What does esoteric mean to you and how has it influenced your life? TSU BI-WEEKLY QUESTION

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We live in an exoteric world, with a selected few being privy to esoteric knowledge. This is basically what esoteric literally means, knowledge intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest. Esoteric knowledge can be of any kind, be it advanced physics, alchemy, history, musical etc. Personally speaking, I have normally used this term with respect to spiritual matters. Some of the most powerful esoteric knowledge is held in secret libraries around the world, and only very selected people are able to ever gleen knowledge from these books. Knowledge is power, and certain things need to be hidden from plain view. The need for secrecy may be because this knowledge is sacred, as is in the case of spiritual esoteric knowledge such as the Kabbalah. It may also be because this knowledge can be used to disturb the balance of power in the world, such as knowledge about physics that can be used for weaponry or other ulterior motives.

I have discovered various esoteric knowledge on my path, and mostly in the field of spirituality, but also Biology. I have specialised in Biology for many years and have learned hands on the skills and techniques needed to perform very esoteric experiments. I have learned what DNA is and how the code of life actually works! I have even learned how to manipulate DNA, construct my own version of genes, and even in theory how to clone a human or animal. It's not that hard when you know how!

I feel very lucky to have such a good understanding of Biology, and the sciences in general, as they have given me a deeper understanding of this world as well as the spiritual realm. I have seen how nature and life works in cycles and spirals. I understand why things look the way they do, because in nature form (physical attributes) always complements function, and so by understanding the function of every large and microscopic part of a plant or animal I am able to appreciate their form and appearance in other ways. A simple flower for example is a perfect example of one of natures beautiful creations.. and whilst its easy to appreciate them with out knowing much more about them, it is extra special to understand why they have such stunning colours, petals, and scents .

Spiritual knowledge comes in two ways, either from a teacher or from our inner and outer guides. I have learned very special knowledge from several incredible humans and I'd like to share a bit about a few of them. One man, Drunvalo Melchizedek has brought to my attention so much Very esoteric knowledge that it has played a huge part in how I see the world, and interact with it. Drunvalo introduced me to the Flower Of Life way back in 1998, and I spent a lot of time reading his books and attending his workshops. I discovered the truth about the Egyptian Pyramids, and what they were used for. Today some researchers think they have figured it out, and believe that they were used to produce power. This is total nonsense, the real use of the pyramids were as ascension chambers, with the sarcophagus being located dead centre and exactly the spot where cosmic energy is focused. Anyone lying down in this spot will have their pineal gland (Portal Of Higher Dimensions) exactly in line with the the focused energy field. The pineal glad gets activated in ways that no human today could withstand. It takes a lifetime of training to overcome fear, and be able to enter these realms safely.

Drunvalo taught me about entities and spirit, and how to work with energies and angels. I learned how to remove entities from myself and others with compassion and protection using the Merkaba Field. I learned about the super psychic children who are quietly in the background shaping our Christ consciousness grid and holding our vibration up so we may all ascend to the fourth dimension, the christ consciousness (this is not a religious type of Christ). These children are the ones we have been waiting for, and it brings me great hope and joy to know that SO many children are able to have effects on us and our planet far beyond what most people are aware of.

Drunvalo taught me how to activate my merkaba field. This field is very special and when activated can protect us in many ways. It is also called a field of immortality, because it is said that someone who leaves their body (dies) with an active merkaba field will also be able to retain the memories of this lifetime to the next. Memories are held as a magnetic field, and the merkaba is a very powerful electromagnetic field that can allow our memories to persist.

Doreen Virtue and Gregg Braden are two more very special souls who introduced me to my Angels, and very special esoteric knowledge about the Lost Mode of Prayer. This is very simply the way that we should be praying in order to really manifest what we want in our lives. This knowledge has helped me to manifest my dreams, and I know how effective it can be to live in this way. Again, very simply, the way to actually pray is to hold the feeling of what you are praying for having already been done. This feeling is key, and understanding the power of our feelings and emotions are a doorway and path to great creative and manifestation power. Instead of longing for what we don't have, and causing it to be pushed even further from our grasp (that is how the universe works, it always affirms and mirrors our feelings and thoughts.) If we pray to have money, we are affirming we don't have money, and that feeling traps us because the universe mirrors is back to us. When we feel abundance and wealth, we can turn the tables around very quickly. This is a way of life, rather than something we use a tool on certain occasions.

Today with the Internet you might ask if the idea of esoteric knowledge is somewhat different than it used to be!? Not long ago it would be much harder to even find out about esoteric knowledge, and most secrets were held very sacred and hidden from public view. The onset of the internet is very synchronistic rather than the cause of the release of much sacred knowledge to the world. The release of our secrets is something that has happened in all religions, cultures, and today we have access to just about all knowledge on just about any esoteric concept. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between having access to knowledge and truly understanding it, and its implications.. and that is why even today most esoteric concepts are very poorly understood by most people.

This is inevitable, and quite intentional! We are all at different stages of our evolution, and over many many lifetimes we all spiral deeper into our core and learn to Know Thy Self. As we refine and raise our vibration we will suddenly discover the meaning behind many of the words and scriptures that have previously been very superficially understood. That is why we often need teachers to gift us with esoteric knowledge and ideas; because the real meaning behind words and scriptures can be quite illusive without a guiding light.

I would like to leave you with some words from an ascended master Rudolf Steiner. Rudolf has written libraries on many topics. His words on what esoteric means are very well written and speak about how we attain esoteric knowledge.

How Is Knowledge of the Higher Worlds Attained?

There slumber in every human being faculties by means of which he can acquire for himself a knowledge of higher worlds. Mystics, Gnostics, Theosophists — all speak of a world of soul and spirit which for them is just as real as the world we see with our physical eyes and touch with our physical hands.

