To Annunaki Or Not To Annunaki & Why That Is The Question We May All Soon Be Asking (A Leftfield Perspective)

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Two Sides To Every Story

I think anyone that's read any of my work over the last few months will know that this isn't the blog you visit for a mainstream or indeed conspiratorial general consenus, today is going to be no different. The basis of this post comes from two opposing perspectives (both written by myself) made to @tremendospercy and @andrewmarkmusic. This post is also intended to answer a recent question that was posed to me by @imp-unity.

I awoke a couple of weeks ago checked my emails and in the banner was an advert that stated "humanities greatest secret, the hidden origins of our past" the fact it popped up on a well known email provider is an irony that wasn't lost on me. The "greatest secret" turned out to be the Sumerian Annunaki creation myth and it's a subject that really been gathering some steam in the last few years.

Upon reflection, I thought I'd put my own unique spin on this story and incorperate my aforementioned polarised perspectives. Once I have argued the case for each opposing theory I’m going to let the reader know which side I fall on. Obviously, the ideas contained in this post are highly speculative but as the momentum appears to be building, I think it's valid to explore some alternative possibilities.


Who Were The Annunaki?

The Sumerians were an ancient culture with a rich and diverse interpretation of history and creation. The translation of the Sumerian creation myth indicates a belief that in an era of pre history earth was visited by an advanced alien species known as the Annunaki. Within this translation the Annunaki arrived on earth with the sole purpose of mining gold, following years of toil and back-breaking work they decided to genetically engineer an early hominid and thus created humanity to work in their mines.

In essence, the Sumerians are said to have believed that humanity were created as a slave species to the Annunaki Gods. For now I will leave it there as it will spoil the latter part of the post, but bear with me. If you want some broader context and a deeper understanding of the part the Catholic church have to play in this story, I would suggest reading my more research based post which you can find here.


To Annunaki

So let’s for the sake of argument say that in terms of evolution the Neanderthal's were the true inheritors of the earth. Recent breakthroughs have shown Neanderthal’s to be kind, caring, family orientated and equally capable of art work, they appear to have been evolving in a perfect symbiosis with the planet. The Annunaki arrive (the serpent) and genetically manipulate these inheritors with their own DNA to create to the homo-sapian.

Perhaps this process could be viewed as the expulsion from the allegorical Garden of Eden. So here we have the homo-sapian, a crossbreed between the caring family orientated Neanderthal and the (highly intelligent but lacking in empathy and compassion) Annunaki whom used the Neanderthal and indeed their genetically manipulated offspring (humanity) as a means to an end.

Obviously not all the Neanderthal would have been manipulated and so as a species they lived for a number of years. Eventually humanity usurped these genuine inheritors of the earth and left them as an obscure memory. The genetic manipulation process has created a schizm in the psyche of mankind and removed us from our true path of longer spiritual growth and sent us on a faster process that is out of step with the rest of nature. Indeed, when you look around at the way we interact with the world it's almost as if we are a stranger.

Due to the synthetic speed of our evolution, intelligence has outpaced our wisdom to express it and this has brought us to a moment in time where we are destroying the eco-system for the sake of greed whilst possessing the weaponry to destroy the planet (our home) ten times over. Our current state of affairs is akin to setting fire to your own house sparking a cigarette and watching it burn down around you, it is the very definition of insanity.

So within this understanding the Annunaki are the Gnostic Demiurge and they are our creator/manipulator, their children (the direct bloodlines) are the archons and they rule over us until this day. Before the Annunaki left they gave their children hidden knowledge relating to human psychology, natural law and the science of the esoteric as a way to ensure they would always be able to keep control of humanity.

The internal darkness of mankind is a direct consequence of our genetic manipulation and today the war to balance these dualities light/dark still rages within each of us, some more than others. As the elites are a direct bloodline to these serpent gods their imbalance has been exasperated, they are highly intelligent but insane with power and bloodlust.

As these bloodlines have selectively bred with humanity (to secure their powerbase) they have become the progenitors of psychopathy. The techno control grid and the transhumanist agenda we see being built around us is a realisation that these bloodlines are finding it increasingly difficult to control us and as with their forbears they are once again attempting to manipulate our evolution so they can retain control.

Or Not To Annunaki

There are many within this line of enquiry that view the Cuneiform texts etc etc as a verbatim historical document, whilst to others they’re simply a metaphorical understanding/misunderstanding or incorrect translation of an event in our pre-history. Personally I'm in both camps because even if the cuneiform translations are correct, as advanced as the Sumerian's obviously were they are still human; from this perspective they were also (to varying degrees) prisoners of perception and potentially ripe for manipulation. Indeed a cursory glance at the recording of our current timeline clearly displays the fact that the historians of the future will not be receiving the truth of our past.

