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RE: EOS.IO Development Update

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oh big thing!!!!!....I also wrote a revolutionary software used to print to the screen the words "Hello World"....after months of intense research, I found out I could replace the words "Hello world" by any sentence I want, so I could insult people and tell them it was not me, it was the app...a new world of possibilities.....I.E. yesterday I told my friend Miguel:"Hey Miguel, open this app", he did it and the app printed "F*ck you Miguel" and I told him it was the app's fault, I made it with a complex system of Artificial Intelligence,, pure happiness


I voted this comment because I think it's the more profound and deep comment ever written on steem blockchain and I think the author should be heavily curated.

nahhhhh....I voted it because it's mine and they say I earn money if I upvote my own comments.

But self upvoting is a little silly!

A little silly, or a lot profitable? These are the conundrums of Steem!

I think upvoting other people to show that you care and respect their contribution to the community is more important then financial aspect of upvoting. On the other hand, if you gain overall respect in community upvotes from others can be much more profitable. This is the main reason that I prefer not to upvote myself.

I agree with you.

True, Money Talks either way.

Add a Lorem Ipsum to that and you are rich

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