My powering up post (@aggamun)

in esteem •  15 days ago 

Dear steemian,

I am a steemian from Myanmar. I had joined this platform since Dec 2017. It takes two years to be in steemit. I will have to celebrate soon. 😁😁


I strongly believe in STEEM blockchain. So I make powering up 50 STEEM for STEEM POWER today.

I have a goal to reach 1000 SP at the end of this year. I collect STEEM as much as I can. Then I power up STEEM monthly to gain 100 SP per month.

By the way, I am glad to participate in SPUD movement. I try to continue powering up STEEM forever.

Have a nice day. Good luck !


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1 !BEER Token for you

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Hey @aggamun, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our BEER Crowdfunding

Thank you for supporting and participating in the #spud initiative @aggamun It is because of Steemians such as yourself that #spud5 will be a great day!!

Thanks a lot for your support. Have a great day! Bro

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I think you need to power up more than 10%,

Yes I know that. But I can't afford it and I can't hope for the prize. 😰😰

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well done man, thanks for SPUD'n 600 SP is a solid holidng you're minnow and have all you need to transact, hope to see you grow even more under the new HF

I hope too. Thanks for your support. MAN 😃😃

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Always man! Want to see more people care about what goes on here


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Congratulations @aggamun for Power Uping

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Yeah! Thz u bro FIGHTING!

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