Here we stand on the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution on the brink sweeping aside the entire concept of manual labour and yet we still don't possess a tenth of the technology and knowledge that the Anunnaki were said to hold. They appear to have had a rich heritage and possesed and understanding of morality and natural law (there was said to have been much debate as to whether our manipulation was against these laws) and obviously their technology and the genetic manipulation of said hominid displays a creative ability.


A high degree of intelligence & creativity combined with a vastly superior technology and the mechanics that it would have taken them to get here, makes me wonder why they would have had to have done any work at all? It's my belief that they would have arrived ready to mine without the need for prohibitive and ineffective manual labour and the resources that would consume.

It's also my belief that the desire to create and emulate creation is a universal constant and certainly one that we see playing out around us. From that perspective it seems reasonable to me to suggest that knowing the task that lay ahead they would arrive with some form of robot army to carry out said labour. Or at the very least prepared, planned and created a technology that negated the need for any manual work. Indeed when/if we ever set about mining the universe I believe that our technology will have evolved to the point where this would be the case. I don't believe we would take spacecrafts full of manual workers/miners with us.

In terms of how we (as a collective) appear out of step with nature I have some interesting theories about this, but they are fairly complex and so in order to keep this post as concise as possible I will have to explore them another day.

Entrainment Cycles

So in a recent post I discussed entrainment cycles, in this post I wrote: When the social engineers want to introduce a new, controversial idea that is outside of the belief or indeed morality of the populace they use what I call entrainment cycles. They introduce an idea, first of all it will appear in a book or maybe a couple of papers and then they step back and gauge opinion. They then wait for a while and bring in the second cycle and this time it will have a wider reach, more books, more papers, a talk show here and there and then once again they step back.

They repeat this process as many times as is necessary and each time the cycle becomes tighter and receives more coverage. Eventually the cycle becomes so tight and widespread it reaches a singularity of thought, the subconscious of the populace has become so entrained to this new idea/direction that they both accept it and incorporate it into their perceptual reality.

Slave Species To The Gods?

I’ve written about this fairly extensively so I won’t cover old ground but just to give a brief overview. Firstly I very much believe that there was an ancient and highly advanced civilisation that walked the earth prior to our current timeline, an age that has become shrouded by the mists of time. We can perhaps think of this civilisation as very much like homosapians but perhaps they possessed some key differences in cognitive ability and perceptual awareness.

Following an Atlantean style disaster that nearly destroyed said civilisation, they set out to “enlighten” the rest of the world and to a relatively primitive man they would have indeed appeared as “gods”. Where I differ with many others is that I believe they were a terrestrial based species, indeed I’m reminded of Arthur C Clarke’s famous quote.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

As I wrote in my bloodlines post I believe that the elite bloodlines that to this day claim dominion over this world are the progeny of this civilisation; equally they possess a mindset that is indicative of its fall from grace. I've come to think of an ancient power struggle that was won by a dark expression of the ancient esoteric science that this civilisation practiced.


The Inner Loop

In relation to the slave species of the gods hypothesis suddenly the theory has risen from an obscurity to a general awareness, could we be entering the inner loop of a long term entrainment cycle? Certainly, the longer and wider the entrainment cycle the more seismic the perceptual shift and this cycle appears to have been slowly tightening over a very long time frame. Does the tightening of the loop indicate that we’re entering some form of endgame?

In many ways the formation of this current cycle can be traced back to the work of Zacharia Sitchin in the 1970’s. Over the years several academics have called Sitchin out on his pronouncements, but Sitchin turned down multiple attempts to debate his translations. That’s not to say Sitchin was entirely wrong but it does appear that he merged fact with assumption and dare I say duplicity.


Open Letter

Below is an open letter from one such academic/biblical scholar. The man in question is Mike Heiser whom carries out translation work in roughly a dozen ancient languages, among them Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, Aramaic, Syriac, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Phoenician, Moabite, and Ugaritic cuneiform. He has also studied Akkadian and Sumerian independently. He was invited to debate Sitchin on Coast to Coast AM by Art Bell, but Sitchin refused to accept the invitation. To this day he has an open invitation to any man or women to debate him and prove him wrong, to date nobody has taken up his offer.

The work of Zecharia Sitchin was brought to my attention in 2001, shortly after I completed my book, The Facade. As a trained scholar in ancient Semitic languages with a lifelong interest in UFOs and paranormal phenomena, I was naturally enthused about Mr. Sitchin's studies, particularly since I had also heard he was a Sumerian scholar. I thought I had found a kindred spirit. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Zecharia Sitchin is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources. I have yet to find anyone with credentials or demonstrable expertise in Sumerian, Akkadian, or any of the other ancient Semitic languages who has positively assessed Mr. Sitchin's academic work.

