Pyramids Of Power And The Lost Grid Of The Ancients

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Pyramids Of Power


The Flow Field

Since the dawn of humanity some among us have sought to access the inner dimensions of the mind. They seek to alter their perceptions and to transcend both societal norms and redefine our narrow understanding of both natural law and the nature of reality. Equally others amongst us have sought to use this awareness and our connection to the earth’s resonance as a form of control. Hidden by the mists of time has a moment of technological singularity happened before?

At a quantum level our brains and our consciousness are all connected to each other. My perception of reality is that of a huge multi cellular field of energy, in physics this energy is commonly known as the flow field. Now you may be wondering how this flow field is connected to the pyramids of my title, well I intend to show a few examples of this. I will be giving a brief synopsis and then revisiting and expanding upon many of these concepts as time progresses.

The Numbers 3,6 & 9

According to the work of Nikola Tesla the numbers 3, 6 and 9 represent the universes nodule (energetic) points. Within the calculations of Tesla, these points and hence these numbers represent a triangle. The triangle is itself a representation of the aforementioned flow (universal energy) field. This is in turn connected to ourselves, as our bodies (and the earth) all display their own respective energy nodules. It’s important to note that mankind discovered mathematics as opposed to inventing it and as such in many ways these ideas were re-discovered by Tesla.


The Number 6

The number 6 was the first number acknowledged by the Pythagoreans as the first perfect number. A perfect number is found when all the divisions of a number are added together and the sum equals the number itself. The numbers 3,6 and 9 and indeed the pyramidal structures they signify have been studied and worshipped since the dawn of our current historical timeline. Is there a puzzle that’s been woven into ancient writings and architecture?

1) It’s interesting that God was said to have created the earth in six days.

2)Throughout history the number 6 has been considered good luck.

3) We often refer to those with extra sensory perception as having a sixth sense.

4) (John 2:6-9) Jesus performed his first miracle by turning six stone jugs of water into wine.


The Number 3

Throughout history the number three held a unique significance in the eyes of man. It can be found throughout religion, architecture, mathematics and many other aspects of humanity. Numerous cultures have held this number in high esteem and indeed within secret societies the importance of numbers, sacred geometry and architecture are taught at varying levels within “secret schools of enlightenment”.

In the sixth century Pythagoras introduced his theorem: A squared + B squared = C squared. This theorem explains a mathematical relationship between three sides of right triangles and is believed to be based upon the design of the pyramids. This was a knowledge given and not discovered by Pythagoras, again I refer to ancient secret schools of enlightenment.

1) When we think of DNA all living organisms are dependent upon three large molecules for the vast array of biological functions.

2) There are three pyramids at Giza, and although they are connected to Orion's belt is there also a significance in the number?

3) There are three great divine energies in the Hindi creation story.

4) In the bible there were three wise men.

Indeed the clues to the importance of these numbers still surround us on a daily basis.


The Number 9

The number 9 has itself been revered and woven into our history, religion and architecture.

1) The terms “cloud nine” and “dressed to the nines are used extensively to this day, along with the concept of a cat having nine lives and the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine”.

2) Within the Christian hierarchy of angels there were nine Seraphim.

3)The Maya wove the principle of nine into their writings and architecture. The Mayan pyramid of Chichen Itza is a nine level pyramid, during equinoxes the shadows create an illusion of the great snake Kukulcan travelling down to the base of the pyramid to touch a representation of it’s own head, that has been carved into the wall.

4) The Hebrew letter Teth (T) means serpent and represents secret spiritual intelligence, interestingly this number is transcribed by the number nine.

The number nine is synonymous with the architecture of the universe and the diameters of the moon, the sun and the earth all reduce to the number nine (the spirit number). I could go on but I think you get the message, but hey maybe the ancients just built these structures because they liked the shapes and mathematics involved? Or perhaps, just maybe the use of these pyramidical structures and architectural archetypes have far more profound connotations that we’ve been led to believe? Indeed is the pyramidical all seeing eye that’s become synonymous with the NWO and indeed popular culture, hinting at a far greater knowledge than we can imagine?


Pythagoras & Pyramids

When I discuss ancient cultures I’m referring to cultures that I believe pre-date our narrow understandings of the history of humanity. Within these ancient cultures there appears to be a deep understanding of both mathematical, energetic and universal concepts and indeed how we resonate in perfect union with the universe/world around us. The great pyramid is itself built upon the earth’s central nodule point (more on this later). It also mathematically conveys the very same dimensions/proportions as the earth and moon. These dimensions can be obtained using the Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle.

