[Beware].the blue rays of mobile phones are harmful to your health.

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Now mobile phones have become a lifestyle, mobile phones become a very important necessity, wherever we go always bring a mobile phone, can not be imagined if we live without mobile phones even when we sleep, we can see the phone screen for many hours.but,what we know that blue rays on mobile phones can affect our health.
There has been much research into the dangers of blue rays generated by mobile phones for health, and the results show that many of the risks posed by blue cell phone rays such as Eye Strain, eye strain are tension on the retina of the eye that can cause the eyes become tired to impact on eye damage.
We often see the phone screen while sleeping for long hours that cause the eyes become sore and tired, tension in the eye can cause some symptoms of eye disease (digital eye strain) such as headache (dizziness), blurred vision, insomnia , and eyes feel stiff and tense. Relative to blindness, eye strain is ranked third in the disease causing blindness.
Blue light itself is known to interfere with the function of melatonin, a natural sleep hormone in the body. Blue light exposure can also cause the brain to misinterpret the light as the sun. This makes the production of melatonin in the body is reduced. Impaired sleep can cause drowsiness, stomach cramps, irritability, and increased appetite. Irregular sleep habits also have long-term consequences including increased chances of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also have an impact on the body's metabolism.

A recent study found a link between blue light from objects such as cell phones or tablets with an increased risk of breast and prostate cancers. "There is evidence that shows the relationship between exposure to artificial light at night, circadian rhythm disorders, and breast and prostate cancers.
So with many of the symptoms that can harm health then we should be wiser in the use of mobile phones in our daily lives.
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