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Dan operates at 2 levels higher than the rest of us

I have 100% faith in his work.


Here is something to ponder. What if @dan release better versions of STEEM and BTS running on EOS as flagship DAPP projects. That would break the crypto-sphere. Ethereum would die in shame and Cardano (cheap knock-off) would be pushed to the sidelines and only Komodo and Enigma would survive due to their privacy features. NEM would also survive because they are more of a currency with smart contract features and not aiming to be the competition of EOS.

I fully expect someone to compete with Steem on EOS. There are plenty of issues and areas for Steem to improve and it seems development is pretty slow around here. Ignoring the user experience to chase a grander vision is risky.

I see Bitshares being ported over in a very mutually beneficial way in to EOS and serve as the financial backbone. Would love to hear what @stan says.

YOYOW is already Chinese competition and GOLOS is Russinan competition. One could take a bunch of ideas from TRON, LBRY and add a marketplace like SYScoin and basically you'll have a winner. Maybe some of the creators of those projects would join.

What I'm most excited for is Gamecredits and MobileGo. They already plan to develop for both Ethereum and Waves and that mindset isn't too far from "Hey, let's go for EOS". Their project is solid but they'll really need scaling. Think about putting down a review after a purchase or voting for a game.

Even if you manage that what about chats and release days for video games that sell few million copies in 24 hours. EOS devs should seriously talk to Game credits. They have a great teams and not much of games or a scalable platform.

so you like to have monopoly's around like facebook or what? what's wrong with competition? the west won't use yoyoow and golos is steem so there is not competition at this point.. gamecredits is the only one that did nothing and I tried using the other ones you mention here i have used lbry and to store for payments makes no sense you must pay to watch a video aswel, it's the reason for the price aswel it will be back below 0.25 soon but i guess 10 cent suits more.. steem is a blockchain which goes beyond steemit. I only fear the way it may become when leaders with high steempower don't interact and prevent pricepoolrape by a few whales and even tend to be guilty of gangrape the pricepool theirselves maybe.. the credibility of those who had previlege to mine and the upcoming begging 3th world who spreads the most dirty in the new section aswel... those are factors to fear

There have been rumbings about this.

That´s quite possible. I was always wondering, how the 3 coins/projects will work together in the future.

Airdrops..sweet! I didnt think about that!!

Thanks for sharing your article! Very appreciated!

What if they are waiting to deploy EOS so they can migrate STEEM and BTS over to EOS, and then have greater incentive to then develop them more?

Yeah, he is pretty dang smart but more importantly he is employing his knowledge and skills to better the world by securing everyone's life, liberty and property through blockchain technology in ways that have not been achieved by others. That is why I am such a fan of his.

Same same, and one of my favorite parts of this article is:

The EOS.IO software is maturing nicely and is on track for a robust June 2018 release, with far more features than were originally outlined in the White Paper.

Going above and beyond is never a bad thing!

some say people whose name starts with the letter d are generally special, smart and very sensitive human beings.

that's because they don't know me or they would change their minds

oh big thing!!!!!....I also wrote a revolutionary software used to print to the screen the words "Hello World"....after months of intense research, I found out I could replace the words "Hello world" by any sentence I want, so I could insult people and tell them it was not me, it was the app...a new world of possibilities.....I.E. yesterday I told my friend Miguel:"Hey Miguel, open this app", he did it and the app printed "F*ck you Miguel" and I told him it was the app's fault, I made it with a complex system of Artificial Intelligence,, pure happiness

I voted this comment because I think it's the more profound and deep comment ever written on steem blockchain and I think the author should be heavily curated.

nahhhhh....I voted it because it's mine and they say I earn money if I upvote my own comments.

But self upvoting is a little silly!

A little silly, or a lot profitable? These are the conundrums of Steem!

I think upvoting other people to show that you care and respect their contribution to the community is more important then financial aspect of upvoting. On the other hand, if you gain overall respect in community upvotes from others can be much more profitable. This is the main reason that I prefer not to upvote myself.

I agree with you.

True, Money Talks either way.

Add a Lorem Ipsum to that and you are rich

Yeah, or higher LOL, well said man

Agreed, he has an uncanny ability to deliver solutions to issues we did not even see as problems. I am looking forward to seeing EOS going live and using DAPP's in the eco system.

Talk about yourself please :P

2 levels higher? I take it as a compliment !

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