric powder too @sagescrub

Thanks such for your support.. it's a hard choice for many!!!

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I am agree, it is difficult choice, as I said on the chat; there are many different way of helping each other @riverflows

Hello @el-nailul! This is a friendly reminder that you have 3000 Partiko Points unclaimed in your Partiko account!

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Awesomely diplomatic, @el-nailul! That's the tough part about this competition - so many awesome choices, but then you have to pick between your favorites. I had a similar issue with the last delegation poll, choosing between @steemitbloggers and @freewritehouse. I'm so glad that @theycallmedan decided to reward the runners-up this time!

Now that poll is almost over, would you now consider supporting Steemit Bloggers, since we're running a close second? If you'd rather not choose between the two, no worries - I completely get that. Oh, and I don't know if you saw, but I listed this post in my "Show @steemitbloggers your support" raffle - thanks for entering (even before I wrote my post...LOL!). 😊

I did check it @traciyork, but now I am away from home, while trying to find a job on the island near by Singapure. I will check discord, steem and email one or two times in a week.

Wow, @el-nailul - sorry to hear you have so much going on. I hope you're able to find an excellent job very soon - I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. 🤗

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