The reader must realize that the substance of my disagreement is not due to "translation philosophy," as though Mr. Sitchin and I merely disagree over possible translations of certain words. When it comes to the Mesopotamian sources, what is at stake is the integrity of the cuneiform tablets themselves, along with the legacy of Sumer and Mesopotamian scribes. Very simply, the ancient Mesopotamians compiled their own dictionaries - we have them and they have been published since the mid-20th century.

The words Mr. Sitchin tells us refer to rocket ships have no such meanings according to the ancient Mesopotamians themselves. Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc., he is simply fabricating data. It isn't a question of how he translates texts; the issue is that these ideas don't exist in any cuneiform text at all.

To persist in embracing Mr. Sitchin's views on this matter (and a host of others) amounts to rejecting the legacy of the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian scribes whose labors have come down to us from the ages. Put bluntly, is it more coherent to believe a Mesopotamian scribe's definition of a word, or Mr. Sitchin's?

Zecharia Sitchin's work in other texts, such as the Bible, is equally flawed. This site bears witness to the sorts of errors Sitchin makes in language analysis and translation with respect to the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
What I've said here is very straightforward. It would be quite easy to demonstrate that I am wrong. All one needs to do is produce texts that I say don't exist, and produce verification of Sitchin's translations by other experts (that's called peer review).

Since I don't believe such evidence will be forthcoming, I wrote what follows as an open letter to Zecharia Sitchin in 2001. With Mr. Sitchin's passing, I now direct the letter (rewritten on Jan 1, 2011) to his followers and other ancient astronaut theorists whose views are, in many ways, based upon Sitchin's original work.

Dear Ancient Astronaut Enthusiast:
The intent of this letter is in the interest of research, not confrontation. In no way do I intend to impugn anyone's character. What I ask is that you provide answers and data to support your theories. Here are my questions / requests.

1.Can you please provide transcripts of Zecharia Sitchin's academic ancient language work? I would like to post this information on my website, and would gladly do so.

2.Can you explain why Sitchin's work on Genesis 1:26-27 overlooks so many obvious grammatical indications that the word elohim in that passage refers to a single deity (as demonstrated on this website)?

3.Can you explain why Zecharia Sitchin (or you in turn) have not included the comparative linguistic material from the Amarna texts that shows the Akkadian language also uses the plural word for "gods" to refer to a single deity or person (which of course undermines the argument that elohim must refer to a plurality of gods)?

4.Can you explain how the interpretation of the word "nephilim" as referring to "people of the fiery rockets" is at all viable in light of the rules of Hebrew morphology? In other words, can you bring forth a single ancient text where naphal has such a meaning?

5.Can you produce a single text that says the Anunnaki come from the planet Nibiru - or that Nibiru is a planet beyond Pluto? I assert that there are no such texts, and challenge you and your readers to study the occurrences of "Anunnaki" right here on this website. Here is a video where I show readers how to conduct a search online at the Electronic Corpus of Sumerian Literature website. There are 182 occurrences of the divine name Anunnaki. Please show me any evidence from the Sumerian texts themselves that the Anunnaki have any connection to Nibiru or a 12th planet (or any planet).

6.Can you explain why the alleged sun symbol on cylinder seal VA 243 is not the normal sun symbol or the symbol for the sun god Shamash?

7.Can you explain why your god = planet equivalencies do not match the listings of such matching in cuneiform astronomical texts? I recently blogged on this issue and provided a recent scholarly article on the planets in the Mesopotamian literature by experts in cuneiform as proof that Sitchin erred in this regard.

8.Can you explain why many of Sitchin's word meanings / translations of Sumerian and Mesopotamian words are not consistent with Mesopotamian cuneiform bilingual dictionaries, produced by Akkadian scribes?

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will of course post any responses on this site.


Michael S. Heiser, Ph.D., Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin-MadisonSource


One Step Beyond

Today I’m going to go one step further and offer the possibility that aside from being wrong, Sitchin’s translations represent a more nefarious perceptual deception. Could we be witnessing a misinformation campaign with profound implications? Are researchers (many of whom I respect) being drawn into a campaign that is slowly building towards a pronouncement that will alter both the fabric of society and our perception of humanity?

Is there a part of me that doesn’t want to believe that we were engineered as a slave species to the gods? Could my perception/belief be influenced by that? Of course! Equally as you can see with my opening argument, I’ve given it more thought than most and my opposing perspective is not a kneejerk response. Alongside the role of a sceptic I’ve also approached this as a proponent, researched it as a proponent and previously argued it as a proponent; still something just doesn’t sit right, it’s almost as if it slots into place just that little bit too perfectly.