Negative Green

From domes to pyramids these geometric structures have been shown to produce a carrier wave known as negative green. These carrier waves display similar characteristics to radio waves that carry sound information. Negative green displays a high vibrational quality and this imbues within it strong energetic waves. Higher energy fields have been shown to resonate and perhaps initiate higher states of consciousness. These states of awareness can become evident with meditation, and deep prayer. I believe that there is a reason that the shapes of these structures have been associated with religion and spirituality through the ages.


An Ancient Power Grid Or Control Structure?

I’ve come to the conclusion (along with many researchers like Graham Hancock & John Anthony West) that the most ancient archaeological wonders of this world are not random occurrences but are instead deliberately placed on many of the earths nodules and ley lines. The official story is that this was simply an act of ceremony or burial, personally I believe this is a complex worldwide jigsaw puzzle of hidden knowledge. I also believe that despite the great work of the aforementioned Hancock and Robert Bauval (to name just two) we’re still just finding the pieces as opposed to even beginning to put them all together. Has this mystery has followed us throughout our current historical timeline and woven itself into the very fabric of our society? indeed the clues to this surround us on a daily basis.

Pyramids Of Power

There are many pyramids scattered around the world and equally many that are still being discovered. From Bosnia to China and now whispers of ancient civilisations buried underneath Antarctica, there appears to be some kind of ordered structure that relates to the placement of both pyramids and many other ancient structures. Indeed as I’ve mentioned previously there appears to be a huge connection between ancient sacred structures and areas of the globe where the earths energy resonates.

Another fascinating yet often overlooked fact relating to the Great Pyramid of Giza is that it’s strategically placed at the exact center of the earth’s landmass. This can be calculated by the fact that both the east/west parallel and the north/south meridian lines cross in just two places. One is in the ocean and the other where the Great Pyramid was built. The understandings of geometry, physics and mathematics that’s on display throughout these ancient structures is nothing short of astounding. To me this transcends all that we’ve been taught about who these people were.

Tesla Energy Towers

It appears that Nikola Tesla was also working with many of the ideas and perceptions relating to the nature of energy. A lifelong project of Tesla’s related to the production of free energy from an interconnected worldwide grid. This was intended to utilise the earth’s electrical energy, with no pollution and no need for a wired system. The towers would have been constructed near high concentrations of electro magnetic energy, or near waterfalls etc. They would both draw and resonate this energy but unfortunately this plan never came to fruition.


The World Grid

I’m certainly not the first person to speak of a concept called “the world grid” and indeed I have evidenced this in my references. The grid is a perception of an ancient world of interconnected structures placed upon key nodule and energy points. Utilising the earth’s energy flows and power nodules where the flows intersect. To bring it down to basics we could perhaps think of these structures as akin to a giant feng-shui style energy transfer network.

Perhaps this energy was sought as a tool of enlightenment that enabled people to achieve higher states of awareness and consciousness. Perhaps it had more of a control element and indeed perhaps it was something else entirely? What I will say is that many of these ancient concepts appear to have been reversed engineered and used against us. With the advancement of 5G and the potential quantum connection of our brains it appears the we have our own control grid being built around us. This is something I’ve written about extensively and have attached some relevant posts at the bottom of the article.

The Great Pyramid as some form of architectural power nodule may seem a little crazy to some people. But equally so does the official explanation of the pyramids as some form of grandiose burial chamber. For starters there are no hieroglyphs and the only reason that the structure is even attributed to the pharaoh Khufu is because of one small section of ancient graffiti.


The Observations Of Plato

It was Plato himself that wrote that “there is a world soul” he described this soul as being comprised of 126 equal identical triangles. In the perceptions of Plato the world soul was a harmonious and intelligent energy that existed at the heart of the cosmic pattern. This world soul was woven into ourselves and the very fabric of the universe. Indeed once you begin to explore the fundamental nature of reality you will find that it all relates back to patterns of numerical codes (platonic numbers), the platonic solids (I will cover this in far greater detail at a later date) and all the geometric structures that originate from this sacred geometry. Two of the chief structures that relate to humanity, universal energy and the perception of reality are indeed both the pyramid and the octahedron.

Ancient examples of the Platonic solids found in Scotland. Platonic solids are the building blocks of all existence


It was stated by Plato “that man must undertake the mental challenge to study and attempt to explain the world around him, including the cosmos beyond his perceptive abilities” he believed this would free both ourselves and grow our souls. It was only during the scientific revolution that we came to view the world from within and view intelligence as a human state of being. This has cut us off from our profound connection to the universe and has led to a deep sense of isolation and alienation within the very psyche of humanity. This disconnection has shattered the direction of humanity into a thousand tiny shards of misdirection.

The Energetic Nature Of Reality

I have come to believe that within these patterns of nature there is indeed a hidden energy source. I have also come to believe that the ancients found some way to both utilise and harness this power. Equally as I have previously mentioned I have come to understand that this power is now being nefariously used against us.

