eSteem - Feature Set #5 (Bookmarking, Draft, Followers, Market)

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How is the draft function intended to function if internet access is lost while working?

I lost net access last night on a long draft. Thought my changes were lost--I'd hit save about the same time as access failed.

My point is if the saving of my article was a minor net miracle, please consider making an offline mode or back-up system that allows creation of drafts without access or when access is unstable, as when traveling in remote areas.

If its saving is intentional and fail-safes are already built in, you have my copious thanks. But I couldn't see the draft until I regained net access this morning. If possible, more transparency about this and preferably the ability to view, edit, and create drafts while offline would be a valuable addition to a future goals development list.

My thanks to all developers for the wonderful app!

Good job. I voted your witness with SS.

Thanks brother! Good work on initial release of steemsports! 👍

Hi! Thank you for your work. I haven't used it a lot because I had similar issues with my Honor 5x (android) as exyle have had on ios.
I will test it again and see if the problem still exists after updating! :)

Update will fix those and address some other issues as well, right now we have v1.3.4 on app stores and update is coming in few days with those fixes and some new features :)

Sounds great, I'll follow you and I'll keep myself updated! :)

When I go to reply, the typing is blocked by what seems a pop up window.
When I go to submit a story it has no place for title or anything now except the body.
Love the app... please keep refining!

Thank you @kyusho, yes I have noticed white blank on some iOS devices I have been testing new version. Is that what you got, like white blank when your keyboard is shown so you cannot see your typing?

great, let us know if you have any issues or feature requests :)

this love, I wish you luck

Been using this app more and more. It's very handy. It did encounter a few bugs on iOs. Not sure if it matter but I use a pin code to log in and only put in my active post key.

  1. when entering the Pin the screen jumps down a little when entering the first number.

  2. The program stops being responsive sometimes when I switch between apps. (I can still see it but can't move the screen or press any button). To fix this I have to kill the program and restart.

  3. This one is hard to explain I wish I could record it for you. But when I scroll trough post on the trending/hot/active etc. I get the same posts display twice. Like:

Trending page: Scrolling down
5 <--- It will now display the same posts again.
5 <----from here I get to see new posts.

Thanks @exyle for issue reports!

  1. This issue wasn't reported before, Do you mean when you enter first number the pin code field slightly moving down?
  2. I will test this extensively, although it might be because of iOS blocking thread when there is less RAM.
  3. This bug has been fixed, next version will include fix, stay tuned :)

No Problem. I'll report more if I find them if you like. Good job on the program. It's great.

  1. Yes, that's it. Nothing major really, now that I know it happens. I just miss clicked a few times because of it. I like the pin as a security feature.

  2. Thanks! I hope you find the cause.

  3. That's great! Can't wait for the new version.

Yes, please do... any issue or feature request is very valuable and ultimately form the way you (community) wants to use app! Thanks!

In reference to saving the draft I couldn't access it on the web app though if I saved in Esteem. I didn't see it.

Draft is saved locally on eSteem and in future releases, we will add cross platform support which you will have access from eSteem desktop app (soon to be released).

Cool. Thanks. Good to know. App is awesome by the way! :)

Thanks! 😊 Let us know if you have any issues or feature requests!

Good job,Thank u bro😊

Good appl.. i feel, so usefully.

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