Ancient Aliens

I guess the next major loop of this entrainment cycle could be attributed to the “ancient aliens” television series. The ancient aliens phenomenon has its roots in the work of Erik Von Daniken and the aforementioned Zacharia Sitchin, but I believe there is a distinction that should be drawn between the two. At this point I would like to state that it’s Sitchin whom I believe to have been duplicitous, whereas I believe Von Daniken and many of the ancient aliens researchers very much believe what they’re saying. Indeed I’m certainly open to some of the perspectives that ancient aliens researchers have put forward and I'm not denigrating their work.


I’ve been watching the slave species cycle for a few years now, observing how with its every spin it draws in ever greater numbers of proponents. The concept has now pierced the veil of the public subconscious and is becoming quite the talking point. I’ve been watching and waiting to see if this cycle would be brought into a tighter loop that would connect seemingly unconnected dots. Over the last couple of years I’ve begun to observe how the puzzle pieces could come together and how a potential future narrative could be created.

Puzzle Pieces

So let’s take a look a few recent events that have sparked my interest. Yes I’m aware that the official explanations are going to differ to my hypothesis but still I feel they’re worthy of mention.

2016:The meeting of Pope Francis & Russia’s Patriarch Krill. In over 1000 years this is the first meeting between a Pope and Russian Patriarch.

2016:Pope Francis meets the Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar mosque. Again a historical first meeting between these religious figureheads.

2015-2018:Indeed in a series of world firsts Pope Francis has met leaders across the entire spectrum of religion and politics. Individuals that the Pope has met have included the Grand Mufti’s and political leaders of Istanbul & Egypt. During this time period the Pope declined an invitation to meet with the Dalai Lama.

2018:In another world first the annual Bilderberg meeting is attended by a Vatican member of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

2017:Tom Delonge becomes president of to the stars academy. His team includes:

Jim Semivan
Vice President Operations

Jim Semivan is the co-founder and Vice President Operations of TTS Academy. In 2007, Mr. Semivan founded the consulting firm, JimSem1 LLC, after his retirement as a senior intelligence service member of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Dr. Hal Puthoff
Vice President Science & Technology

Dr. Puthoff’s professional background spans more than five decades of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University and SRI International. Dr. Puthoff regularly advises NASA , the Department of Defense and intelligence communities, corporations and foundations on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends.

Steve Justice
Aerospace Division Director

Steve entered the defense aerospace industry in 1978 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology. After 31 years, Stephen is the recently retired Program Director for Advanced Systems from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs – better known as the “Skunk Works”.

Luis Elizondo
Director of Global Security & Special Programs

Luis Elizondo is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent-In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East.

Chris Mellon
National Security Affairs Advisor

Christopher Mellon served 20 years in the federal government, including as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and Bush Administrations. In addition, he’s worked many years on Capitol Hill including as the Minority Staff Director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Dr. Norm Kahn
National Security & Program Management Consultant

Dr. Norm Kahn is currently a consultant on national security for the US Government, with a focus on preventing the use of biological weapons of mass destruction/disruption. Dr. Kahn had over a 30-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency, culminating in his development and direction of the Intelligence Community's Counter-Biological Weapons Program. Source for all names

2017:Following the formation of to the stars we receive a flurry of official (government released) UFO sightings, footage and testimony.

2018:Nasa reports evidence of molecules associated with life have been found by the Mars curiosity rover.

Paradigm Shift

Now I’m fully aware that I could be off with some of the dots I’ve connected here but again something doesn’t sit right with me, momentum appears to be building but what is it building towards? Obviously many people are aware of the whole project bluebeam fake alien invasion scenario, but does a paradigm shift require such a dramatic starting point? How about a faux general consensus between politics, religion and science, is that what’s occurring now? Are the foundations for our perceptual manipulation being laid as I write this post?

I liken the current construct of our world to a giant re-education camp. I believe there is a long term agenda to disconnect us from spirit to confuse people and destroy the foundations of our humanity; the slave species hypothesis would certainly suit that agenda, but is there something more to this? Is there something that people are missing?


What Next?

I’ve been following the formation of this new (old) world order for sometime now, twenty seven years to be precise. I’ve come to believe that at it’s rotten core, this control structure are deliberately engineering the events that are described in the book of revelation. I will also say that I believe there is more to this biblical prophecy than a NWO ticklist, but that's a subject for another day. If you take a step back carry out some research and look at world events objectively, you can see how all the pieces are being moved into place. Interestingly this endgame was recently mentioned by ex illuminate insider Ronald Bernard in the fascinating interview I’ve attached below.