Modern science has indeed shown us the validity of an electromagnetic field. I have written about this extensively and indeed these concepts are woven into the very fabric of ancient cultures. From the U.K, Europe, ancient Egypt to the Mayas they all display a deep understanding of universal mathematics and utilised energetic resonances within their very architecture.


I believe the keys to our future lay hidden deep in our past. I say hidden in a literal sense because something of profound importance lays obscured by the mists of time. In many ways we are like lost children left to drift with no foundations or understanding relating to who we really are and indeed where we’re going. Deep in our past lays the knowledge and potential for humanity to rise off our knees and reclaim our place in the cosmos. I also believe this is the reason we have been cut off from this knowledge for knowledge is power and this power is used to control and subjugate us.

I have hopefully shown a deep ancient understanding that relates to the resonating energies of ourselves, the earth and the cosmos. Whether this was a power grid for the betterment of mankind or for their enslavement I will leave for you to think about. What I do believe is that within the upper echelons of the power structure this knowledge is being used to create a synthetic reality and electronic prison wall around us and the planet. To disconnect us from the earths heartbeat/Schuman resonance and to utilise a hidden knowledge relating to electro-magnetism as a way of implementing the final goal, full spectrum dominance. Now is the time to reclaim the past and fight for our future. The game has been tilted in their favour for too long, but the next roll of the dice will be ours.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Written by perceptualflaws
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Mate, your work just keeps getting better and better.
What an amazing post, the ancients were indeed way more in tune with the forces of nature and the universe. I believe there was a 'knowledge apocolypse' that happened in antiquity probably linked to an actual event. One day I'm sure the knowledge be restored. Until that day we are destined to continue on the path we're on. Keep it up buddy. Resteemed.


Thank you my friend! I really appreciate the kind words, upvote and resteem .. back to the number three again :) Yes I completely agree, it feels like true knowledge was stolen away from us and kept within the greedy hands of the few. None of us can hope to obtain every facet of truth, merely to chips stones away from the bedrock of history. It feels like a giant jigsaw of hidden wisdom has been strewn throughout the world. And like you say whether or not it's in my lifetime, the truth will out. Thanks again my friend @tremendospercy


Anytime buddy.
Hopefully my 'When does a myth become truth' series has helped to open some eyes to the worldwide advanced civilisation that existed in antiquity. Your work certainly does.
I don't always focus on the ecsoteric aspects of these mysteries so your work gives me and others a a different perspective from which to look at them.
Thanks again mate.

Humanity is awakening to the power of three. Until recently it was binary only. I meditate on the SriYantra whenever I can and Devi reveals more and more. Great post, thank you...


Hey @awakened-oracle Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post, I really appreciate it. Yes you're right for I also believe humanity is undergoing some form of an awakening. The old power structure is beginning to crumble under the weight of a million open eyes. Once again thanks for the great comment.


the power of three... what you say is fascinating because of what I've been focused on as of late. I've been realizing how we live in binary codes. Three has always been a sacred number to me; I do wonder what it means to be awakening to it...

Now is the time to reclaim the past and fight for our future. The game has been tilted in their favour for too long, but the next roll of the dice will be ours.

Great informations @perceptualflaws. Thanks yo


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment my friend, It's greatly appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

What another great post @perceptual flaws ! I love how you have connected the esoteric with the real and acutal science being put into place with 5G !! Yes such a great and startling fact as indeed they are robbing us of the natural beneficial vibrations of our planet. Replacing it with their overriding negative feild and negative disturbance of our otherwise life giving essential creative energies that would ordinarily connect us all to it and one another !


@gomeravibz Thanks for your support and great comments my friend, it's greatly appreciated. I believe they have a deep understanding of the ionosphere and Schumann resonance and how this can effect our mental states and are amalgamating the concept into technology. We are beings of frequency and if you can control that frequency then you control the world. Thanks again my friend, I'm really looking forward to checking out your new work.


Yes thats its the ting exactly @perceptualflaws ! Its great that you make this connection really ! We are all beings of frequency as is the Universe itself as all is clearly connected by these waves of electromagnetic frequency, so as you say if they control the frequency then they control us and everything ! Thanks to you for your perception and support in my work here )


Thank you @gomeravibz No problem, your work is excellent and you're doing a great job at raising awareness. As long as you're writing I'll be supporting, catch you soon my friend :)

hey PF, I'm always happy to read your posts...I happen to be on a similar page here with you. After reading 'Giza Powerplant', I felt really upset that no body had ever talked about that angle before...the evidence for it is completely overwhelming.


