Introducing eosDAC: DAC Factory

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eosDAC is delighted to announce our plan for the premium DAC hosting service: DAC Factory! You will be able to create a Decentralized Autonomous Community(DAC) to fit the needs of your organization and community with just a few simple steps, all hassle-free.

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Wait - Everything eosDAC develops is open-source. Why is this service premium?

Yes. All the tools eosDAC has developed to create, launch and run our DAC are shared with the community: and However, running a DAC requires some technical skills like state history node, running an API filler, API processor, and API itself - for these three different services you’d have to rent a server to run those yourself. On top of that, you’d also need to rent another server to host the member client itself. Even though there’s a step-to-step guide provided by Luke, it can still be bewildering for people with limited technical backgrounds. The DAC Factory's got you covered. We will provide this service for people who don’t want the hassle of running an entire DAC backend server themselves, so they can turn the key and move onto building their project quicker. However, again, the core of what we do will always be open source and available for the community.

So what is included in DAC Factory: Hosted DAC Solution?

The DAC Factory will have four main categories to customize:
The basics - to set up the name of your very own DAC, description, ID (account name of DAC) and symbol
Tokenomics - such as token issuance, maximum supply and decimal
Branding & URL - homepage URL, logo, and different colour scheme for your DAC!
Custodian Configurations - you can decide the number of custodians to run the DAC, custodian period length, percentage of tokens that need to vote before the DAC can launch, the required amount of tokens to register as a Custodian, maximum votes, different permissions settings, pay for custodians and other details crucial to run a DAC.

Pricing and Community Feedback

There will be a monthly service fee for hosting your member client and contracts as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry standards as we continue development of our own DAC. We are still discussing with the community on actual pricing and which currency the service user should pay in. We would love to hear YOUR input on these:

  • Would you pay $100 a month for this service?
  • Should the payment be using EOSDAC tokens?

Leave comments down below or jump into discussions with other members on

Our goals for this service are to:

  1. Enable ANYONE regardless of technical background to be able to launch and run their own DAC.
  2. Create additional revenue for eosDAC to be able to fund further development of DACs.

Exact product details, such as pricing, payment methods will be provided upon launching the service, but please give us any feedback you think would be helpful.

Thanks for your help and interest in DACs. Stay tuned for the followup updates!

Please vote for eosdacserver

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Nice post thanks to @kevinrose for showing me this and @everythingeos @cypherglassbp

and hey I think $100 a month is too steep when steem engien scotbouyt nitrosu website is just 1000 ENgs taked and 1 ENg per user and thats 20 cents per eng

we need to be able to just buy and stake EOSDAC to do this :)

make us buy and stake $25 to $50 to $100 worth of EOSDAC depending on the packages of DAC you give us

i Am depending on this DAC FACTORY for making my own DAC for my SAND San Diego Token on Steem engine AND EOS EX with this system for cheap since I can do it on steem basically Free i believe but a steeme engine dac where you pay ENg staked or some steem engine dac token, could happen too,

Yes, definitely worth $100/month. Great to see this development!

Thank you very much for your feedback! We are working hard to launch this service.

nooo it cannot be worth $100 a month, definitley not worth that, no oen can pay $1200 for something we need to take off fast

at least let us buy $1200 worth of EOSDAC and stake it to have the privilege of doing this but please consider letting us do it for $10 a month or $120 all at once so we can start dacs

it CANt just be for big businesses and etc, they cant just have teh advantage, at least give us the chance to use it cheap and then charge for a more expensive enterprise edition but we NEED a lot of DACs just like we need a lot of steem engine SCOts. eventually ONE will find its niche, one dac will find some place that dac's will SHINE that maybe we werent ready to know about but which can change the world!

1 local dac please

A DAC Factory is welcome in this space since we are moving into Decentralize Autonomous Corporations. Yep, I will subscribe to this service to build my community. Let see if many packages can be offer since people are still learning about all this stuff. So I will suggest pricing from 50$-100$/month depending on features. If we can target specific market and meet their needs, it will be HUGE. One of the niche market for DAC now is cooperatives. Their values fit with blockchains and DACs. I'm open for discussions around this target market for the Dac Factory.

Yes i want this! Thank you!

Yes, that is the idea, depending on features included in the package. You are welcome to join our discussion on #eosdac-main channel - perhaps tagging @custodian!

$100.00 in you guy's coin would be great and thank you!

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