When Ronald first came to public prominence I carried out some cursory research into both him and his business interests and he seemed to check out. I have yet to carry out any deep research on Ronald but what he is saying seems to correlate with my own research. Ronald recently gave testimony in the Westminster seatings of London for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse.

So if all the parts are being moved into place what about the centerpiece, what about the anti-Christ? I’ve often wondered how they would sell this to the world? Is there a man alive that has the charisma to falsely unify the world and ensnare us with a deception so deep that it lays beyond our comprehension? Transcend the labels we so readily adopt? I can’t see it. I’ve theorised about the rise of a “god like” but controlled and directed artificial intelligence filling this void and that's certainly a possibility, but lets explore another idea.

Now this is conjecture of the highest order; but I then started thinking how about the return of our gods, how the return of our creators backed by the aforementioned scientific, religious and political consensus might play out? Hmmm yes, I could see how that could work. I'm not stating the return of the Annunaki, I'm entertaining the possibility that through a faux consensus we could be manipulated into believing our gods have returned as the savior of humanity. Because if god proclaims the need to unify and create a one world religion and one world government then surely he knows best, doesn't he?


Again I want to reiterate this is all highly speculative and that's the way I want to frame it, but as the Annunaki creation myth rises in prominance perhaps it's wise to entertain some alternative possibilities. Indeed if we start seeing the Annunaki on the front cover of Time magazine, then perhaps we should all pause for thought.

One thing I very much believe is that we're witnessing an attempted breakdown of our collective identity and the foundations of our humanity. I also believe that there is a deeper component to all this, a spiritual manipulation. Exactly how the future is going to play out? I don't profess to know, but I do know that we live in strange days and so an open mind is key.

Thank you for reading, until next time I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.




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Interesting food for thought. I will note that there have been a number of prominent individuals in the current US executive branch that seem to very much believe in Revelations as prophecy and be actively working to bring it about. That’s why they’re so committed to Israel despite being antiSemitic. They believe the Jews have to have possession of Jerusalem so that they can all be wiped out there. As for the Antichrist, many such believers used to say that was Obama. Now that his presidency has passed with the world as fragmented as ever, I’m not sure who the replacement is.


Thank you for stopping by @indogoocean I really appreciate it. Yes, aside from the speculative nature of this post I very much believe that they're working towards some form of biblical script, engineering the return of god .. the madness of kings eh?

I did ponder that possibility when Obama came to office .. equally in order to unite the world (before leading us into a blind alley) I feel it would take a seismic perceptual shift and I can't think of one person that could achieve this .. but of course, I could be wrong. When I saw the below image that was taken from the victory speech of Emmanuel Macron (the Rothchild pawn) it also had me wondering .. but I feel he is a far too unlikable and arrogant character. Thanks again my friend.

My mind is racing right now. All what you write is resonating so well with me. The fact that the elites seem to build towards a constructed revelation event and that they use these cycles to put thoughts into our heads is food for some thinking. We are living in an incredible time.


Hey @flauwy thank you for stopping by my friend, I really appreciate it. The most difficult thing for people to understand is that it doesn't really matter whether or not they believe in a spiritual aspect, the elites do and they're the ones in positions of power. Yes I very much believe that they following some form of biblical script, several prophecies have already come to pass, .. the possibility of a technological "mark of the beast" draws ever closer to reality (probably born out of an economic collapse) WW3 is becoming a trending search term and yes the idea of an anti-Christ suddenly doesn't seem so crazy.

They believe they are engineering the return of god .. but ultimately they could be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that will result in their destruction. We do live in crazy but amazing times and it would take a brave man to define the boundaries of the possible .. history is being made all around us! It's shame many are unable to look up from their iphones to see it. My only advice to people is stand firm, look out for each other and stay true to the love in your heart .. I'm not religious, but when this is all over (and they will fail) the meek really will inherit the earth. Thanks again my friend.

I always love reading your posts, thanks for the insights and the time you put into them.


Thank you for taking the time to read and share your kind words @cryptoandzen .. I'm really glad you appreciate the time I take in putting these posts together.

