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RE: 7 Facts about EpicDice VS the vanished MagicDice

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You mentioned transparency in a few of your points and it was the main subject of your post. Epicdice claims to be transparent, yet you are hiding your identity behind eloquent words. I am just calling you out saying that you are not transparent because you refuse to identify yourself or your employers.

Let's make this clear, hiding your identity when I requested to provide it is proof that you are not transparent. No offense personally. But saying that "transparency matters" yet refusing to identify yourself is hypocritical. You could be good people, then again you may not be, we don't know as you're not being transparent.


Well, EpicDice does not looking for absolute transparency, we make whatever transparent as we could. If people fail to accept that at our best effort, they walk away and we respect that. It is relatively the most transparent blockchain casino, or it is not if you can name a better one.

There is a reason why you are not identifying yourself and that reason is not virtuous. Otherwise I agree that you are relatively transparent.

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Aren't the reason not obvious? EpicDice is not licensed, blockchain gambling is in gray zone, the team rather not expose to necessary risk in real life. The owner is not hiding for a bad cause. This is actually applicable to most blockchain casinos you could find out there.

Thank you for being honest

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