Hey @itchykitten Thanks for stopping by my friend, I really appreciate it, I hope life is good for you. I have the book on order as I type and I'm really looking forward to it. I strongly feel that the mists of time hold the key to both our future and our liberation. The isolation of our species has made us turn inwards and in doing so cut many off from their humanity and their empathy. But times are changing, minds are opening and the ability to change the entire course of humanity is now but a perception away. Once again thanks for stopping by, I'm up in the Highlands of Scotland at the moment but look forward to catching up when I return. :)


Hey Buddy, how are you? I've been checking out your blog but haven't seen any recent posts.
The great pyramid was definately a source of power as proven by Christopher Dunn. Take a look at the series of posts I've done recently called 'When does a myth become truth' as I have tried to show how all corners of the world had an advanced civilisation in antiquity. I also just wrote a fiction piece about Antarctica you may like, it all ties in with the knowledge of the ancients. Great to see you supporting my great freind PF. Good on ya dude.

What an epic article! It's truly fascinating to ponder what the world is really about...our origins...I definitely agree that the knowledge is out there, and is known by a few, completely and purposely hidden from us. I feel like I have 'no home', and many feel the same as me, it has to be because of this disconnection from knowing who we are, what our place is, and where we even are.


Hey @lyndsaybowes I hope my words find you having a great day/evening. Thanks for taking the time to stop by I really appreciate it. I completely agree, for I have a feeling that to unwind this mystery is to discover both ourselves and the purpose of our humanity. Some may say we have no purpose and are little more than a collection of randomly occurring molecules. This is the statistic equivalent of a tornado destroying a house and then rebuilding it in another location. If the official explanation is that we are a spinning blue ball suspended in a golden sunbeam that itself was birthed in a random explosion billions of years ago then surely the door is open for all possibilities? It's simply that we have yet to explore the other possibilities. To believe or not to believe is simply a perception of the possible and for to long we have allowed others to define the impossible. Thanks for the great comments @lyndsaybowes catch you soon :)



Some may say we have no purpose and are little more than a collection of randomly occurring molecules.

Sounds exactly like what someone who wants to control and enslave a people would want them to believe. That we are small, insignificant, that we have no purpose, we are only here at random...


Once people stopped believing in the power of the church over them, the controllers needed a new way to suppress comes "science"...

Wow @perceptualflaws
What a fantastic piece. I always love playing with numbers...They hold so much truth in them....

Funny, I just worked out our 3 numbers (my little family) and we are 3, 6 and 9!!!!!! :O Wow!

Hope you are having a great week off ;) Cant wait to catch up <3


Hey @ancientmystique Thanks so much for popping by and leaving such great comments. That's amazing and what a moment of great synchronicity for your family. I'm so glad you're back and really looking forward to catching up with your work! With regards to numbers I wrote this a little while ago and it seems relevant in the context of this conversation: "Whilst at school I really struggled to get to grips with many of the mathmatical and scientific principles. It was all so boring and mundane, or maybe that was just my teacher! If I had been told that the entire universe (and every living organism within it) were all part of a beautiful mathematical equation, the poet within me would have embraced the wonder and beauty of these natural laws and principles. I would have been captivated whilst it was being explained how these equations are woven into the very fabric of the universe itself." Looking forward to catching you soon and having a good catch up :)

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I am very interested in ancient history, technology, energy, etc. and this is great writing. I believe it is possible that one day a person might find a way through the power structure to get free energy out to the world.


@treetoptennis Thanks for the kind words my friend, I really do appreciate it. Yes I think you're entirely correct, for in many ways I liken the truth to holding a basketball under water. You can hold it down for so long but the second you grow tired and release your grip it's coming right to the surface.


Impressively considered thoughts, here. I have always been so drawn to pyramids and the number 3, even since I was small. Over the years, following these both further and further has been fascinating and it's incredible how much is just out of focus for lack of understanding the totality of how it ties everything together.

My mind is constantly being blown. And there's just something magnetic to that energy of it too. I love to use pyramids in my energy work because of how it actually creates such palpable energy.


Hey @intuitivejakob Thanks for the great comment my friend. I completely agree with your out of focus analogy. In many ways we need to take a step back and take a look at the big picture as opposed to focusing on a set of unconnected randomly occurring events. Indeed the entire cosmos seems to be a interconnected puzzle and if that's the case so is the history of humanity. Fractured into a thousand tiny shards I'll grant you, but in reality there is simply one truth and to explore this possibility is to liberate our very souls. Again thanks for the great comment.


Niiiiiiice. Yes, yes, and yes.

Liberate on!

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very cool post man... reminds me of the Chinese concept of Chi.... keep it rockin' dude / peace !


Hey @clumsysilverdad thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment, I very much appreciate it. Yes I completely agree with your Chi analogy, A universally binding, resonating energy field that flows through all life. It's sad that somewhere along this dusty old road of ours we forgot this most fundamental essence of consciousness and reality. Thanks again dude!