Fantastic read as always! I learn a lot of spirituality from your posts; growing up as a Christian we were never exposed to any of this and being an adult I despised organized religion so I didn’t do much research into the ancient beliefs. One thing I like about your posts, as with some other folks I pay a lot of attention to, is you give any sides information then include your opinion and let the reader make their own judgment. More individuals need to use a similar approach, it promotes dialogue not polarization.
I’ve been hearing a bit about DeLonge lately, he got a YouTube’r I watch, his video stricken and taken down. For as much as he tries to push the ufo agenda he really doesn’t like others mentioning his material. It seems very sketchy that a former popular musician such as himself would be the president of an organization that has so many former military and government officials on it. I will have to look more into him.
Did you hear about Trump planning to create a space force now as well? That adds to the cycle of psychological manipulation that we are being groomed for.
I also appreciated the mention of the subtle societal manipulation that goes on ad nauseum with many topics, I have noticed that for sure! I hear about things in our truther movement then a while later it pops onto the mainstream a bit then it comes back stronger. There is endless manipulation going on it’s unfortunate!
Thanks again, cheers!


Thank you for taking the time to read @cmplxty it's much appreciated and never taken for granted. In terms of spirituality and the hidden nature of reality, I'm just getting warmed up on that front and have lots to share :) I was also raised as a Christian and have a lot of time for the true word of Christ I just feel that the church grossly misrepresents it, much like the construct of our world they are a hierarchical control mechanism .. equally they attempt to divert us away from many hidden mysteries, wisdom's and self-exploration. In his omniscient majesty, god will know my heart and intent to be true and good and that is all I need to know.

There are a billion people on the internet all demanding that they have the answer and that they are right, but if everyone is right then who is wrong? To a degree we are all prisoners of perception (hence my name) .. many are working towards the same ideas they simply have different ways of perceiving it. I deliberately seperate my more research based work from these more theorised posts .. because I'm just sharing some interesting ideas and concepts .. putting them out there and seeing what people think. Even in my research based posts I always choose my words carefully and state it's what I believe .. I hate ideas being forced upon me and I would never do that, I leave it open for the reader to decide.

In regards to Delonge, I think he has been chosen as a spokesperson but if their is a deeper layer/component to all this I imagine he probably isn't aware and is simply being used as a friendly public face of disclosure. Thanks again my friend.

Interesting indeed @perceptualflaws.
Agreed totally on the assessment of Sitchen.
One of the main dichotomies in this area of inquiry is whether we are dealing with solely aliens (terrestrial) or interdimensional/multidimensional/or both.
My experiences are of a spiritual nature so I lean to that hypothesis. A long-term friend says its both.
It's our political-economic religious and environmental disasters which lead me to believe that there is more going on here than The Amazing Atheist will concede. Too many coincidences as far as I can tell.
Your speculation on the demiurge is reasonable, though, if we get to the point where we can entertain your perspective on it.
Whatever and whoever these rulers (archons) are they definitely are using religion and Abrahamic scripture to fulfill their agenda/s.
As a spiritual anarchist, I say fuck them!lol
More later...


Thanks for stopping by @andrewmarkmusic

Yes, I find Sitchin to be duplicitous in the extreme .. unfortunately, many have since gone on to use his work/translations as a template for further research; I can understand why, but with a such a weight of academic evidence that points to his falsification it appears as though much subsequent work is built upon very shaky foundations.

I'm with you on the spiritual manipulation perspective. As you're aware, I'm very open to the idea that the elites that are tightening the noose around our world are indeed a connection to a forgotten age and at some point (for want of a better words) they sold their souls for personal enrichment, through their actions they have become a physical manifestation of archontic intent .. rich and powerful, but still puppets on a string. In terms of ET's I spent a large proportion of my youth looking into the phenomena and I tend to think of them them as more interdimensional .. the way the craft move appears as if they are somehow able to manouver between the transdimensional nature of reality. Thanks again my friend.


Here's Hancock's latest:


Hey thank you my friend, hope you've been well .. I've been offline most of the week so I'm just catching up on messages etc but I'm looking forward to watching this and to catching up with your work!

You link some sources, such as To The Stars (and it's agency affiliations) with what I have long thought appeared to be deliberate distortion (Sitchin), and come to the conclusion I reckon seems reasonable.



Thank you for stopping by @valuedcustomer hope you've been well? Yes I find Sitchin to be extremely duplicitous and with regards to Delonge, although I don't feel as though he is party to this potential deception, I do feel as though his enthusiasm is being used against him and that he is potentially being utilised as a pawn in a game that is being played outside of his comprehension. Thanks again my friend.

Great read. I would think of myself as an open mind. You opened up many angles .I do believe that we are in a big change. This world of ours is transforming.Volcanos volcanos volcanos, the sun has changed, the earth is shifting. I believe a big eraser is happening. Plates are shifting. The under is going to cover the top. Then it starts allover.Thank you Keep on keeping on


Hey @basquejohn thank you for stopping by and lending your support. It's interesting that you should mention the sun and volcanos because I previously wrote a post that touched upon a connection between the Grand solar minimums and volcanic activity .. since I wrote the post, seismic and volcanic activity has been exponentially increasing. You can see the connection between a solar minimum and the explosion of Krakotoa in 1893, so it's an interesting concept. Thanks again my friend.


