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RE: Introducing eosDAC: DAC Factory

in #eosio2 years ago

A DAC Factory is welcome in this space since we are moving into Decentralize Autonomous Corporations. Yep, I will subscribe to this service to build my community. Let see if many packages can be offer since people are still learning about all this stuff. So I will suggest pricing from 50$-100$/month depending on features. If we can target specific market and meet their needs, it will be HUGE. One of the niche market for DAC now is cooperatives. Their values fit with blockchains and DACs. I'm open for discussions around this target market for the Dac Factory.


Yes i want this! Thank you!

Yes, that is the idea, depending on features included in the package. You are welcome to join our discussion on #eosdac-main channel - perhaps tagging @custodian!

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