At every moment the listener may say to himself: that, of which they speak, I too can learn, if I develop within myself certain powers which today still slumber within me. There remains only one question — how to set to work to develop such faculties.

For this purpose, they only can give advice who already possess such powers. As long as the human race has existed there has always been a method of training, in the course of which individuals possessing these higher faculties gave instruction to others who were in search of them.

Such a training is called occult (esoteric) training, and the instruction received therefrom is called occult (esoteric) teaching, or spiritual science. This designation naturally awakens misunderstanding. The one who hears it may very easily be misled into the belief that this training is the concern of a special, privileged class, withholding its knowledge arbitrarily from its fellow-creatures.

He may even think that nothing of real importance lies behind such knowledge, for if it were a true knowledge — he is tempted to think — there would be no need of making a secret of it; it might be publicly imparted and its advantages made accessible to all.

Those who have been initiated into the nature of this higher knowledge are not in the least surprised that the uninitiated should so think, for the secret of initiation can only be understood by those who have to a certain degree experienced this initiation into the higher knowledge of existence.

The question may be raised: how, then, under these circumstances, are the uninitiated to develop any human interest in this so-called esoteric knowledge? How and why are they to seek for something of whose nature they can form no idea? Such a question is based upon an entirely erroneous conception of the real nature of esoteric knowledge.

There is, in truth, no difference between esoteric knowledge and all the rest of man's knowledge and proficiency. This esoteric knowledge is no more of a secret for the average human being than writing is a secret for those who have never learned it. And just as all can learn to write who choose the correct method, so, too, can all who seek the right way become esoteric students and even teachers. In one respect only do the conditions here differ from those that apply to external knowledge and proficiency.

The possibility of acquiring the art of writing may be withheld from someone through poverty, or through the conditions of civilisation into which he is born; but for the attainment of knowledge and proficiency in the higher worlds, there is no obstacle for those who earnestly seek them.

Many believe that they must seek, at one place or another, the masters of higher knowledge in order to receive enlightenment. Now in the first place, whoever strives earnestly after higher knowledge will shun no exertion and fear no obstacle in his search for an initiate who can lead him to the higher knowledge of the world. On the other hand, everyone may be certain that initiation will find him under all circumstances if he gives proof of an earnest and worthy endeavour to attain this knowledge.

It is a natural law among all initiates to withhold from no man the knowledge that is due him but there is an equally natural law which lays down that no word of esoteric knowledge shall be imparted to anyone not qualified to receive it. And the more strictly he observes these laws, the more perfect is an initiate. The bond of union embracing all initiates is spiritual and not external, but the two laws here mentioned form, as it were, strong clasps by which the component parts of this bond are held together.

You may live in intimate friendship with an initiate, and yet a gap severs you from his essential self, so long as you have not become an initiate yourself. You may enjoy in the fullest sense the heart, the love of an initiate, yet he will only confide his knowledge to you when you are ripe for it.

You may flatter him; you may torture him; nothing can induce him to betray anything to you as long as you, at the present stage of your evolution, are not competent to receive it into your soul in the right way.



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Wow @eco-alex what an amazing journey your life has been, what amazing insights you have and the people you have learned alongside. I have taken Esoteric to mean something different yet similar, thank you for for your take it really gives me such a great insight into who you are, much love and respect xx


awe, thank you! yeah i guess it has been Quite the journey really! i have surely met some crazy people.. I think the highlight with Drunvalo was when at one of his workshops he came over to me and proceeded to pull out what he descried as 3 jelly fish shaped entities from my belly button. I was flipping and writhing like an exorcism.. wowza.. what a man!

Glad u found a different angle.. look forward to reading your post! bit late this week.. still catching up from the weekend! xx

Amazing answer and insight into your own history. You trained with Melchizedek? I have read his Flower of Life book as one of my first esoteric books back in 2012 during my own awakening.

The things you talk about, what you learned and saw, touched me deeply. It makes it even more clear to me that crossing your path one day I must!

The quote form Steiner is absolutely marvelous and fitting to the discussion about the term "esoteric" we have in the TribeSteemUp chat for the Bi-Weekly.


thank you @flauwy! glad you appreciated this one!
Yes i worked with Dru a few times.. the stories that man has are totally out of this world.. what a teacher, what a man!


He surely seems great after all that he has done with his books and teachings. However, you are not in his shadow at all. The power you have is inspiring and I am glad to be a fellow tribe member of yours.


wow brother <3 beautiful words thank you

Thank you for sharing so much about you and insights about life. I would just add that with the internet, we are challenged to more then ever use our intuition and critical thinking because while it offers so much good stuff there is much BS too. When you think about it, it is a great way to sharpen our senses and abilities to find gems in the piles or normal rock and that search is a way of growth too. I enjoyed the read so much 💚


i know you are so right.. some people still think the earth is round! doh!

Indeed. I talk of it all the time and no one is any the wiser.

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Glad to read article.Your kind and encouragin words strengthens and inspires me.
Upvoted and resteem your post :) @eco-alex

This is really interesting. I truly believe we are at a time where large numbers of people are seeking, and many will find the keys. I have heard from a lot of American indigenous people that the time has come to share the knowledge. We are ready for a big awakening, and I think the time for secrets is over. We never see anything before we are ready. I've noticed this with children. They will completely ignore anything they hear that they are not ready for. They simply tune it out. On the flip side I've noticed with myself that, when I'm in a really good space, I literally cannot hear what negative people are saying. I can see their mouths moving, but I genuinely can't comprehend the words. It's a gift really. We all hear and find what we seek. Good stuff, Alex. Much love.