Stubborn is My other Name!

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The Tower, captured while on the motorcycle, glad that I set up the phone camera to ISO 800

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

I said I won't use eSteemapp to post anymore in my previous post, because Im tired of the notification to uninstall the app😊 but I couldn't click on the suggested box to uninstall it😂 so, I'll endure the problems with all my best.

because stubborn is my other name😊

I refused to throw out everything, give it up and buy another new and high-end gadget just to be able to post on steemut and playing steemmonsters😁 My 5 year old used phone with lolypop android version still working though.

Seems like the app only lets me attach a picture only, no matter how big the size of the picture is😁 I think I must let myself using grid-app more often, so a single collaged photos with hundreds of words wouldn't be a problem.

I noticed that before the app stopped, the "saved" icon will turn to green and then the error notification show up and all I need to do is sending the feedback logs😊 perhaps tomorrow, the update will shows up again like the past 4 days😊 I need to update my esteem on google play every morning😁

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You got my upvote because you read the smiling face with winking eye or the emoji very well

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Somehow they pull off an iOS update but I can't even flag their post on my droid SMH 😜

😂😂😂 good for us, not using esteem to DV 😉

because stubborn is my other name

I didn't know that... 😂😂

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

How could I endured the long losing streaks if Im not too stubborn to keep fighting the level 2 bots with the starter deck 😂😂 and avoid tourney just because I like being defeated on the pre qualifier

I was just kidding... 😂
I've known for a long time that your Mrs. Stubborn, lol. Even worse than me :0)

That's why we're in the same club 😂😂😂

Hello @cicisaja,

You are not alone. No wonder we get along well. we are both stubborn! hahahahaha

We refused to give up for what we believe @nurseanne84 😉 welcome to the club 😂

Hi, @cicisaja!

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i too am my father's son, the hard head i got makes it 100% i'm not the mailman's lol ...

i got this kitkat thing too still here and i barely use any kind of phone for internet purpose but i simply had to because it wouldnt fit even the os + updates and base apps on it anymore ... its just like a locker now for 2factor ... tsk ... sometimes doubles as a motion detector for when im too paranoid to leave the house alone but thats about it .. its just how they draw the money from your pockets cent by cent i guess ... :| and hi, long time no see, but im sure you're doing well

Thanks for stopping by @goldmanmorgan 😉 I see you still around and sometimes the post pop up on my feed at the right time and I think you too doing everything alright, I hope😀.

Me? I'm okay.. getting older 😂 and easily forget about anything I read just a few hours ago and too lazy to scroll bavk😀

Well since morgan and the game is a utility account and the others have basically no RC , im gonna try this one for just replying ... that way politics and business dont get mixed too bad as i have a great talent for popular opinion and making friends in high places, kissing the bishops ring and bending the to my (usually self-proclaimed) superiors

also should make it easier to keep track if i just one account for talking

Old, you say ? in body but not mind , which makes it even more confusing , to wake up thinking i'm still 15 and then GET up and FEEL that's youre like 95 (in my case) and everything hurts is a serious contradiction leading to internal friction a lot ... i dont think its forgetting , dearie, its just having too much in your head at once and not being all too linear about it (its a thing with people who didnt have their brain wasted by too much school and schoolbooks, had to learn to think instead of learn to learn the prescribed teachings of the governments , you're not linear, you're not a framework, and it all feels like chaos, especially to people who live outside your head so it's easily distracted as you jump from one line within to another but its not really forgetting :D

i probably wouldnt need to introduce myself as thou shalt know by the way i talk ... kinda hard to disguise :p

as okay as o-kay gets i get ... certainly not ready to jump off of a cliff as that would constitute a crime against life (even from a non-religious p.o.v.) i consider the actual chance that some billions of particles combined into this weird freak of nature to be SO small it would be a waste not to sit it through, might be another seven billion years before a bit of the universe condenses back into me heheh


Great... no problem at all😂 you with those troops of non RC things

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