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Good morning everyone, hope we are all doing great. At the end of the qualifying round of the championship league celtic was not able to make it through to the champions league. They were not able to win the match between them and Cluj saw. When they went to the home of Cluj saw they lost by 2-0 and when they came to their home they played 4-3 but on aggregate Cluj saw proceeded to the next stage with an aggregate of 4-5. Now Celtic is out from the Champions League qualifies. Porto in the other side of the Portugal league has also been knocked out of the Champions league after they lost the match against Krasnodar. But Ajax was able to come back from their down defeat to win the game and then made it to the next level of the Champions League. Will Neymar move to Barcelona succeed. PSG management had their first meeting with Barcelona concerning the move of Neymar back to Barcelona but the deal that PSG submitted was to offer them Countinho and Semendo abd add €120 but Barcelona is not will to offer that kind of money and players but the deal they want to offer is Coutinho and Rakitic plus a sum of €80. PSG is also not willing to take that offer so they are looking up to make another meeting to discuss this further and see how it will stand. Also Real Madrid is in the pipe line of signing Neymar so lets wait for that and see how that will also go. Thank you for your time have a great day.

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