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Best friend steemit,

Not a few of us who like swimming (swimming), it is common for us if burial definitely choose the beach for swimming, karana besides being refresing for us was very much the benefits of swimming for our health, especially to maintain the condition of our muscles, because water particles which is more dense than the air makes swimming more effective in improving.

So also with our heart, then swim every day for at least 30 minutes can stimulate heart activity in pumping blood 30-40% more optimal than normal conditions.

Next up is to increase body flexibility. Unlike other sports that you can try in the gym, Swimming has proven to be more effective in maintaining flexibility and flexibility of joints and ligaments-especially in the area of ​​the hands and feet.

The benefits of swimming can also be exploited by people suffering from respiratory problems. So swimming is routinely proven to improve the function and work of the respiratory system, while swimming you have indirectly trained the body and its respiratory system to optimize the use of oxygen.

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