Thank you for your response. It's an interesting time my generation has seen ( which I think) has been the biggest transformation in just about everything that could change did change. We are coming up to a planet alling that has not happened in thousands of years .The tug a war is going to happen. Interesting times thanks again. Keep on keeping on

Anyone who researched Zecharia Sitchin know that he is one manipulators pushing certain agenda. I'm 99% sure that I saw few times proofs he was part of people who were conducting mind control, accused from victims. Not sure what kind of programs, but I think it was MK-Ultra or some similar mind program. It is also well known that Zecharia Sitchin is pushed by Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

Something did happen back in the day. It's not accident that human experience is the way it is. Manipulation not only happen on tempering genes, it also happen on spiritual level. No way spiritual evolved beings would accept to have crappy experiences, especially over and over (reincarnation).

Didn't read all of your articles, so I don't know did you mention this...

The Moon

In my opinion Moon is artificial spaceship, control center for manipulators. There is a lot of evidence for, many books written about it. Not spaceship only in sense that Moon is just a secret base for alien crafts, but also kind of energetic weapon throwing certain frequency on Earth and keeping things way they are. Barbara Marciniak who channel Pleiadians talked a lot about it or you could say Pleiadians thru her.

I was watched series "Children of the Sun" on croatian Tv. Host of that show went to Mexico and near by countries to talk with successors of Mayans and Aztecs. Host talked to chief of one of those tribes and he said to him exact year when Moon came into orbit of Earth. Chiefs describe that event to host of the show. They claim Moon before that didn't exist or wasn't in Earth's atmosphere.

If you understand spanish, you could understand this, but even if you don't know I think you should understand what they are talking about. Form 25:30-38:10 chief and few other people explain their myths. On 29:30-30:15 mark you can see chief talking about moment when Moon came to Earth:

29:30-30:15 translated

13747 years ago (13752 now) we were witnesses of event that change the Earth. Big catastrophe happen. According to our tradition, catastrophe happen when Moon came to Earth for the first time. The moon pushed Earth to the five days making total darkness, big earthquakes and floats in all directions.


Hi @cmoljoe thank you for stopping by .. yes I have heard similar stories about Sitchin being present at certain ceremonies, I think one was made a lady that claimed to have been raised with the sole purpose of being a illuminati high priestess and then became a whistleblower? Obviously, I don't know the validity of those claims but yes I'm certainly aware.

I'm very open to the idea that there was a event, a schism that somehow disconnected us from creation and impeded our cognition and perceptual awareness, blinding us to the nature of our reality and place within it.

In terms of the moon, yes I am aware of it but in all honesty, I haven't carried out a great deal of research on the subject so I don't have a great deal to add to your comment. But I suppose if we look at it this way, the lunar cycle has a direct influence upon psychology and metabolism. This can be shown within birth rates, accidents, death and spikes in violence, the waxing and waning of our tides .. I could go on. Even the Federal Reserve has concluded that trade on the stock market is directly influenced by this cycle. The aforementioned are undeniable facts and so I guess it begs the question as to what the world would be like without the moon? What would our cognition, metabolism and biology be like without the moon? Thanks again my friend.


I'm just writing article about Moon. I will post it tomorrow.


Article done, you can check it out.

Fantastic presentation of a rather complex topic. By this one article alone, the uninitiated person could bring themselves up to speed with an general understanding of this phenomenon. That’s some Great Work! ;)


Thank you for taking the time to read @bbblackwell I really appreciate the support and kind words. I always try to make these subjects as easy to understand and absorb as possible, I try to write every post from the perspective that someone is reading it for the first time .. so I'm really glad you noticed. Thanks again!


Quality readily reveals itself. So far I’ve only taken a quick look through your stuff, but the honesty and thoughtfulness is apparent. No agenda here; just an earnest seeker of true knowledge and understanding - a lover of wisdom - and there’s no higher aspiration or contribution, to my mind. I’ll be following, so you haven’t seen the last of me!


Thank you @bbblackwell .. I realised from a very young age that we lived in a world of illusion and so I have always sought truth in a era of propaganda and humility in an age of narcissism .. My main purpose in life is to try and help my brothers and sisters emancipate themselves from the web of lies that have been spun around us .. I'm not saying I'm always right, but my intent is always good. I'm just a tiny fish in a vast ocean, so will it make a difference? I don't know .. but we can but try and I have to follow my heart. Thanks again my friend.


If each person made such a commitment, this world would be a paradise in no time.

