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RE: 7 Facts about EpicDice VS the vanished MagicDice

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It is a fair request from shareholders, but it doesn’t make sense in current circumstances. You don’t need to know who is behind the scene to use the service. It is not the “real identity” that should gives confidence to the players, instead it should the transparent system design, the smooth gaming flow, the presence of support, the fairness under mutual governance, and more.

You don’t need to know who is running the service to win a bet from the platform, just like the house doesn’t need to know who the player is to distribute dividend/bonus/winning wager. Do we know what is your real name? We don’t even know if you are a cat sitting in front of PC! But the house doesn’t care, as long as you are holding a valid share, your claim for the bonus is valid, and should be honoured as always.

It is possible for the team to expose their true identity, in exchange of that, it will be reasonable for asking users to complete KYC process in order to take part in the game. Just like how all the ICO and exchange is running their business.

Are you willing to turn in a photo of you holding your passport with a paper stating today’s date, for the sake of some casual fun in rolling dice?

I don’t think so. Welcome to world of blockchain gambling.


You mentioned transparency in a few of your points and it was the main subject of your post. Epicdice claims to be transparent, yet you are hiding your identity behind eloquent words. I am just calling you out saying that you are not transparent because you refuse to identify yourself or your employers.

Let's make this clear, hiding your identity when I requested to provide it is proof that you are not transparent. No offense personally. But saying that "transparency matters" yet refusing to identify yourself is hypocritical. You could be good people, then again you may not be, we don't know as you're not being transparent.

Well, EpicDice does not looking for absolute transparency, we make whatever transparent as we could. If people fail to accept that at our best effort, they walk away and we respect that. It is relatively the most transparent blockchain casino, or it is not if you can name a better one.

There is a reason why you are not identifying yourself and that reason is not virtuous. Otherwise I agree that you are relatively transparent.

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Aren't the reason not obvious? EpicDice is not licensed, blockchain gambling is in gray zone, the team rather not expose to necessary risk in real life. The owner is not hiding for a bad cause. This is actually applicable to most blockchain casinos you could find out there.

Thank you for being honest

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This doesn't make sense, you are running a business and you can run away any moment, that's what identity is for.

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As players are under constant risk of house running away, so does the house is under the same risk should any players found any bugs/loophole in the system and exploit on it, resulting a serious damage to the house. House is not superior to the players, both side bears the same amount of risk, if house is not more vulnerable.

Again, are you ready for giving up your identity so you can be classified as legitimate player to have direct interaction to the house fund?

Again your argument makes no sense.

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House edge of 2% more than makes up for the risk of bad coding and loopholes. I understand with dividends, referrals and various betting strategy house edge can be reduced, but no matter what house still has edge.

There are lots of registered casinos that take crypto. Just not on Steem. is a registered casino business. If they can do it on EOS, they can do it on steem. Infact it's easy to change Steem to Eos, so there is no point in delay. They also have a ton of games and way better ui.

You guys aren't transparent because you can make an acceptable profit given the risk of not being transparent. Also development is minimal.

However to say we should trust you for this reason is absurd. You are better than magicdice and probably a few others, but it's like arguing about which poisonous snake I would prefer to bite me.

Obviously trust has become an issue running a DAPP on whatever chain, especially sensitive business like gambling. I get it. Thanks for your voice and we really appreciate it while trying to explore options in strengthen the relationship with community.

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