I enjoyed your post and appreciate your time in putting it together. Although I wish quote's such as "Recent breakthroughs have shown Neanderthal’s to be kind, caring, family orientated and equally capable of art work" were linked to sources. When one is exposed to new material on emerging platforms like Steemit (that live outside of mainstream understanding) any link to what is perceived as legitimate source material helps bridge the gap between what could be taken as unbelievable, and what indeed may be possible. I don't mean to diminish the obvious work you've put into the article. But for a time-starved populace, any quickly accessible connection to such evidence is critical in order to penetrate the minds of cynical conservatives (who are open enough to consider alternative theories of evolution). i.e. I don't want to spend more time googling something in order to confirm its existence so I can proceed with the post. In any event, I enjoyed your post and will read more as a result.


Hey my friend, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read, comment. Yes you're right, if you take a look at the bloodlines post I directed the reader towards you will notice that my research-based work is heavily referenced. This was more of an opinion piece, but yes in relation to the Neanderthals "art" I should have added some details. There are a couple of links in my reference section at the bottom of this post. Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

I am happy to see your colorful post again. Too tired to go through it; I have to come back refreshed tomorrow, leaving my upvote behind. Good night!


Thank you @johano I hope you enjoy and I hope you slept well :)

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I would throw into that mix the sudden propagation of the so-called Flat Earth Theory - I recall being bombarded with those "recommendations" by Youtube. In some ways, it targets our bastions of science, such as NASA, but its deeper role is in seeding mental confusion and testing the general level of scientific ignorance.

more thinking...


The spiritual manipulation you speak of is not just happening at the level of symbols and narrative (and coerced behaviour), but also at the technological level, specifically the electromagnetic bombardment of our environment. I mentioned in a post that even the EMF Portal claims not to have the funds to disseminate research papers specifically on microwaves - all other frequency bands are somehow fine. A similar site, also in Germany, seems to have shut down. Huge red flag to me.

Put into the melting pot scientific illiteracy, the "inevitable" (dangerous de-powering word) transhumanist agenda, the "inevitable" (there again) spread of artificial intelligence, the insistence of the man-machine paradigm (yet controlled by EM waves) and then add a narrative that suggests that, as we have been created by genetic engineers, we can now be genetic gods, and what do we have?

Why does it smell more like poison than aqua vitae?


Hi @aakom thank you for stopping by .. and yes in relation to flat earth, when the mainstream start promoting it then it should serve as a warning sign to anyone that's following it.

I'm very much with you about the technological aspect of the control grid, EMF, light and sound frequency manipulation .. I have written about this extensively and highlighted how the US government alone holds 41 patents for EMF mind control technology.

There are many researchers that are speaking out about the technology induced elctromagnetic soup that we are increasingly surrounding ourselves with. This has led the physicist Dr Wolfgang Ludwig to state "measuring the Schumann resonance in or around a city has become absolutely impossible, electromagnetic pollution has forced us to take our measurements at sea" . Other researchers have declared that "we may be creating an environment that is out of tune with nature itself". We need to get back to our balance with nature!


Thanks, I'll have to check out Dr Ludwig. There is an extensive archive of Persinger's work in this field - we can now measure these very weak fields and have adapted/evolved to function in resonance with them. For example, at night the Schumann frequency profile shows marked resonances below the 7.8Hz - these coincide with brain frequencies that govern the phase-change between being awake and asleep. By swamping our air with pulsed microwaves that include low frequency components because of the way the packets are switched may make it difficult for some brains to "power down" to below 4 Hz.

I'll have a periodic dive into your old posts - see if there is anything I can comment on! :-)


It is strange, I have been seeing more and more people starting to try and argue for a flat Earth. It is painful because on the one hand of using science to demonstrate the flaw can easily come across as an attack on the entire concept of God in the first place. Even though the concepts are for our intentions proven.

I agree with the sentiment that the narrative is being pushed as a means of discrediting people, then they can highlight oh these people believe in spirituality in Flat Earth. The same techniques get used for different reasons similarly.


Thank you for stopping by my friend, and yes in relation to flat earth I agree entirely .. equally it's interesting how often this theory is popping up in mainstream publications, it's used to tarnish anyone that expresses an alternative viewpoint and to denigrate them with the "conspiracy theorist" label, no matter how valid their research or perspective may be. Thanks again @bmanmcfly

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Your post is very good. May you live long. Plz vote me plz

Have you ever studied the electric universe theories? If not the I would suggest looking through the thunderbolts project channel on YouTube
Could give you an interesting perspective to view things from, I know I see many topics in a whole different light.

Oh snap, this is a big one! At work now, but I will definitely check this out. My spiritual journey started out looking into ancient civilizations and I stumbled on the annunaki. Haven't researched much recently.